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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Now the Summer Can Begin

Bike week is finally over! Now the locals can go about our business and enjoy the hopefully beautiful weather to come, without the constant roar of herds of motorcycles.
I have read many times about how wonderful this week of torture is for the local economy, but statistics are few and far between. There are many itinerant vendors all over the place that pay their fees to set up shop and then take the revenues with them. For sure many  hotels, bars, restaurants , etc. see a large spike and depend on the business this nine day event brings, but how much revenue does it bring to the bottom line for the state? We'll probably never know for sure, but at  least we have another 51 weeks or so before it is upon us once again.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

There ... those geezers again! When is MoBo going to have a leash law for its bikers and ... maybe the geezers too (I am one, so I can say that)! Just goes to show MoBo needs the young-uns for MoBo's salvation.


Looking forward to the Pumpkin Festival, this year in Laconia. Wonder how much noise they'll make. Can see and hear it now. Some idiot is going to start a new trend of blowing up pumpkins with fireworks, and say it improves everyone's economic status. I wouldn't mind "slinging" a few large specimens, contest. We could see if we could reach MoBo. Maybe the Rec. center can be involved. No ... not as a target!

Could help determine transportation to the leased Center Harbor school for gym time. It would be better than the limo service that'll probably be suggested.


is there no end? said...

Joe, are you saying that we should transport all the folks (8-10 of them) who would use a leased facility some several miles to Ctr Harbor in a Pumpkin Coach (as in horse drawn vehicle) or with a coach (as in person guiding a team or individual in a sport).
I think the effort to lease the ICS facility will be tossed out like left over pumpkins on the day after Halloween as so much bunk. HEY! We're Moultonboro... we don't have to stoop to take on Sandwich or Tamworth as a potential solution to student population free fall. We deserve our own 3rd gymnasium in a town of declining population, twice the rate of student decline. Hang the costs and Hang those who would disagree. Build the damn gym and then let's find another bronze plaque project to memorialize those who were in office when we built it.
Where do we stop? How about a first in the nation international airport for drones where they come, recharge and continue on their overseeing way. Or a huge truck stop facility for refueling electric powered eighteen wheelers. (might even bring in some of those impalpable jobs we're looking for to give credibility to our town). BECAUSE WE CAN.

Anonymous said...

What there is no end to are the inane comments which do nothing to seek a meaningful solution. I have taken the time to actually read the report posted on the M'boro web. perhaps you should also.

Fed Up With MotorCycle Week said...

I do wonder what the price is for residents who are shut in; delayed; inconvenienced and subjected to the unending noise day and night of motorcycles with unmuffled engines.

I for one had to travel from Moultonborough to Laconia for a medical appointment that is normally a 35 minute drive that took my 75 minutes to Laconia, for which I was late and had to wait an extra 30 mintes and then was blocked coming back to Meredith; then required by the police to travel up north of Lake Waukewon and then through Center Harbor, a 10 mile additional detour. Time to return 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Then when I passed Buckey's I was stopped as literally 50 bikes had to exit before me although I had the right of way. I for one am sick and tired of Motorcycle week. I recall years ago when it was a weekend and that was enough.

I wish I could file a petition to eliminate this outrage. I for one have had it. I shouldn't be literally evicted out of my life for the benefit of these idiots on motor cycles.

Anonymous said...

To Fed Up: motorcycle week is painful for many, but it's been going on for many decades, and is probably going to be around after most of us are dead. Why don't you plan your medical appointments so that you can avoid Laconia that week? Shop the week before, then stay home and read some good books. Oh yes...don't forget the ear plugs1

Anonymous Fed Up With MotorCycle Week said...

To Anonymous 6/23 8:52 pm. FYI, I have a standing appointment every week. I find it offensive to be limited in my ability to freely travel. If anon above wants to be enslaved by motorcycles, maybe Deadwood, SD would be a great home (another cycle location).

We used to have a weekend of this - that was one thing - now a week with early birds and stragglers that make life intolerable.

We should not have to prey for rain, wind and other bad weather for relief.

Where are our brave legislators and governor on this????

I am not running my life for Buckey's (and others) revenue enhancement.

Some days you are the pigeon said...

The town and region's economic strength depends on tourism and motorcycle weekend is the kick-off event. Sharing the region, and coping with the late spring influx of bikers is what helps many make it through the off-seasons. Anyway, it drowns out the sound of the mosquitoes.

Terence C. Jatko said...

Hey Fed Up: Plan accordingly; leave early, use alternate routing. I hate to break it to you, but the world doesn't revolve around you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogger. This is off-topic but is it time the Selectmen ask the Feds to fix the hole at the entrance to the Post Office?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The USPS doesn't own the building. Many, if not most, of the small rural PO buildings are privately owned and leased to the USPS. It is owned by ZJBV Properties , LLC. I will bring this up at the next BoS meeting Juy 2nd and see what can be done about it.

Terence C. Jatko said...

The USPS doesn't own the building. Many, if not most, of the small rural PO buildings are privately owned and leased to the USPS. It is owned by ZJBV Properties , LLC. I will bring this up at the next BoS meeting Juy 2nd and see what can be done about it.

Slumlords in the sleepy hamlet of Moultonborough. Imagine that.