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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Master Plan Process Continues

The Planning Board a few months back, acting upon the recommendation of the Town Planner,  formed a Master Plan Steering Committee. Committee membership is as follows: Kevin Quinlan, Planning Board; Josh Bartlett, Board of Selectmen; Brian Sanford, Conservation Commission; Norman Larson, Heritage Commission; Paul Punturieri, Master Plan Implementation Committee.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is not to produce a Master Plan or any report for that matter, but to assist the Town Planner ( who will for the most part be drafting the chapters) as a sounding board for possible Master Plan concepts. The committee charge is as follows:

"The purpose of this Committee is to work with the Town Planner, or other resources engaged by the town, toward the following: 
(1) to develop the Master Plan;
 (2) to review data, demography, findings and recommendations, maps and draft sections of the Master Plan; and 
(3) to oversee progress and provide input and guidance to the Town Planner; and
(4) to act as a sounding board for extensive public input on the data, demography, findings and recommendations, maps and draft sections of the Master Plan"

The committee has met three times and will meet again on Monday June 1st at 5pm in Town Hall. Item 4 in the charge above is key to a successful Master Plan development. "Extensive public input" is only possible if the public is engaged and provides input. I hear a lot of moans and groans when a new business wants to come to town that some believe to not be a good fit for Moultonboro. It would be enormously helpful to the Town and the Town Planner if the people for or against would come out and express their views.
We have all sorts of opportunities to determine what our Town will become, and if you have any interest at all in being a part of the process, come to a steering committee meeting and/or a Planning Board meeting and tell us what you think. You can also write a letter or send an email to the Town Planner  with your thoughts.


Norman Rockwell said...

Isn't this town already "planned" out?

So now, more "Nodes"?

Really . . . this is all redundant.

Bethany Dunbar said...

What about a roundabout where the country store is?
And another roundabout where the Corner House Inn - Old 109/Route 25?

How about a complete by-pass of downtown Moultonboro?

Then you could put in as many sidewalks as you wanted.

Good ideas, eh?