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Sunday, March 22, 2015

There were other things that happened at the last BoS meeting

Quite a few actually. Among the highlights:

As many are aware, Town Administrator Carter Terenzini resigned effective April 1st, close of business. With that in mind, the BoS decided to meet every Thursday for the foreseeable future with the last Thursday of the month being a 4pm work session. Regular business meetings will continue to held at 7pm.
There was a discussion about whether to make decisions at work sessions, in other words, make motions and vote even without public input. In recent years, work sessions were kept as purely a discussion among board members with perhaps a consensus and then the actual decisions were made usually at the next business meeting with public input being allowed. The majority of the board felt that the public has a right to contribute to the process and have input and it was decided to keep things as they are currently done.
( As a sidebar- both work sessions and business meetings are public meetings. There is no difference in terms of the Right to Know law. It is the option of the BoS to allow public input or not at any public meeting and typically, public input has been restricted at work sessions. Both are required to be posted as per the requirements of the Right to Know law. There is no legal requirement to post any agenda, but our custom has been to post an agenda for the business meetings and work session topics are usually highlighted in the weekly administrators report.)
It was agreed by a 3-2 majority ( I voted yes) to include the proposed project for re-stripng the fog lines in the village area to narrow each travel lane by about one foot, on our list of projects to be submitted to the Lakes Region Planning Commission for possible inclusion on the NH DOT TIP ( Transportation and Improvement Plan.) No guarantee that it will as we are competing with the other 29 LRPC member communities) but if the  DOT will pay for it, it is worth a shot.
A subcommittee was authorized for the purpose of investigating single stream recycling. This committee will not be looking at outsourcing.
The UNH Feasibility Work Group was formalized as a  BoS subcommittee with myself as chair and we hope to have our work completed by June 1st 2015.
The Town Engineer Steering committee was also finalized . Richard Brown has agreed to chair this committee.


Rick Heath said...

I was at the meeting and was surprised that (1) Carter's resignation was not mentioned and (2) a discussion of planning for his replacement (search committee, temporary contingency Etc.) your suggestion for more BoS meetings notwithstanding. However, I did leave shortly before the end of the mtg.
Good job keeping the rest of meeting civil and productive.

Dan Cooper said...

Will we have another "nationwide" search for a town manager/administrator?

Get the absolute bestest in the country?

This time, though, in addition to reading a resume, maybe do a background check, a criminal check, and . . . . wait for it . . . a simple Google Search?

Call It Right said...

Town Engineer....the committee is MIS named. It is a search committee, for a new firm. The only steering it must do, is to guide K V Partners out of town.. They sang the T S's music on sidewalks, and mislead us badly.

Anonymous said...

"The majority of the board felt that the public has a right to contribute to the process and have input and it was decided to keep things as they are currently done."

Let me guess....... Russ was in the minority and against public input BECAUSE he knows what's best for the town.

Anonymous said...

I doubt article 29 forced Carter out. The vote was pretty telling that the town doesn't condone blackmail...

Joe Cormier/jcormer2@myfairpoint.net said...

"March 24, 2015 at 8:04 AM
The vote was pretty telling that the town doesn't condone blackmail...
March 24, 2015 at 10:53 PM"

Ya sure ... the town voted ... all 200-250 of them, or so, at the town Meeting, of which somewhere around 184 voted against Art.29.

Results are results, notwithstanding town meetings!

Article 30 passed, as well. The one day a year MoBo is a Democracy, not a Republic.

Eric Taussig said...

I would not be presumptuous enough to assert that Article 29 should be credited in prompting Carter Terenzini's resignation, but I am certain that without Article 29, and the public disclosure of the Terenzini drafted contract addendum that provided him with an undisclosed 2-year extension to his contract, that he still would be our TA.

As for blackmail, I wonder how the proponents of the sidewalk article would react to being called blackmailers because they availed themselves of the statutory option to bring a second consecutive petitioned article for sidewalks.

I would remind Anonymous, 3/24, 10:53 pm, that the 50+ 2015 Petitioners combined with the more than 200+ 2014 Petitioners who were TOTALLY IGNORED by the BoS last year, represented a body of voters greater than the total attendance at the 2015 Town Meeting. Perhaps not all could attend, but that should not take away from the spotlight that the Article 29 campaign established to focus attention about the undisclosed contractual arrangement between the 2013 BoS and the TA and the BoS's utter disregard of the 2014 petition.

Unfortunately, the 2015 petitioners came to the regrettable conclusion that another petition to request that the BoS not renew the TA’s contract would suffer the same fate as the 2014 petition; BEING IGNORED. Thus, this year we approached this problem from a different tact, that achieved the goal of focusing attention on the BoS’s lack of attention to the petitioners and a spotlight on the secrecy of the agreement between the BoS and Mr. Ternzini.

Finally, I would concede that Article 29's elimination of the TA position was a dramatic response, but nevertheless would point out that (1) the Town survived for almost 200 years until 1989 without a TA and that (2) a simple 50 signature petition could have requested a Special Town Meeting to re-establish the position, had the BoS found that the position was critical to the survival of the Town and BoS.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of their personal feelings toward the TA, it was disappointing to see that only one current selectboard member bothered to attend the reception yesterday recognizing Carter's 7 years of service.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Can't speak for the others, but I worked yesterday and could not attend.