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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moultonboro Planning Board May 13th 2015

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Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Good work session!

The perennial comment about "more engagement" won't happen, if ever, till a different mechanism/s is introduced, rather than attendance at the scheduled meetings, in my opinion, just an opinion.

Folks, old/young, are not going to go sit for 1-2 hours and listen
to talk about documents, only privy to the Boards; not published as addendum/a to agenda to the public notices.

The public, whoever that is, shows up for opposing views or controversy. Creating such, civilly, if even only for difference of opinion or discussion, might get "more engagement". Otherwise, the town meeting will be "the engagement".

The comments about funding and town cultural differences were probably more pertinent than a Master Plan regurgitation. Who's plan ... again ... still! Even town approved visions/Master Plans carry just so much weight, or is it wait?

How can there be a unified vision, if there's acknowledgement of cultural disparity. There's no MoBo Board that is representative of the different factions. The Boards/Committees can only hope to bring-to-light those aspects of their charters.

Maybe all of the Boards/Committees that seek "public input" or "more engagement" can provide for a public forum ... not a Board/committee meeting.

This blog is a tool. Why not a town sponsored "open mike" or debate club ... or...

Why not toy with a different approach, especially with a different TA coming "on board"; pun intended!

Only saying ... as one who cares ... but only slightly.

Planning Board minutes: