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Sunday, April 12, 2015


45,504 people is the number that have signed up to date for health care insurance in the individual marketplace under the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire. Just a few years ago, NH House Republicans who were dead set against Medicaid expansion here in NH, were telling constituents that there were only about 20,000 or so in NH that were uninsured. According to a number of sources , including the NH Dept. of Health and Human Services, there were probably 150,000 uninsured prior to 2014 so we still have a ways to go. I bring this discrepancy up because there have been numerous claims about the impact of the ACA. It isn't perfect, but it has had some very real success and has dispelled some of the dire predictions of gloom and doom by opponents. The future for many of those recently insured is in the hands of the US Supreme Court and continuation of Medicaid Expansion is far from certain in NH. The facts however tell their own story.

The following is taken from Politifact " What came true and what didn't":
Job killing-  False.One of the warnings that the law’s opponents issued repeatedly in the months leading up to passage was that the health care law would kill jobs. In 2011, Republicans titled the repeal legislation they were pursuing the "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act." But independent studies didn’t back up the claims that the law would end up reducing employment, so PolitiFact has rated such statements False.
Last year, the GOP seized on a talking point that 2.3 million jobs would go away because of the health care law. But that, too, was a misreading of evidence. A nonpartisan report actually showed that some people would stop working if they no longer had to work for insurance. PolitiFact rated the claim Mostly False
Universal Coverage- False. "You have turned, Mr. President, the right of every American to have access to decent health care into reality for the first time in American history," enthused Vice President Joe Biden at the Affordable Care Act bill signing in 2010 and also predicted, "Tens of millions of Americans would be a whole lot healthier from this moment on."Undoubtedly, the law has led to fewer uninsured Americans. The percentage of uninsured adults in the United States in 2010 was 16.4 percent; at the end of 2014, it had fallen to 12.9 percent, its lowest point since Gallup started tracking the insured population in 2008. However, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects there will still be roughly 31 million uninsured adults in the United States by 2025, demonstrating that any notion the law would create universal coverage was a pipedream.
Death Spiral- False.  a situation where premiums soar to cover the costs of insuring so many unhealthy people, further disincentivizing young people from buying coverage. The end game would be insurers leaving the marketplace and those left charging exorbitant rates.That didn’t happen. About 28 percent of customers during the 2014 enrollment period were ages 18 to 34. And there were 70 more insurance companies participating in the 2015 marketplaces than the previous year, according to data collected by the management consulting firm McKinsey and Company.  
Health Care Costs will Soar- False. Detractors of the law have long speculated that the Affordable Care Act will cause health care costs to soar. In 2012, with the Supreme Court about to rule on the law’s constitutionality, Republican House Speaker John Boehner posted on Facebook that "Obamacare is only making our economy worse, driving up health costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire." Remarkably, the growth of health care costs has slowed down significantly in recent years, enough so that budget analysts are having to reconsider their fiscal outlook of the law. It remains to be seen whether the health care law is the cause of these sweeping changes within the industry, and it may be too early for advocates of the law to claim victory."We’re in a period of slow growth in health costs and we don't know why," Tanner at the Cato Institute said. "If the costs hold, if we stay in low growth, then the cost of the bill will be a lot less than predicted. If we bounce back and medical costs go back up to where they were a decade ago, then you have the potential for the whole thing ballooning rapidly."If recent trends hold, and if more patients and doctors avoid expensive and unnecessary tests and procedures, it is likely that pessimists who predicted sharp increases in premiums may end up wrong as well.


Joe Cormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Why is medical cost (not insurance)so expensive? Heard of $600 toilet seats for government contracts. Are there $100 (or more)aspirins?

We pay the gov't for our roads ... why not our medical care? Are roads more important than health?

We subsidize a lot of things ... scholarships, grants, etc. Why doesn't the gov't pay for medical school with say, a five year work-for-the-public payback ... then private practice. Doctor shortage!

We should do the same with the military draft (male and female).
Involuntary induction!

We should do he same with town meeting ... mandatory attendance or lose health insurance. Unless you sign-up for SB-2!

Kidding aside ...

People ...facts ... what's a fact?
Depends on the lenses, you see the world through!

Looking at government, easy to get bloodshot eyes (and headaches).

Stay tuned for SCOTUS decision on King v. Burwell (June?) All that is said, ACA could become moot! Try again ...

Some Reference:
NH enrollment report




... a teacher!!!


A provider


blog: King v. Burwell


Clarence Darrow said...

All is amazing the disinformation out there. Google (or Yahoo) is your friend when trying to ascertain facts.
But sadly, too many have preconceived opinions and no matter what facts are provided their opinions stick.
When someone or some entity throws you some obtuse information, go look it up if it sounds outrageous.
But back to Kenya, President Obama is going home to his birthplace. It's true. Someone told me that while I was having coffee at the VK and at Marie's (OK the name changed a long time ago).

Mt. Rattler said...

Amazing, this blog is starting to get a little bias. It ran in the middle for sometime, now I am beginning to see blogs up here with a anti-conservative slant. It must be time for elections again.. What a soap box you have here now, lure people in, and then throw in your true thoughts in. Beginning to see how this works. I recommend that you reconsider the positions you push.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rattler, Starting to get a little bias? This blog has peddled more tea than Tetley. There was never a time when this blog ran anywhere near the middle. It's been so far right that it makes your thoughts seem liberal. It seems to me that you don't care for any opinion that is not your own. I can't wait to read your comments when Hillary is President.

Anonymous said...

A difficult concept to absorb is that there are very few truths. Gravity is a truth. No matter where you are on the globe and you drop something, it falls. Now put two people at the beach and ask them what they saw at the same time and place and you are likely to get two different answers.
Watch this and you will never trust a trial by jury-ever!

Terence C. Jatko said...

The government forces people to buy health insurance; more people buy health insurance. This is completely foreseeable and hardly extraordinary. It will take several years for the dust to settle and the overall impact of Obamacare to be seen on the healthcare industry and the economy in general. I suspect the results will not be positive.

Mt. Rattler said...

Go Hillary !! Hillary for 2016! Better?

Robert Dole said...

"Baby, I'm amazed".

At some here who get "free" health insurance - wish to condemn health insurance to others. And free health insurance directly from the federal government no less.
Keep reading those right wing rags and those on the tele who are against everything.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Maybe HIPAA-crats not Hyppo-crit could be another topic of comment.

Nothing is free!

Right wing, left wing, no wings, no legs, ... hell of a stew were in. Now, where's the beef ... insurance, or should it be cost of medical care.

Some of us geezers are paying for the government Medicare (not Medicaid) after the government spent our "Social Security lock box" of money, it took from our paychecks. Didn't ask if we could invest it better ourselves.

Might be a Libertarian (or anarchist) point of view. We'll have to ask the anchors of MSNBC ... that beacon of non-partisanship and wisdom ... howaya doin Al and Chris (not Christ)!

(WTF is he babbling about?) :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe, seems to be a misconception between those that worked all their life's and were "required" to paid into the government system and continue to pay and those that are slidding through life with their hands out expecting a free lunch.