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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Conservation Commission Proposing to Purchase " Lee's Pond Preserve.

Representatives of the Conservation Commission presented a plan to purchase a 37 acre parcel they have named the "Lee's Pond Preserve"to the CIPC last Thursday morning. The majority of the funds would come from fundraising and the Con Com plans to work with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust in that endeavour. The Con Com is looking for $50,000 of taxpayer support in the 2017 capital year, with the balance coming from fundraising efforts. An appraisal has been completed and an offer has been made on the property and as such, the final price  ( listed at $335,000)  is not yet known.
According to the Con Com web site
"The Lee’s Pond Preserve, map lot 76/4, is 37 acres of undeveloped land along the Red Hill River and Lee’s Pond marshland.  Offered for sale by a private trust, it is located in a high-priority conservation zone.  The property provides diverse wildlife habitats and corridors, borders sensitive wetlands and has historical value.  Located in thriving 1800’s village of Moultonborough Falls, historic photographs show a number of buildings along a dirt road, and cleared land that is much different than what we see today.   The conservation commission is leading the effort to raise funds to buy the property, and put it into the hands of a conservation organization that will guarantee protection forever. "


Sweetheart Deal said...

So the Town of Moultonborough is still in the LAND PURCHASING business!
Add this to the 100+ acres that the schools own, the Adele Taylor property that the town just purchased. And of course, the Lions Club property that the town purchased.

Anonymous said...

This is a conflict of interest. The purcase is to protect and benefits the privacy of residents on Lee's Pond. Let the property owners on Lee's Pond buy it.

Anonymous said...

How many of the 37 acres are deemed to have "development potential"? Having only one side of the Red Hill River under the control of eternal conservation doesn't guarantee preservation of anything. And the Blog article speaks of a yet undetermined price, an appraisal and an asking (listed) price. Looking at what the town has it assessed at would indicate the property is in "current use". The "private trust" has a trustee who would presumably be the beneficiary of a sale. Why do we start this whole process without full, complete transparency. Is transparency only good when it is comfortable?
Who is the owner?
What is the offered price?
Who will pay the town the current use penalty?
Will that be waived? (more town investment)
Isn't the potential for development of this property for the most part non-existant? (affects value to both parties)
I am sure all these questions will be addressed by the good folks of the ConCom all in good time. It is a bit dismaying they haven't done so with their initial announcement.
Looking at the info on the tax card, along with the outstanding questions, it seems once again, as the first commenter indicates by the nom de plume it is a sweetheart deal.

Town Hall Junkie said...

Anon at 8:04 AM. This purchase plan stems from a Con Com meeting about a year ago, where a member said we have to go out and preserve a piece of land, to prove that we are green. That was the kickoff logic. Did they write criteria, and launch a search? NO, they just sat back and this lot came along, owned by a local very nice man, who now knows it' use and value is going nowhere. Most of the effort on this went into the sales pitch to get the public on board.......Historic......Protect the river....Wildlife corridor.....Attention all gullible tree hungers. So easy for Con Com to look green, with our hard earned $ $

Moultonboro Blogger said...

What the Con Com is proposing is very reasonable in my personal opinion. There is in fact buildable land on that property and along with protecting the watershed, it will also protect the area abutting what was once the original Moultonboro. Taxpayer investment is very small ( $50K) and the project will rely on mostly private funding. As a taxpayer and resident I am grateful to the Con Com for taking this on. Others may disagree, but thats my take.

Anonymous said...

At least two members on the Conservation Commission live on Lee's Pond. Agree with Anonymous @7:23 let the Lee's Pond Association not the town contribute $50,000 to the fund. The property is a privacy buffer between the Lee's Pond and route 25. Going down a slippery slope here, is it the town's philosophy to buy all watershed properties that come on the market? $50,000 here and $50,000 adds up.

Anonymous said...

Moultonborough, for the last decade or more has constantly tried to put through a project of some kind or another. Some are worth while and some are scams (like the Lion's Club deal). I guess for this taxpayer I'd like to see a three year moratorium on buying, building, saving it like it is or "the last best piece of property". Every year we get the same old saw. And it seems to always involve someone who is well connected with the town officials. A BoS member in-law, a retired fire chief, a school superintendent, a well meaning club, a former state senate president, a retired clergyman on the BoS... and on and on.
Let's just let this one go and give us a rest. The pond and the wetlands have been where they are for many centuries, likely a millennium or two. I don't think by leaving it another few years will amount to rat's keister.

Tea Money said...

No, the town is not in the land buying business. Stop this madness.
Shame on those town officials that are all for more and more land purchases. Enough is enough. No matter how "little" $50,000 is.
It's not the selectmens money.

Anonymous said...

Tea money , whatever that is supposed to mean, you shoud get the facts. Th town will partner with private fund raising. The town is nt in the land buying business as you well know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tea..let's give land purchases a rest! Let the people on Lee's Pond raise the money. I am not for having the town "partner" with private fund raising. Stop the madness!

Anonymous said...

The Town Planner reminded the CIPC at their meeting yesterday that part of the Conservation Commissions charge is to advocate for land easements not buy land. I believe he sited something in the Master Plan. The discussion happened towards the end of the meeting.

I don't believe the town or Conservation Commission should be in the land aquisition business. As for the arguement protecting the watershed, Moultonborough is one big watershed, good luck with that reasoning.