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Sunday, April 19, 2015

States Landing Community Work Party/ Barbecue May 30th.

Mark your calendars for Saturday May 30th beginning around 9am. This will be the third annual States Landing beach community meeting/work party. Last year saw a very good turnout and much was done to help improve the area. Town Meeting this year approved $50,000 in funding to continue the improvements
An update of the possible plans for the area will be provided by landscape architect Doug Grenier and then attendees will be put to work on various project throughout the morning. A barbecue lunch will be provided.


WakeUP said...

An update of possible plans for the area...The plans are Carter Terenzini " be everything to all people " and will ruin a swimming area. Those plans should have gone with Carter. They take a WATERFRONT swim area, which is already short on space, and build DISNEYLAND EAST. Disney does not need waterfront land. Pander to the masses....we must stop the Carter plan, and re-examine with a clean sheet of paper. The days of our being led by one man's opinion are OVER. Wakeup.

House Clean - Lake Clean said...

This started with ' clean up the muck in the water so we can swim '. Where did that idea go? Square one must be the hire of a professional lake remediation engineer, and restore the swimming. The day of our T A ' expert on everything ' is gone. That's how we created so many problems.....control freak...instant expert. Wakeup BOS, put this back on the table. The leftovers should crawl out of the refrig. Let them go....they stink.

For SB-2 ASAP said...

Another example of why we need SB2. 200 odd people spent $50,000 of our tax monies to get rid of silt, weeds, mud, algae and milfoil, plus create a Central Park type atmosphere for the few Town residents who live near Suissevale, which already has a good beach and park area.

The existing park and boat ramp were adequate for the minimal use States Landing gets. Clean up is one thing, but 50K to rebuild, I really have to wonder???

Anonymous said...

For SB2. The entire Swissvale project was $ 750,000. Seven Hundred Fifty THOU. Dredging dead leaves est.$ 350,000. And Disney and roads and boat ramp another $ 400,000 or so. The fifty grand you mention was " engineering "
There is consensus that the lake bottom is not like it used to be...need an expert to see if it can be saved..

East Moultonboro Resident said...

This is NOT a Suissevale beach. The beach is for Moultonboro residents who chose not to drive down the Neck Road to Long Island Beach. States Landing is a beautiful piece of town owned property that's been neglected. Before the town buys more parcels of land the town should take care of what it already owns.