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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, June 1, 2015

" DRA staff will be exploring the current state of county financial affairs and by Labor Day plan to issue a report of their findings and recommendations. "

This is from an article in the Carroll County Independent.  The article quotes DRA Commissioner John Beardmore "We are at a point in Carroll County where the state needs to devote some resources into reviewing…taking a closer look at how the numbers we recently received were developed and developing a higher level of confidence that those are, in fact, the appropriate numbers. When an ending balance and a beginning balance that are one day apart swing by millions of dollars that raises some concerns," 
He added that if the DRA team  "bumps into something that is more concerning" additional action may be taken. The DRA will spend time this summer at their expense to see if they can figure out for example, what is the unassigned fund balance and suggest some system fixes to improve the financial reporting process. 
The process and documents produced will all be public as it involves a governmental subdivision.
The May 22 Carroll County Delegation meeting, can be seen at www.governmentoversite.com

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