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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

UNH Feasibility Study Subcommittee May 11th 2015


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

I wasn't going to comment on this post, fearing posting too often.

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing in this forum.

"Not a community program ... but a school program ... not a school program ... but a community program ..." that only a select few know about!

The keys to the gym come up every few years????????????

RECREATION !!!!!!!!!!!!

School staff programs v. Recreation Dept. The taxpayers pay for all of it. Maybe the taxpayers should be conducting a pre-town meeting forum to review non-essentials, in all segments of the annual town meeting budgets.

Since when is "adult recreation" an entitlement provided by town taxpayers. This whole MoBo adult recreation appears closer to an "adult movie," and asking the taxpayers to participate, with bags over their heads. It should be a two-bagger!

That would be a herculean task ... the same participants, as the few that control the town meetings, would dictate the forum and easily maintain the status quo.

Maybe the former "Talk of the Town" segments can be replaced with a debating platform, that is not "part & parcel" to extant town departments or boards or committees.

Maybe the "get involved" that keeps coming up, might be stimulated, and the could be triggered.

The issue is using the TOWNED OWNED PROPERTIES, not the provincial backdoor deals of a select few, and expect town coffers to open.

Where are the numbers!?
Where are the specifics, in alpha-numeric format ... not hyperbole, nor so-called personal recollection.

MoBo's got plenty of money, let's make sure RECREATION is at the top of the list.

Thanks Al, for being there and having some input.

I'm not a religious person but, ... may God help us ... in her benevolence!

Apple a Day said...

About an hour into the meeting there's discussion of a Vista program that was once run by the recreation department. The question is asked if there's still a need for such a program?

Superintendent Noyes says the kids are very busy with all kinds of after school activities. I wonder, are the kids too busy? Are there too many after school clubs? Too many sports and recreation programs?

There seems to be a great deal of focus on after school activities which are good but is it possible that all this after school activity interferes with academic study?

Mt. Rattler said...

I want to say kudos to Al for bringing up a very important point. Why is the school staff using the "multi purpose room" for aerobics, when it should be used for the kids? If that 45 minute class were held elsewhere, let's say, holland hill studios, or fitness edge, or a number of other spaces around the area, than there would be an additional 45 minutes every day for the Rec. Dept. To have a space for a program. The aerobic class, if I heard it correctly is not under the Rec. Dept. Direction, so in my interpretation, it is a contracted, Adult fitness class that is interfering with scheduling for our kids activities, activities paid for and run with the Taxpayers money. So I am sorry to say, perhaps the simple solution, is to have the said class move to a private facility in the Township or adjoining townships. My question as well is this, how many overlapping programs do we need? We have school clubs, from band to the Arts, to chess clubs.. Why is the Rec. dept. Even doting in that area? If someone wants an Art class ( arts and crafts) there are plenty of Artists in the area who give lessons, and the Art club covers that base as well. I know Donna and Dan are doing the best as they can with the space available. Dan does a great job with the kids. However, the emphasis on Donna's use of "space" just annoys my support for a new facility. I don't see the numbers, in black and white, to justify a need for a new Gym. If the Gym floor(s) are a concern, than we need to re evaluate our contracts with who ever is waxing or maintaining them, and get someone in there before school opens, and get them done in a timely fashion. I know image is everything around here, there is no lacking of people or Towns, for that matter about keeping up with the Jones. So I say to our school staff, who run our physical education, and are in charge of our Gymnasiums, we need the space during our summers for the inclusion of our Rec Dept. Activities. We can get the floors done a few weeks before school opens again, if current contractors cannot, find someone who can. We have three Gyms, declining enrollments, both with our school system, and with our Recreation Department. If Adults want to recreate, than they can pay to join a Gym, a private club, etc. The need for the greater whole, to pay for the wants of a few,, is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about the exercise class at the Central School and that it is mainly for teachers but residents can attend if they pay a fee. I have a couple of questions about the program if anyone can answer them. Is the instructor a teacher who is paid with a stipend? What is the cost for a private citizen to attend and does that money go directly to the instructor?

Anonymous said...

I challenge anyone to try to listen to this video without turning it off before long. 'Old sayings survive for a reason' and this one perfectly illustrates 'they couldn't run a free luncheon'. Unfortunately, free doesn't come into play. With severely declining student demographics and rec programs as tired sounding as those in charge...is a building expansion expenditure really hinging on the time it takes for floor wax to cure? By the way, as demonstrated by the recording secretary moving off screen, having a video that no one wants to be seen in shouts 'second rate'...and that's being generous.

An American Gusser said...

A select few in this town,will not take the voice and votes of the people of Moultonborough and stop pushing another gym at us for themselves ,at our cost.I have NEVER seen ,in black and white,the ends all need for another gym with numbers and programs to verify this NEED.
I come from a middle class town where we had an wealthy upper east side where they wanted a swimming pool,gymnasium,golf club,ect.But these people had enough dignity and self-respect to form for themselves a beautiful Country Club,paid for by their OWN dues and brought in taxes,rather to create a tax liability for the towns tax payers.Now that is a class act.It is so easy to want and to fill a suppose need,if you don't have to pay for it.You who still want another gym,step up to the plate,be a class act.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

2015 v. 2011

Wait awhile ... another survey or study will come. Maybe we can wait for a new cast of characters.

Only selective past efforts are discussed ... like Blue Ribbon ...beer. What makes it Blue Ribbon anyway. Wishful thinking ... the study , not the beer.

Sure ...that's like ... you know ... like ... SB-2 getting passed by MoBo!

"Of the 12 comments provided ..."

Memo of September 22, 2011


Study of SAU/Town Athletic/Recreation Functions September 15, 2011


Anyone Minding the Store? said...

Joe, thanks for the links. Good information in both reports. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why the Recreation Department needs so many full-time employees? Salaries seem high too and the report was written in 2011. How much is the town paying them now? If I'm reading the report correctly, the Recreation Department has more employees than the Athlectic Department at MA. something's out of wack.

Anonymous said...

The recreation department has only a few employees. The MA sports are run by many coaches. Not apples to apples.

Anonymous said...

Often wondered if the Rec. Director is a hands on working Director, coaching, working with the kids etc. or only spends time on administrating?

Anonymous said...

In addition to a few employees the recreation department uses coaches.