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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, March 13, 2015

“We can fire a shot here today in the battle over federal intrusion. You will make a statement today, you will stand tall. No more unfunded federal mandates, no more federal control of education, no more.” NH House Rep. Glenn Cordelli

The NH House passed several anti common core bills this week, as per this article in the Concord Monitor. In addition to HB 578,  HB 276  also passed which prohibits the state board of education from adopting a rule requiring a school district or any public school to implement the common core standards.To see how your representatives voted, here is a link to the roll call votes.) 
Also quoted in the article was Heather Gage, the Division Director of Educational Improvement for the NH DOE: Always having a conversation about how Common Core is mandated by the federal government and is an intrusion by the feds is not productive. They mandate we have high standards, they don’t mandate the Common Core and they never have.”
The bills now both head to the NH Senate. 


Anonymous said...

Some of the Reps have neither a yea or nay beside their name but the wording "not voting not excused." Not sure what that means, does anyone know?

Apple a Day said...

This is very good news.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Not voting not excused means they chose not to vote.

Ed Comeau said...

Representative Glenn Cordelli hit it out of the park. "No more Federal intrusion into education," he hollered! House members fell into momentary silence as they processed his words and learned of the extent of Federal influence on public education. Glenn Cordelli works to stop the underhanded tactics of the NH Department of Education as they work to incorporate strange Federal education schemes with little of no oversight by parents. He works to protect your child's privacy. He works to keep you informed and has earned my respect as he is one of the most honest Representatives in the NH House.

Horace Mann said...

Why not bring back the

Yah, that worked well, didn't it?

State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

We had a good day in Concord for parents, local control, and school choice. We also passed - on voice vote - the ability for parents to opt-out their children from the new state-wide assessment.
MUCH more work to do.
Tuesday our Education Committee will get our first information on the No Child Left Behind waiver to be submitted by DOE in 2 weeks. DOE has worked primarily with Superintendents on this. How much does your school board know?
We also passed my bill requiring a more open process on NEW educational standards. We are seeing attempts to ram through new science standards in much the same way they did Common Core. I'll see about scheduling a Town Hall meeting so we can discuss what is going on and how we can all work together to get our education system turned around.

Mt. Rattler said...

Kudos to Mr. Cordelli!!