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Friday, March 6, 2015

Selectmen Meeting Highlights

It was a long agenda, but not a particularly long meeting. Jon and Joel both made statements about this being their last BoS meeting before stepping down. Both will be missed and the BoS and audience acknowledged and thanked them for their service.
Citizen input was mostly about a discrepancy in the TA's contract extension brought to the BoS attention by Eric Taussig. The extension ( a copy of which he obtained from the Town recently) indicates that the contract was extended in January 2013 and signed by all the BoS including Chris Shipp who was not elected until March 2013. The extension was drawn up by the TA and the original date of March was handwritten but crossed out to read January. This was a clerical error and the date should have read 2014, not 2013. That is consistent with the February 20th 2014 BoS minutes that indicate the contract was extended for another year. Mistakes happen. We are human ( at least most of us) afterall.

  • Board’s Recommendation & Report Re: Village Vision Report- The vote was to recommend Article 8 to endorse the VVC report ( the article will be amended on the floor to reflect the correct date.) Yes: 4 No: 1 ( Russ)
  • FY 2015 BoS Goals/Calendar- Tabled until the new board convenes
  • Board’s Response to LRPC’s Dues Structure- response to the LRPC and request that they come before the BoS to discuss the fee structure
  • Proposed Submission of Roadway Projects to LRPC Re: TIP Plan- a list of 7 projects will be submitted for consideration by the LRPC Executive Board for submittal to NH DOT for their 10 year plan.  The LRPC has 30 member communities and each will have it's own list of priorities and then the other planning commissions around the state will also submit their requests. The odds are not in our favor. We did remove a project to narrow the Rt 25 lanes in the village as the VVC was split on this issue and the BoS did not support it as well.
  • Town Engineers Task Order Re: States Landing FY 2015- planning and permitting will be done if the money is approved at Town Meeting and another citizen work party will occur the end of May 2015.
  •  Establishment of Town Engineer Screening Committee- the current contract with KV Partner's will expire the end of June 2015 and we decided a few months ago to form a committee to seek proposals as a due diligence process. After some discussion, a committee will be formed and Russ Wakefield will be the BoS liaison to the committee. It will be a two part process with the qualifications piece first, then after a firm is chosen, fees will be negotiated. This in accord with newly proposed NH DOT rules. 


Eric Taussig said...

So Moultonborough voters have a complete picture of the terms of the Town Administrator’s first amendment to the contract (the renewal provision), and the context of my questions to the BoS last night, below is a link to a copy of the first page of the 2011 contract and the first amendment to the contract, as certified by Town Clerk, Barbara Wakefield:


Anonymous said...

I see roadwork is on this posting…sounds like for big projects. Can I use this forum to start some thinking about two small roads? One leads to the Garland Pond parking lot and the other leads to the Kona wildlife area. Is it time the town attended to these roads as a public service? I think they are either fully or partially private. Also, the rec department could help inform the public, especially the summer public, about these resources.

Fooled Once ...... said...

How come the TA's contract now expires in 2016??

I thought he had a l year extension to this March.

Outraged said...

I just watched the video of the meeting and the questions Eric Tausig asked Joel about the Administrator's Contract extension and am outraged.

How many voters know that the Contract was extended to 2013?

That the TA wrote his own contract?

That he back dated it?

Where were our Selectmen when this was all happening --- out to lunch???

I would like each candidate for the BoS to give the voters their opinion on this conduct and how they will now vote on Art 29, based on this new info??

Eric Taussig said...

To Outraged and for clarification,

The TA's contract was extended to March 31, 2016

Josh Bartlett said...

Dear Outraged,
Please see my comments on the Cyber forum....
Thanks for your concern.

Eric Taussig said...

Last Thursday I asked a number of questions of the BoS regarding the Town Administrator's Contract extension (Amendment 1). I verified the answers I received (at between 5 minutes to about 15 minutes and at 1 hour:.25, for another 3 minutes of the video of the 3/5 BoS meeting) .

The questions and answers were as follows:

1. Whether the duration of the agreement was for 2 or 3 years based upon the 2013 singing date? Answer: 2 years to March 31, 2016 .

2.. Who drafted the amendment document? Answer: The Town Administrator.

3. Why was the contract extended for 2 years when the Board told the public it was extended for 1 year? Answer: No clear answer except one Selectman, Mr. Wakefield said he misunderstood the term of the agreement.

4. Why was it necessary to have an amendment when the contract had an automatic renewal provision? Answer: none provided.

5. How is it possible that Mr. Shipp signed the contract amendment on January 31, 2013 when he was only elected in March 2013? Answer: It was actually signed in 2014.

6. Why was the March date crossed out and changed to January 31 2013? Answer: It was a error, it was actually signed in January 2014.

7. As 5 of the 6 signers were present at the Select Board meeting, who actually dated and changed the March date on the contract. Answer: The chair seemed to indicate the Town Administrator did it. When I asked the Town Administrator directly if he dated or changed the date, he said “I don’t recall”.

8. Did Town Counsel, Peter Minkow, review and approve this amendment? Answer: No. The chair did say that the Board now has counsel reviewing the agreement in the context of their non-public discussion.

9. I asked whether the BoS could check the minutes of the non-public sessions to determine when the actual signing of the amendment took place? Answer: We will look.

What a Charade said...

Anyone who's been following this soap opera shouldn't be surprised to learn the Town Administrator has done it again.....made fools of the Selectmen.

Mr. Terenzini fooled the Selectmen, while sticking it to voters and taxpayers. He's gotten his way once again. Congratulations, Mr. TA, it looks like we're stuck with you until YOU decide to retire. What's the point in having a contract? It means nothing.

After watching the video of last Thursday's Selectmen's meeting one can only conclude the Board of Selectmen are nothing but window dressing.

Sick and Tired said...

I cannot understand why everyone is so upset with the TA on this! The Board of Selectmen allow the behavior, accept and sign his documents, including contract extension, and keep dodging the bullets. It is the BoS that need a spanking first and foremost.

Citizen Jane said...

Fooled Once said:
"I thought he had a l year extension to this March."

As did I, as did I. How in heck did it get extended to 2 years??? Or, maybe I should ask, why did we think it was only 1 year??? But I know we did ...