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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, March 16, 2015

Recount Complete: Josh Bartlett , Jean Beadle Declared Winners

The final recount vote was 296 for Josh Bartlett and 294 for Chuck Connell.
Josh was sworn in immediately afterward.
A sincere thank you to all five candidates. It was a bit stressful more so by the recount for Josh and Chuck and I am impressed by the camaraderie both displayed and sincere desire to serve the public.

Josh picked up one additional vote on a ballot that had an erased vote. In the end, the machine counter was extremely accurate, about 99.6% to be precise.


Moultonboro Blogger said...

I should have added a big thank you to Jon Tolman and Joel Mudgett who are now officially " civilians."

QT Around Town said...

Great news! A big welcome to the BoS to Josh! Congrats!!!

Josh Bartlett said...

My heartfelt thanks to all those folks who supported and encouraged me.
Also, my thanks to all who stepped up and ran for positions of public service.

Now we need to work on the many challenges that are before us. One of the foremost is the need to get people involved - the voter turnout was not very good, and the Town Meeting attendance was worse.

Thanks again to all the voters of Moultonborough for participating in our unique and special form of self-government.