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Friday, April 10, 2015

When Opportunity Stops Knocking: New Hampshire's Kids and the American Dream

When Opportunity Stops Knocking: New Hampshire's Kids and the American Dream

Join a statewide conversation to share ideas with neighbors, hear the latest research, and inform the presidential primary campaigns about the increasing barriers our state’s children face in achieving their dreams.

This May, New Hampshire Listens--part of the Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH--is hosting twelve local conversations across the state that will engage residents in an important conversation about the increasing barriers our state’s children face in achieving their dreams. Research from the Carsey School and other sources will help frame the discussion. Attendees will learn about what the gaps are between the opportunities children have today compared with those of previous generations in our state. We invite you to join one of these conversations to weigh in with your experience and your perception of the opportunities, barriers, and prospects for future generations.

This work is the culmination of several events and opportunities. First, awareness has increased across the state and nation about the realities of what our children can achieve economically, compared to previous generations. Second, prior to the release of Robert Putnam’s book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis,cross partisan national leadership began reaching out to Putnam to bring his expertise and research to the issue of the country’s widening inequality gap. Finally the upcoming presidential primary season presents Granite State residents with a chance to voice their thoughts on these issues as our state becomes a first stop for those wishing to become president in 2016.

Join us to talk about: 

  • What is the current state of the American Dream, especially in New Hampshire?

  • Is there less opportunity to get ahead in our communities now than in                                           previous generations?

  • How can access to the American Dream be preserved and expanded?

  • Does everyone have equal access opportunities to succeed and get ahead? 

  • What should candidates in New Hampshire’s presidential primary understand                                                                    about these challenges?

  • What policies can have an effect on these issues?

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Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

All right ... I'll play bad cop, someone else play good cop.

Judging by the job titles, the Carsey staff have found an American Dream at UNH!

Do "kid" statistics include illegals, or even legal immigrant kids? Do those kids have barriers to their dreams? Maybe their dream was getting here!

Is economic status quo relevant?

What are the barriers, and let's sic the lawyers on them/it, if that can be done. We're a nation of laws aren't we? We can send the kids to law school. Just what is needed ... more lawyers!

Maybe there's too much dreaming and not enough "getter done".

How many advanced degrees in navel contemplation are needed?


Book review

Cheryl Muscatello said...

Have you seen the ads on TV where New York state is bringing in new businesses?
The state is providing incentives to get businesses to move to New York.
Socialism, right?
Heck, we don't want no new stinkin' businesses in New Hampshire !

Let the kids move to the states that do have jobs.
Isn't that what we are doing right now?