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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Moultonboro Selectmen Meeting April 6th, 2015


Town Hall Junkie said...

The B O S must have prayed for guidance on this, and found wisdom. Our big exposure is in all the projects we have on the drawing board, checking if we truly want them, then doing it right. This is a skill set Mr K has. All the rest of the external fluff..UNH studies, etc, should go to recycled paper at our well run dump.
This appointment will help bring Moultonboro back to the real world.

Eric Taussig said...

The Chair of the BoS noticed the 4/6 meeting at 7:45 am with a posted agenda that provided for two public "Citizen Input" sessions at the beginning and end of the meeting, with a "Review for Action: Interim Town Administrator" as the principal item for action.


The Chair then commenced the meeting late as one member did not arrive at the appointed hour, even though a quorum was present. He then bypassed the first agenda item on "Citizen Input" and did not clearly describe the role of the interim TA "liaison" leaving considerable ambiguity in the announcement. He then rushed an adjournment motion, again precluding public comment or questions, which would have likely been positive, but might have inquired about the parameters of responsibility of the new new appointee.

One might have thought with this significant action being taken that the new BoS Chair might have had the foresight to have the staff post an announcement regarding the Town's interim administration on the Town's web site, but after more than a day, no such posting has appeared, even though the "Welcome Page" includes a welcome message from the new BoS Chair with the former Town Administrator still having his name posted on that page. The last Press Release on the web site being the availability of "Community Garden Applications".

After adjournment of the meeting, the Chair blames the failure to have citizen input on the posting of an erroneous “boilerplate agenda” that included two citizen input sessions.

One has to wonder how 5 minutes more of "Citizen Input" would have prejudiced either the Town or BoS?

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Town notice on Scott Kinmond appointment.


Maybe the present BoS understand the legislative body elects the BoS to run (as in govern) the town, not a TA.

Maybe a TA should be seen, not heard, except by the BoS.

Maybe a TA should not be allowed to "Chair" any meetings.

The TA should do nothing without knowledge of ALL of the BoS.

A TA should comprehend he/she is an assistant to the BoS, not a replacement for the BoS.

The BoS should understand they govern mostly under a state law concept of "Prudential Affairs", with the operative word being prudential ... NO, not the insurance company!

Maybe the town will move toward having an advocate of its own:


Moultonboro Blogger said...

Please note that some comments above were posted before the announcement of Scott Kinmonds liaison role was posted on the town website.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Chris Show and have to wonder why he wasted time waiting for Russ yet couldn't allow public comments. Seems we now have to watch the Chris and Russ show as Russ is more important than the interested public that elected the BoS and tries to keep them focused.