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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NH House Passes Budget.

The House budget cuts more than $300 million from  Governor Hassan's proposed budget and includes; ( Our House Reps votes follow each amendment below)

  • Keno gambling ( leaves it up to town and cities as to whether to allow it in restaurants and bars. 8% to the licensees with most of the rest  money going into the state's education trust fund) Cordelli, Wright: Yea.  Crawford : Nay Passed  206 Yea to 176 Nay
  • Adds back  $36 million in public school funding, eliminates the creation of a chief operating officer, cuts overtime pay in the Department of Corrections and drains $10 million from the state's rainy day fund, cuts $2.5 from the community college system and cuts seven nursing positions at the New Hampshire Hospital.  All three  Reps voted Yea. Passed 210 Yea to 170 Nay 
  • Amendment to restore a 2% pay raise for State employees and an increased cigarette tax failed 167 Yea to 199 Nay.  Cordelli and Wright voted Nay. Crawford Yea.
One of the more ridiculous statements I read today was from  Rep. Dan McGuire  (r) Merrimac, who offered that perhaps  New Hampshire has so much heroin addiction is because  of Medicaid expansion so more people have access to addiction treatment. Rep. McGuire was not aware apparently that the addiction treatment benefit has only been in place for 3 months. The 12 months prior to the expansion of this benefit saw 300 or so NH residents expire due to drug overdoses.

The NH Senate will now take its shot at a budget and will have the benefit of more accurate revenue projections and I hope a more realistic view of where our limited resources should be spent and where they should not be cut. 


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Combining the previous post regarding Demographics,voter registration, and the NH budget.

The tie-in is we elect the legislature that comes-up with the budget. We are allowed to vote, if we are "cleared" with the registered voter list. Doesn't mean we vote.

Expatriate citizens, living outside the U.S. that don't have a U.S. residence, have to be factored in. There's a chance some lived previously in MoBo and are required to list a previous address to utilize the absentee ballot to which they are entitled

The purported number of registered voters in light of the purported number of residents, does appear suspect. Then, the number of voters that turn-up at the ballot box, and/or at the town meetings, and you have to go ... HUH?

What difference does it make to clean-up the voter list? It would need to tie-in with the state system ... wouldn't it. Let the same legislature wrestle with it.

Ya I know ...

4,000+ residents, 3,700++ registered voters ... 184 voters pass an $85,000 expenditure ... and is almost a super-majority vote of the assemblage.

That's Democracy! The budgets are passed by Republics! What a country ... you got to love it!

The point is the budget is eventually passed by the few, that are elected by the even fewer.

MoBo is another example. Who comes up with the MoBo budget! It's not the Advisory Budget Committee! We don't have an Official Budget Committee budget, that would be from "the people", not the elected.

MoBo is no different than the state ... the few, deciding for the fewer, regarding budgets.

I'll reserve comment on the mental capacity of our legislature. There's always room for improvement ... some may have a lot more room than others!

NH Voter Look-up


Tom Howard said...

Acknowledging that it is difficult to comment on specifics of a budget proposal without having all of the details available, I find it disconcerting that all three of our reps would support a budget that includes $2.5 million in cuts to the community college system. I would argue that students get the most bang for their buck at these schools and that the community colleges are vital to our future economy in New Hampshire. Let's build on this.

State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

The Community Colleges actually gain $1.5 million dollars over the current budget.
Let's not start with Washington-speak and talk about reductions in proposed increases.
This budget is an increase in state spending in line with the Ways and Means bi-partisan estimates on future state revenue.
I'll also mention the calls I got from Moultonborough residents about Meals on Wheels. It is fully funded.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

With all due respect to Rep. Cordelli ( who overall is a very effective Rep in my opinion) the Governors budget actually proposes increasing the community college budget by $8 million, a worthwhile investment in our future. I sincerely hope that the Senate proposes a budget that restores that funding and also does not sunset medicaid expansion in 2016.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

From today's Union Leader:
Under the House budget, spending is cut for services to the developmentally disabled and the homebound, elderly poor, the Medicaid expansion program ends, and the University System of New Hampshire receives the same funding as this biennium, while the Community College System receives a $1.5 million boost.

Tom Howard said...

State Budget: Thanks to Rep Cordelli and MB for your additions to the discussion regarding the funding of our community colleges.

In other budget news, I was happy to read in NHBR that Sen Forrester does not support "raiding" the renewable energy dedicated fund. And both she and Sen Morse are on record in support of rebuilding the Rainy Day Fund. Sen Morse' explanation that the strength of the Rainy Day Fund affects the State's bond rating, which in turn will make more economical our efforts to bring our infrastructure back to an acceptable condition, was very helpful.