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Sunday, May 31, 2015

States Landing Beach Clean Up and Neighborhood Meeting Well Attended

 A good turnout of ready to work neighbors and town officials came out Saturday morning to continue the improvements on the Town owned States Landing beach area and hear about the possible plans for the future.
While the amount of work that needed to be done was less than last year, the community accomplished all that it was tasked to do. The major focus was to talk about the work that has been done and get some direction as to how to proceed going forward.
The park and beach areas were raked, new picnic tables were given a coat of sealer and new wooden sign posts were installed.
Recreation Department Director Donna Kuethe opened the day and explained the plan. Presentations with Q&A were made by Doug Grenier, landscape architect who spoke of the overall concept, Ray Korber who talked about the five or so options for the Castle Shore intersection ( no clear winner yet), Town Planner Bruce Woodruff who provided an update on the Moultonboro Bay Inlet Study along with Pat Tarpy from the Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association. Police Chief Wetherbee spoke of the role of the MPD in controlling the ongoing speeding problem in the area.
 DPW Director Scott Kinmond provided the tools and materials for the workers, Donnna Kuethe and Dan Sturgeon handled the setup and food ( hamburgers and hot dogs cooked by Chris Shipp and Jean Beadle) and it was a productive and informative four hours.
At this time, the dredging for the swimming area is a bit iffy as we await the results of the inlet study and determine as best we can the cause of the muck. The cost to dredge is quite high and we need to fix the cause first. The consensus was that the idea to work on the "park" area for now is reasonable.
Ray Korber explained that the State wants to see the big picture and once that is established, we will obtain permits for all the planned work. Beyond that, the wetlands delineation was just completed and now a more detailed study of the property can be done.
Overall, a work in progress, but progress has been made.
A thank you to Donna Kuethe, Dan Sturgeon and Scott Kinmond who spent considerable time behind the scenes getting ready for this day ( as well as afterward) and to Chief Wetherbee and Bruce Woodruff for making themselves available on a Saturday to support this effort. (Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.) Thank you also to the community members who came out to participate.
Also present was a Lake Host, Bob Goffredo, who did an 8 hour shift checking in watercraft and providing info on milfoil. Thank you Bob and all the other Lake Hosts.


Anonymous said...

Looks like plans are on schedule to build Disneyland East in the only swimming area the " east end " has. Forget about swimming....they have not even figured out where dead leaves in the water come from. The Lake is our industry...and they want to turn it into a playground...pathetic. Where can the non- waterfront people swim? Waiting for the inlet study...this is a feel good effort about the entire lake, and will take years to colate. It will do nothing for our dead leaves in the water of States Landing Beach.
Remember last winter, when " beach muck " was so hot they had to haul a core sample drill out on the ice, and take samples? Did those get lost at U N H ?bottom line is no one knows how to go forward on this issue, and no one is smart or motivated enough to heir an expert.
It is decomposing dead leaves, stupid, blown in by the wind. Why now? Trees....remember, the area used to be clear cut, and grazed cattle. The poor folks should consider a membership at the Laconia Y if they want to swim.

Anonymous said...

No where in the original post do I see anything about building a Playground. A "park" does not necessarily incorporate "Disneyland East". For example, last I checked there is no playground equipment in Sutherland Park.