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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yielding to Emergency Vehicles

As I as driving through town Friday, I saw flashing blue lights coming toward me. I immediately slowed down and pulled over to the right and stopped, as did the vehicles behind me. Unfortunately, three vehicles just ahead of the MPD cruiser did not pull over. It took the sirens to get the immediate attention of the first two vehicles, but the one just in front of the cruiser took a bit longer before finally getting the message and eventually getting out of the way.
According to th NH Division of Safety  "New Hampshire law states that upon the approach of an emergency vehicle, the driver of a vehicle shall immediately pull to the right as far as possible and come to a stop until the emergency vehicle has passed.
Yielding to emergency vehicles also allows for a quicker response by the police, fire or ambulance.
Remember these points:
  • If you are driving and see an approaching emergency vehicle, pull over to the side of the road as quickly, but as safely, as possible. 
  • Use you your turn signal,  slow down and pull as far right as possible. 
  • When the emergency vehicle passes, put your left turn signal on and pull back into traffic. Don’t rush to pull back into traffic. It is better to be safe than to keep your place in the flow of traffic.
  • When yielding to emergency vehicles, do not pull over and keep your speed at or near the speed limit.   This causes the emergency vehicle to take longer to pass you.   Also, breakdown lanes or the non-traveled portion of the road are usually strewn with rocks, dust and debris; the faster a vehicle goes, the more dust and debris gets kicked up leading to poor visibility and possible damage.   
  • If an emergency vehicle approaches on a curve or hill,  do not stop in the curve or hill. At a normal speed, get beyond this area to a flat or straight stretch of the road.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

First responders are on missions to help!

What if something happened at ... say a town meeting ... and there was need to provide order and help!

Say another gym petition is brought up ...


Norman Rockwell said...

All is correct.
This is one of the two questions I failed on license written test.
I chose slow down and pull over. I missed the stop part.
So I am quite aware to pull over and complete stop. I'm one of the first to do this. And I have actually had others behind me pass me.

But in reality, not all view their rear view mirror all of the time. So the sound of siren sometimes comes into play.