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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Carroll County Commissioner's Make Right to Know Request for Delegation Minutes

Things are not so good when the County Commissioner's have to make a formal Right to Know request to get meeting minutes from their own delegation. According to the Commissioner's draft minutes of April 15th, 2015 :
"Missing minutes Ms. Laurent reported she has not received any meeting minutes from Rep. Karel Crawford for the Sheriff Subcommittee meetings. Ms. Laurent reported a 91-A request was sent to Rep. Karen Umberger requesting the minutes of the March 25 delegation meeting that was held in Concord."\
The March 25th Delegation minutes were placed on the County website the same day as the Commissioner's meeting. Turns out that was an important meeting as the final budget for the county was approved. The meeting was held in Concord and the question of the $567,000 deficit was discussed and added to the budget.
According to the April 21st Carroll County Commissioner's meeting video ( here on GovernmentOversite.com) , the Sheriff Subcommittee chair had computer issues and she was attempting to recreate the missing minutes.


M.I.A said...

It's difficult write the minutes of a meeting if you're not at the meeting. Appears Rep. Crawford had more important business that day.

Anonymous said...

Is it legal to hold a Carroll County meeting outside the boundaries of the county ??? In some place, it is illegal, as it can restrict resident access to attend. Someone should check the legality of having this meeting in Concord.

Joe Cormire/jcomier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Is it legal to hold a Carroll County meeting outside the boundaries of the county ??? In some place, it is illegal, as it can restrict resident access to attend."

RTK requires a notice and minutes, but no requirement for an agenda (though there will probably be many "hidden" agendas).

Notice requires time and place of meeting,24 hours in advance, published in newspaper or posted in two appropriate places, one may be body's website.

Other statutes may require different or other type of notice.

RTK Memorandum NH Atty. General:


AN NHMA Presentation on RTK


Just Around The Corner said...

So it appears Ms. Crawford can't get the minutes out in a timely fashion but the Blogger can. Ms. Crawford left the meeting before the roll call vote was taken. Hmmm. This seems to be the same Ms. Crawford that had issues with the importance of RTK Laws when on the BoS here. Because we can.
And how is it that the county has come up with $567K deficit at the last minute? Is this related to the "missing +/- 700K, but just a bookkeeping error" of last year?
The treasurer resigns because of the "pending disaster of the 2015 budget" and these minutes that could add light to that budget process... AND THEY DON'T GET OUT TO THE PUBLIC ON TIME?? It just gets curiouser and curiouser.