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Monday, June 15, 2015

Moultonboro Selectmen Goals Worksession June 11th 2015


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Good to see and hear the governing body discussing issues/goals as they see them. We elected them ... and we are a republic ...for better or for worse.

Some of the new goals could lead to a chuckle or two.

As it appears, the first new goal was to hire a new TA. Shouldn't be too much disagreement. After all, it wasn't BoS's goal last year. Amazing! Some at the 2015 Town meeting groaned, at the thought of altering the status quo of the TA role. Some said it would be a terrible experience getting a new TA. Some said it would be difficult to get qualified candidates ... ya right.

Unfortunate that the suggestion for SB-2 and public discourse was pooh-poohed. Understandable, however, with the past bull**** about what SB-2 is. Understandable, since SB-2 weakens the present town power base, and shifts more of it to the voters.

The argument about a less knowledgeable electorate doesn't hold true. Look at the present ignorance of town issues at the town meetings, by those present. The votes run according to what "they heard", not facts. They digest what "they've been fed", by the prevailing power base, not debate nor facts. It's no big deal, put it on the ballot and shoot it down again. Why be afraid of bringing it up again. Ignorance is bliss, or, don't let the lemmings deviate from the cliffs. No offense ... just opinion, not advice.

Rec. Center ... Lion's Club ...nothing new ... keep getting those sidewalk petitions in there ... no matter what the BoS do. The right thing would be to put the Rec. Center (I thought it was now back to the "gym")on the 2016 warrant to, at least, get a vote. Doesn't mean it won't be brought up again by petition. However, if a town employee were to bring it up again, ... I know what would happen in the business sector!

The town properties should be looked at, in case, of a new rec. center?? HOWABOUT the utilization of the present town properties be reviewed to ascertain, and/or negate, the need for a rec. center, that has no statistics warranting it. Oh ya ... this is where "the kids" need more gym availability! Back to calling it a gym.

Please ... don't go back and summarize the multitude of surveys/studies/visions/ charrettes/master plans for common responses. The public doesn't know what it wants.

Almost a need to laugh, at the perception of town growth ... or no growth, and the town need for more young families. WHY? Schools are impacted, yes; the town population, not necessarily; demographics, probably.

Has anyone figured out why, maybe, the town population is/will be stable at 3,500 to 4,000, and maybe into the future. We keep asking how can MoBo survive without the kids. They keep leaving. Maybe it's because their college majors don't fit in MoBo. Or, maybe, the population of seniors, like myself, keep coming and replenishing those that will die off. The 3500 to 4,000 number is just a number.

God help MoBo (she's wise, God, not MoBo)) if the geezers (I'm allowed) grow more in numbers, in demographics and voting power.

What does MOBO need and want? Who/what is MoBO? Back to, we're a republic.

Give it a Rest said...

Why are the Selectmen still talking about the NEED for another gym?

When the Recreation Strategic Planning Team (RSPT) were asked in 2007 to study the towns needs for more recreation facilities Moultonborough was growing. The report estimated by 2015 population in Moultonborough would be 5970. The estimate of school age children was 797.

According to Dr. Joyce's presentation at the June School Board meeting the "new normal" shows a decline, for at least the next 10 years, not only for Moultonborough but the whole State. The town's present population is estimated at 4078 and school enrollment as of June 2015 is 522. An overall decline since the last census.

With a declining and aging population, poor economy, and shrinking incomes, why are the Selectmen going down this road again? The citizens voiced their opinions in 2014 with the UNH team in round table discussions and at a Town Hall meeting. Residents and taxpayers were vocal and very clear, no new facility at this time.

Anonymous said...

I have been to many town meetings in my many years in ths beautiful town and this one issue has been a sore spot for far too long. Thank you to selectmen Puturieri for taking the bull by the horns and doing a real factual review of needs.

Anonymous said...

Joe C. you are a town treasure! Thank you for all the deep thought and research.