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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meeting Change

For those of you who may not be aware, there may be some confusion as to the BoS work session tomorrow. The meeting was originally scheduled for 4pm as agreed by the full board last Thursday, but was changed during this week to 10:30 am. I am unclear as to why or how that occurred, but due to other commitments I will not be able to attend, but you can. The session is open to the public and is meant solely to rewrite the Town Administrator job description.
There is a regular business still scheduled for 7pm ( as far as I know) tomorrow.


Who Said Dat ? said...

Are they moving meetings around to keep one step ahead of the camera? We need that video camera...seems to make them all behave a bit better, and some improved transparency too. Now all we need to do is to teach them how to use the blog....they needed our vote, but do not want to talk to us ??

Anonymous said...


I will comment here, after reading the minutes of the select board meeting that I don't see how or why you stated that you will not respond to emails but you have no problem posting your thoughts and opinions here on this blog. I understand freedom of speech, however it appears you have a bit of misunderstanding with the power of technology. The blog is not a platform for politics and ongoing a in this town but a way to express your own personal thoughts. As a selectman, personally I don't feel you should be posting here.

Kuddos to the Blogger said...

Personally I don't see Selectman Punturieri's blog as a conflict. Actually I find it refreshing that one of our Selectman has the courage of his convictions to not only keep Moultonborough residents informed about town government but is quite comfortable expressing his own opinion and doesn't run for cover whenever there's controversy.

I appreciate knowing where our elected officials stand on the issues. Kuddos to Selectman Punturieri!

Transparency, it's a good thing said...

The town's heading in the right direction. It's elected a couple of Selectmen that aren't afraid to state their case on the blog, thank you Selectmen Bartlett & Punturieri. Now if the other three would weigh in that would be awesome.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Just woke up from a nap!
Too bad the MoBo gentry doesn't as well!

Paul as a member of the Select Board, is different than Paul as a citizen, resident taxpayer of MoBo. He knows how to demonstrate the differences, if any.

His efforts and stance in his official capacities are open, and he holds no bones about them. He doesn't expect head-bowing acceptance, just because he believes what he thinks. He is open to discussion, and will change his view, if different facts presented persuade him accordingly. You don't have to agree with him, either, and he respect your views.

I said facts; not innuendo, nor because someone else says so.

His personal views as a resident, may not be how he casts his vote in a BoS session. He will tell both. Something refreshing. The good of the town, as he sees it, versus what he prefers seeing happening. He'll vote accordingly.

You don't have to agree with someone's position on an issue, as long as they are transparent and open to debate. Not an pronounced MoBo attribute.

The email issue will clear up when the training sessions begin.
Those of you that attend should ask for the NH Atty. General's comments on RSA 91-A if the session doesn't provide. It's online . The RSA's don't provide the case law that helps interpretation, a function of the Courts.


"1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style"

We're a hell of a lot better with it, than without it! Testimony to the guy that's running it, and the time spent to make it happen.

A thank you, from this maverick, who doesn't suck-up to anybody!

Don't need to, nor have to ... and won't!

Anonymous said...

Selectman Posting At 7 AM. Wow, are you out of touch. Do you think we elected you king? We put you in there to listen to us..and to communicate issues with us, and to solicit taxpayer imput. Are the BOS the only brains in town? Are the peons disturbing your agenda.?
The Moult Speaks Blogsite is the only game in town, where we get info in a timely manner, and can also make our thoughts known.
Your current direction will continue to be a very rocky path for you. Talk to us...listen to us. There are many smart concerned voters out here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @7am, as I understand the intent of the RTK law it's not proper for Selectmen (or any public body) to be emailing it's members. Doing so is a violation of the RTK law.