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Thursday, April 9, 2015

NH House Rep. Bill O'Brien Out of LIne for Facebook Comments

Nothing like kicking someone when their down.
In a recent Facebook post, O'Brien could not contain his delight at the arrest and resignation of  US Senator Kelly Ayotte's aide Dave Wihby. He is apparently still smarting at a letter Ayotte and other high level NH Republicans signed last year supporting NH Rep. Gene Chandler for NH House Speaker instead of O'Brien.
In the Facebook post O'Brien wrote  "Perhaps Dave Wihby can persuade Sen. Ayotte and her pals to circulate a letter on his behalf. Sort of an endorsement / character reference, now, let's see, whose signatures should be on that letter? Certainly Ayotte. No sense in ducking her involvement now.
 Now, let’s see, whose signatures should be on that letter? Certainly Ayotte. No sense in ducking her involvement now. Sununu and Merrill, characters from the last century that they are, wouldn’t miss the opportunity for relevance. Bass may be hard to find (is he in Washington or New Hampshire?), but he would sign if asked or hired as a lobbyist. And Scamman and Sytek would be thrilled to remind people that they are still with us.If Wihby is a little too distracted at the moment to come up with an effective letter, his good friend Terry Pfaff could help him. He has before.

http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150405/NEWS03/150409575 But in the end, Ayotte owns this one."
In a later post, O'Brien wrote :  "Many are focusing on the harm that Whiby (sic) sought to do to himself and how they will keep him and his family in their prayers and thoughts. Fair enough, but my thoughts and prayers go to the young girls and women who are caught up through drug addiction, violence, and human trafficking in prostitution.

It is a particularly nihilist conceit these days to look upon prostitution as merely an extension of the free market, with human bodies just another commodity to be sold. It is not that at all, but a slave market both at the time of entry and in every transaction. It is the original war on women.
One may be lucky enough to have sufficient intelligence and family support to go to law school, and the luck and talent to be propelled through a variety of government-appointed jobs until money gathers to put you into highest public office, but these advantages, friendships and political maneurvering (sic)should never allow one to forget this exploitation.
Sen. Ayotte’s poor selection and supervision of staff resulted in a split in the party. She has also now made a poor choice in ignoring the human trafficking that her “friend” was so willing to finance. She didn’t even have the instincts to condemn it.
She can’t just sponsor some legislation, such as the Federal Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act, and think that the issue ends there. It doesn’t end and it doesn’t help that Sen. Ayotte would support those who would perpetuate it."
If O'Brien were so concerned about the issues of human trafficking , drug addiction and prostitution, why wasn't that referenced in his first post? It's politician spin at it's most asinine.  Defer the criticism for a not so well thought out statement with a disingenuous  post-face commentary.  What O'Brien was clearly doing in his original post was taking any opportunity to get back at his detractors for daring to oppose him as NH House Speaker. He is suggesting that Ayotte knew about Wihby's use of prostitutes and did not properly supervise him. How does he or anyone for that matter, know if Wihby even ever solicited a prostitute prior to this incident or had done anything at all that was illegal? Upon Wihby's arrest, Ayotte immediately stated that he of course could not continue in his role as a member of her NH team and accepted his resignation. She did the right thing under the circumstances. She did indeed own it. 
What O'Briens post does prove, is that the NH House was correct in not electing him Speaker. 

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Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

What's the brouhaha about?

I thought "pros", as in prostitutes, was just another PROfession, you know ... like lobbyists and politicians.

You get paid for your services ... which are to (what/which word to use?) someone!

We may not have many "pros" in MoBo, but the local political scene has seen its share of political prostitutes, pushing some provincial/local agenda! :)

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