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Friday, May 15, 2015

Town Administrator Search Public Forum May 11th, 2015


Fan of videos AND BLOG said...

Hey how did he film himself from BEHIND the camera? Man is he talented. Seriously, thank you Hollis and Nancy for your dedication to do what the town has failed to do.

Preserve Free Speach.. said...

I have great respect and admiration for the American patriot shown behind the camera, Mr Hollis Austin. We all owe profound thanks to two others who make sunlight possible, Nancy Wright, and Paul Punturieri.
To maintain the quality of life in this town, we must all be sure we do not allow a small band of tyrants a chance to assiinate the M Speaks Blog.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the video of the April 30th BoS meeting? I have looked and looked for it......?????

QT Around Town said...

I do like the professional way Ms Granfield conducted the meeting. We can only hope we hire a TA with her credentials. I also want to commend Laurie Whitley's Q regarding qualified candidates. As she stated, 'last time' we did not have too much to choose from and should have continued the search but did not. A former BoS admitted to such, and we should not settle for less this time around. The BoS should not ignore the petition with more than 200 signatures to rid us of the former TA. We do not as a town, need to go through that again. As stated in this video, there has been too much divisiveness for too long. We need level heads reaching across party lines and working together. Please, let's all work towards that.

Hoping for the Impossible said...

While the departure of Mr. Terenzini is a positive result of petitions to the BoS and Article 29 of the last Town Meeting, let no one forget that Mr. Terenzini was vetted by a BoS composed of so-called "good old boys (and girls, Ms. Crawford)" without dissent. As a long time resident, I have been universally disappointed by the BoS's hires of TA's.

To some extent, I can't even blame Terenzini for all he did as the BoS almost always deferred to him and delegated way too much power.

The lesson of the past is that without a revamped BoS, we can slide down the same slippery slope, and in my view, based upon what I have seen since the last election, the pressure of a need for a unanimous vote by the BoS seems to override even the newer members basic instinct to dissent and conform to the past. Thus I really fear that no matter who is selected as the new TA, without proper direction from the BoS, the TA issue will remain.

As to those who want peace end less divisiveness, in my opinion, until two incumbent BoS members are replaced with a new breed of Selectman or Woman, the likelihood of less divisiveness is but a pipe dream.