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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moultonborough Selectmen Meeting June 18th 2015


Put on Your Thinking Caps said...

What happened to "thinking outside the box?"

Have an architect look at the 3rd gym at MCS. What modifications are needed to make it "safe." That space served as a gym for many years it can't be that bad. Spin it all you want but the UNH Committee and Recreation Department lose credibility when their report says that space is not a gymnasium. Make it work!

Not thinking clearly said...

I don't think the idea of moving the schools has been thought through.
We won't save any money. We have to pay tuition and travel costs for starters. It will drive away families. You can't seriously think that this town will ever vote to close a school. You can throw out all sorts of ideas and call it thinking out of the box, but this one is idiotic. Put it back in the box and bury it.

Anonymous said...

To Not Thinking Clearly: you really are not thinking clearly. If you want what is best for the students when we are faced with declining enrollment, then you should at least have an open mind with respect to school consolidation. If we merge with another school district, then there are enough students to allow more course offerings. You can stay stuck in another decade/century, etc. or you can move on to what is the "new normal". If my children were still in school, I would go to any length to have the courses they needed, and if that meant following another course of action, that would be it. At least have an open mind.

Anonymous said...

Where did the kids eat lunch before someone had the bright idea to turn the old gym space into a lunch room? Many school don't have lunch rooms, kids eat in their classrooms.

Before you go spending millions of our tax dollars get creative.

Anonymous said...

There is a history of families coming up here for the kids’ high school years and leaving when they graduate. Is that still the case?

Anonymous said...

'What happened to thinking outside the box'

What do you think Paul presented? An alternative to a gym. If that isn't thinking outside the box...really? No where does he mention a gym. This is an opportunity to use an existing facility complete with a gym, a large one mind you, bathrooms, showers etc. No issues with septic, sewer, already there. It's nearby, easy to get to. It will probably cost us very little to negotiate using. If nothing else, we will see clearly just how many people, kids and adults will use it. That will give us real information to see if we should some day build a gym. Read that again. IF we should build a gym. Again Paul is not pushing for a gym but rather an alternative which is much more than the nay sayers here are posting. That is clearly thinking outside the box as well as trying to reach a middle ground to both polarizing sides. It is about time we all tried to work together instead of so much negating one another.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"What do you think Paul presented?"

Which presentation are you referring to?

The June 18th presentation was not about the I.C. school leasing, it was about the UNH un-feasibility study. It is still a polarizing issue. The issue of the need for another gym because of kids recreation, or a rec. center for, God only knows, what reason, was the offering from the committee. One of the multitude of attempts to justify "kid time" for those in grade/high school, and those of us in the geriatric sector.

Paul, championing the leasing of the gym, is the best thing this town has seen in a long time. Josh was at the walk-through, as well. Other members of the BoS may/do support the proposal. There may be others involved that are behind the movement, and are not as visible.

Anonymous at June 20, 2015 at 8:33 PM hits the nail right on the head with credible reasons for supporting the leasing agreement.

Regarding Paul, I'm still fascinated with his effort and energy in working for the town. He may not always be right (smile here), but he is always willing to listen and evaluate.

The school's name is not mixing religion and town activities. If it were, we could "notice" it as Paul's Place in Town publications.

Then again, someone would bring up ... Paul doesn't walk on water. There are others things that float on top of water!

You got to give Paul credit for at least the involvement factor. Some of us are not keen on seeing the same faces on so many committees and then hear the cry for participation diversity, and volunteerism.

Happy Father's day to all of us fathers.

Happy Father's day, as well, to all of us fathers, that are called "mothers," in expressing vernacular sentiment!

Anonymous said...

Kudo's to Paul for making us aware of the facility in Center Harbor and yes it should alleviate the perceived need if there is one. The real issue is the minority who are driving this want their OWN facility whether is needed or not.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Thought I'd leave my final comments (thank God, they say) regarding gym time. I do wholeheartedly support the I.C.S leasing proposal. As Paul, one of the genuinely involved BoS members has indicated, it will help shed light on real gym-time needs, not wants.

Differentiating students, from adult recreation participants, should be paramount.

The NH Constitution provides for education, not recreation! There can be debate, as to sports in the education system, but will not bring up here.

Maybe the proponents of building another gym should change strategy. Maybe they should be pushing for merging the Rec. Dept., supposedly under the governing body management, into the school system. Maybe the school system should be handling recreation, and we can call it adult education, and encouraged by the state constitution :)

It would stop the cross-finger pointing of: is it a school event or a recreation dept. event, and we need a new gym because of scheduling conflict.

Then, if the school system wants a new gym, it can claim the NH Constitution provides the basis for the claim.

You know ... like ... like ... Donor Town!

Part II, Article 83 of the NH Constitution


Pierce Law Review

Education Law Center

Anonymous said...

If the problem in the schools is declining enrollment, the focus should be on increasing the numbers in our school. Hmmmm, how could we entice people with children to move here? I've got it! Build a community center.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm......and where are these people who move here with kids find jobs?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... perhaps they commute???

Not that easy said...

Hello......Anonymous 8:52 Commute to where? Mass, NJ, Texas....why do you think so many families have moved out of Moultonbor? Could it possibly be.......lack of jobs in the area.

Anonymous said...

People moved away during the " great recession" but that doesn't mean we can't attract others. People can and do commmute to the bigger cities all arounf the state. Moultonborough is great place to live for all age groups and raise families. Be positve for once. It is really that easy.