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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Integrity of the Game

As an avowed non-Patriot fan and long time ( lifetime actually) Jets and Giants fan, I doubt that a 2.0   psi decrease in a football made any significant difference in the outcome of the playoff game with the Indianapolis Colts when they were discovered. The fact the Patriot footballs were a bit soft made no difference in my opinion in the final score. I also assume that the footballs were properly inflated for the Super Bowl and the Patriots still won the game. (Truth be told though, the Seahawks did a great job snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. )
Why then does the NFL have very specific limits on the inflation of their footballs? A softer ball is an advantage in certain conditions. Better grip, better spiral, better throws.
Who's to say though that on some very cold or wet Sunday, a slightly deflated football allowed a certain quarterback to make a throw that he may not have made with a properly inflated ball while the opponents QB had to use the harder to grip pigskin.
The integrity of the game is what is at stake and leads many to start thinking about what else are they up to that they haven't yet been caught at? No doubt the won loss record speaks for itself and the team is one of the greatest football dynasties ever. ....but they do use every means they can to find an edge and some of those means are a tad sketchy.  It does taint the successes somewhat.
The other bothersome issue is the failure of Brady to turn over his cell phone ( which presumably  would have proven his innocence) or even allow having his lawyer to look at his cell phone and report to the NFL what was on it for the time in question.  For the privilege of playing in the NFL a player has the responsibility to follow the rules and cooperate with this investigation. Brady did not.
You can support Brady and the Pat's all you want, but if they had the opportunity to prove that they did not break the rules, then why not just do it?


Anonymous said...

But if air pressure is such a big deal, then why didn't the NFL have a more robust chain of custody routine where only officials handled the balls after the pressure tests? Lots of guilt to go around.

Anonymous said...

Obama throws the Jews under the bus on the Iran Neuc issue, and we worry about flat footballs... Get Real...

Grumpy said...

I agree with Anon #1. If they are that pissy about the air pressure then they (NFL Officials) should have complete control and custody of the game balls from the get go. I think a lot has been made of this because of the Pats incredible record. No one likes a continual winner... Jeff Gordon, A-Rod Etc. What I thought was unprofessional were the several broadcasters, journalists (if you can call them that), and other talking heads who actually thought the lower PSI made the ball lighter... REALLY.
For the blogger's last thought about not turning over his cell phone; The same could be said of Hillary. If her claim of innocence is so easily proved then she should turn over the requested emails to the Trey Goudy committee before she testifies her one time only. And since when does anyone get the authority to determine when and how many times one will testify??
But then we were talking sports weren't we... sorry. But I thought I would keep Anon #2 happier that I through in some heavier news

Anonymous said...

After every single play in an NFL football game, an official handles and spots the ball for the next play. Not once during the game did any official raise a concern about the footballs in question. The issue was initiated by a disgruntled player from the other team. Every single quarterback in the NFL makes subtle changes to the football and this practice has been allowed to go unchecked for years. This issue is not about the footballs, its about the arrogant NFL commissioner wielding his power.

Harold Fromm said...

I see a concerted cover up on this.
Rules are rules.
If the rules are wrong then change them.
As far as custody of the ball it appears that there is some "trust" in each team.
Apparently, that trust has been broken.
Why didn't he turn over his cell phone?
I smell a rat.