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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, May 15, 2015

Selectmen Approve Results of Town Engineer Search Committee

By a 4-1 vote, ( I opposed) the BoS approved the recommendation of the search committee to negotiate rates with the top rated firm, the incumbent KV Partners.
As per the Qualifications Based Selection process ( QBS), if the town fails to come to terms with the number one choice, negotiation with the number two firm in the ratings will then take place.
My oppostion to the approval was based upon my perception that even if we asked KV  for a Hyundai, we were presented with a Mercedes. Hopefully that will change with more direction from the BoS and administration.


Anonymous said...


Re: Your "Perception"; Is it possible that your mind is often made up despite the facts like much of the disinformation and foment spread on this blog? Me thinks so.

TRUST. ? said...

Short memories by 4 BOS members. They choose to ignore the past Colusion between our past T A and K V.
How can they trust them now? What has changed?
We were taken on an orchestrated ride on the sidewalk issue, and the sidewalk location meetings. They burned their bridge. Did the B O S forget?

Disappointing. said...

Funny....the next blog entry being " Integrity of the game ". Guess it does not count.

another whining malcontent said...

anon at 844-
Stop spreading such negativity. Me thinks you are an unhapy person.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"By a 4-1 vote, (I opposed) the BoS approved the recommendation of the search committee..."

"Hopefully that will change with more direction from the BoS and administration."

I happen to be at the meeting. Ever hear of a protest vote, albeit knowing the probable vote outcome. It is a useful practice to serve notice to past perceptions/happenings.

It's unfortunate that most, don't take their heads out of their rectums, to comprehend a dissenting view. "Refreshing" may not be an appropriate word to use here, butt...

What amazes me is Article 29 "failed" at the 2015 town meeting ... but the TA resigns about 5 days later. Why aren't the "no" voters to article 29 saying ... HUH? Could some the past "problems" be associated with the past characters?

The BoS are ultimately at fault. They are the "governing body". Those few, that bother to show up and be the "legislative" body at the town meetings are the controlling body ... one day a year.

We should be thankful, there is dissent. Those of you with at least, half a brain (right side or left), should appreciate the spectator-sport between town meetings. SB-2 anyone?

Reference: QBS


Anonymous said...

SB2, sounding better all the time.

Anonymous said...

There is a small vocal minority that doesn't like the blog. Yet your comments ( assinine and disinformed as they are) still get published. What you call disinformation or misinformation are opinions of people commenting. Don't like it? Either rebut it or don't read them. If you are too stupid or lazy to do some fact checking it is your own fault.
If you bothered to really pay attention, the blog is the only place in town to voice opinions unadulterated. I know him very well and just the fact that he takes the time to keep this going and volunteer countless hours should be admired.I strongly suspect who the naysayers are, perhaps a former selectmeen/women ( maybe current) or town employee? He represents many in town and gives a voice to all of us.
Thank you Paul. Keep up the good work.