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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

School Board/Board of Selectmen Subcommittee April 23rd , 2015


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

It's great to see agents of "the Governing Body" and "the School System" interacting and discussing issues pertinent to MoBo. Keep Molly out of it , though!

Recognizing that there are separate budgets for the governing body and the school system, as well as the Library system, it is nice to view a video of communication. Kudos to some of those (seated) that initiated the effort.

The town legislative body (those that show-up and vote at town meeting)I believe, is the only town entity that has the final say on all budgets for the town.

Yes, SB-2 could have an effect but I won't bring up here ... not enough folks understand it in MoBo, in my opinion.

What does concern me, is an issue like "Recreation", being such an apparent "hot topic" in a small NH town in the middle of a region that offers all kinds of recreation opportunity to tourists and "outsiders". Is there something else going-on???
Maybe the new TA will be able to help (the town ... not provincial interests).

Maybe the legislative body needs to warrant a petition for a "Board" to decide what is "recreation" and the use of TOWN FACILITIES paid for by taxpayers, not just the legislative body.

Maybe the legislative body can provide for useful Committee to provide an Ombudsman role, for the legislative body. Stay away from budgets and appropriations,and it would probably be legal.

We have access to legal counsel!

Shoot Hoop for All said...

Will be Intresting to see if the BOS minutes story on the clandestine basketball league grows legs. Double Standards ? Public word was that rec could NOT use school gym. Privately, we have private basketball league in the public school gym. This demonstrates that the public can successfully use the gym we pay for.
Great that this cat is out of the bag.

Terence C. Jatko said...

"Yes, SB-2 could have an effect but I won't bring up here ... not enough folks understand it in MoBo, in my opinion."

Perhaps the result of a massive disinformation campaign conducted by certain members of the town government a few years back? Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

There's a "private" group using the school gym, gradis, to play basketball on Sunday afternoons. Since school facilities are paid for by Moultonboro taxpayers it only seems right that the basketball game should be open to all Moultonboro residents or a fee charged. Otherwise there's the appearance of "favoritism."

Anonymous said...

Private use of school and town facilities should be reviewed and shared with all. It happens in basketball, baseball and theater. Not sure the private zumba, stretching and the like are still going on in our facilities too. These private folks put further stress availability, on use and maintenance

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Mr. Bartlett is making problems where they don't exist. The Recreation Department does not generally have programming on Sundays, not due to lack of facilities, but because it is considered a "family day". Thank you Mr. Brown for being a voice of reason. Obviously one afternoon of pick up basketball is not creating the indoor space issue for programming. Sure, lets have the Recreation department take over something that is working and has worked for years, of course that would require staffing and tax payer expense which it is not costing now. Sounds like what our Federal Government is doing on a daily basis and we can see how well that is working...

Good fo De Goose.. said...

Anon at 10:56. Your " voice of reason " is also a clandestine hoop shooter... Glad you are happy with the chosen few having keys to the school. About time this came to light.. Let's be fair to all. Rec never wanted to use school, and undermine the " we need a gym " pitch.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Does the liability insurance cover the "off hours"? Is there an "umbrella" insurance as well?

Presumption is, there is adequate insurance; best intentions, notwithstanding.

Jon Tolman said...

And people wonder why they can't get more "officials" to comment on here...perhaps because it would be a full time job to correct the misinformation, incorrect information and misleading information once they did start to comment.

It is not a "league", never has been. It started in the 1980's when a school board member (my Dad), started opening the elementary school gym (the "old" gym) on Sunday nights at 6:00 for anyone that wanted to play "pick up" basketball. As I remember, he had two simple rules: 1: Moultonborough residents had priority, after all it was their gym. (Was never a big problem, I remember one time when 5 guys from Sandwich wanted to come down and play as a team I believe and he told them no, they could mix in with everyone else) 2: Kids that were still in highschool could only play if their weren't enough men or an adult wanted a break. (And yes, many times I went over as a 15 or 16 year old and never got to play!) At some point the guys wanted to play on the big court at the Academy and the venue was changed. When Dad "retired" from playing ball himself sometime around 1993, another resident (I won't name since I haven't spoken with him about posting here) who also had been playing took over the opening of the gym on Sunday evenings with the knowledge of the School Board as well, just as Dad had done. To this day, he continues to do so, some twenty plus years later.

At some point, I don't recall the year, the time was changed to noon time on Sundays. I believe this was partly due to the fact that the varsity basketball teams sometimes held/hold practices on Sunday evenings. Noontime is a time that doesn't conflict with any Recreation programming.

Sunday basketball is not, nor has it ever been a Recreation program. The Recreation Dept has sponsored a Men's Basketball program on a week night in the past, (in the "new" elementary gym) but that has been defunct for many years now due to lack of availability during the winter/spring.

As to the exclusivity of Sunday ball that has been referred to here on the blog and by some of our elected officials, I have never seen or heard of a Moultonborough resident not allowed to play Sunday ball. On the contrary, you will find young adults all the way up to gray hairs participating on any given Sunday. So if you can still strap on your Chuck Taylor's and dribble a basketball without tearing a hamstring, show up and give it a try.

I was one who wholeheartedly supported the idea of a joint board committee with the school and town to further open communication and seek opportunities to work together for the benefit of the town. However, this current issue, being used disingenuously (or at least without bothering to get the facts first) by at least one elected official to further their own agenda has me questioning just how well it will work.

If you don't support tax supported recreation or question the necessity of a new gym those are perfectly legitimate points of view. (I actually share the latter at this point) But please don't take an issue that has nothing to do with either and try to stir up $&@!, particularly if you haven't bothered to get the facts first.

Hi Praise For Blog said...

Mr Tolman, thank you for being an " official " willing to comment on this blog. You prove that an " official " commenting here can dispell incorrect information. We hope your good example is followed by others on the current BOS.
Remember how valuable this site is. It is the only public voice where " official " comments can have immediate citizen response. This is serious sunlight, and members of our town governance should add their voice, to help dispell perceived misinformation.

Nancy Wright said...

Jon, thanks for the information. It's unfortunate it took so long for someone who knew about the "league" to actually acknowledge it existed and willing to share some of the "facts."

The first time I heard about the basketball "league" was well over a year ago. it was mentioned at a public meeting by a resident, other than the man that is being unfairly accused in your comment. Information, about the basketball "league" was requested a number of times at various public meetings and has been met with either silence or "I don't know." It does make one wonder, why all the secrecy?

The reason the information is important and made available to the public is because the public is entitled to know who's using taxpayer funded facilities and do the same rules apply to all?

How many taxpayers who would enjoy a pickup game of basketball know about the game on Sunday? Is there a school policy about residents using the facility if so what is it? Who decides who's allowed access to the gym? If a group of pickle ball/volley ball players want to use the gym over the weekend how would they gain access?

Jon, as a former Selectman and Chairman of the Select Board, I know how seriously you take the issue of transparency in town government. Don't be angry with the messenger or the blog as both are doing their job by bringing issues to light and transparency to town government.

Josh Bartlett said...

As one of the officials who wanted to see this issue brought up, I offer some explanation of my thoughts:
1. I have always been in favor of citizens using Town (including school) facilities whenever it was possible.
2. I am very concerned that we, as citizens were told repeatedly that the school facilities could not be used by the Rec. Department because there would need to be a custodian and someone to supervise the use and the security of the building.
3. I remain concerned about the liability that we would face if someone were to be injured on school property.

If the town is held harmless from liability and the custodial and security issues have been addressed, and have been all along, then I have no problem with the group, or some other group using our taxpayer owned buildings. I welcome it!

Anonymous said...

Have no issue with Mr Tolman's post regarding pick-up basketball games except for one point: why does a resident who has attended Town Meetings periodically over the past 15 years, reads the local blog and newspapers just find out about the possibility of joining in now? That's the blindspot, the perceived insider game available for only those invited...curious if there has been an occasion when a second home resident/taxpayer has played?? No public notice sends the wrong message, period.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Thanks Jon, for the input!

It's great seeing the previous Chair of the Town Select Board chime-in on the blog.

Those that have grown-up, literally, in MobO have much to contribute.

Those of us that "moved" to MoBo (although paying non-resident town tax since the early seventies ... 1970's, not 1870's) have interest in the input, and the input helps explain a lot.

There is the concern of officials, elected and otherwise, regarding RSA 91-A and ramifications.

Simple solution is to post under "anonymous," and there is no way, there is a violation of the NH Right-To-Know law.

Personal opinion, it would have to be a conscious act by whatever Board/Committee to use the blog for a public meeting ... fat chance on that one. Tough enough now, getting legal notices and minutes stipulated in RSA 91-A, and associated case law.

Elected officials are normally popular figures in town, for whatever reason. If town history and heritage contribute to the town "dialogue" ... that can't be all bad :)

PS: Paul the new reCAPTCHA is a pain in the ass!

Anonymous said...

In response to Josh's second thought, the Rec Dept. has been using the school facilities for as long as I can remember. K-6th grade has "Rec" basketball and they use both MCS and MA. The Academy fields also are used for Rec soccer. Hersey track run by the Rec also uses the track field. I could probably go on but just trying to show you that the Rec has been using the school facilities.