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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thursday Streaming Videos

The CIPC video can be viewed at this link beginning at 10am.

The BoS work session can be viewed at this link beginning at 4pm.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Thanks again for the streaming! An answer to the past perennial laments, of all of the Boards and Committees, for a bigger audience.

Hopefully, this wasn't just narcissism, or lip service, but a true comment for public/voter education/involvement.

Then again, there's suspicion that a wider audience is viewed negatively, by a few, and some, in Town, would rather use the "mushroom approach" to town goings-on ... you know ... keep everyone in the dark, and fill them full of ... you-know-what .

The use of the ..."I heard from ..." form of town communication, is more in tune with classical MoBo indoctrination. The lemming call!

Hopefully, the BoS will approve this low cost approach to letting the community view live meetings ... and not have to wait a week or so to view on the town website, if it's been recorded at all, and eventually appears on the website.

It obviates the need for an operator (many thanks to Hollis and Nancy).
I'm guilty of rejecting the offer to operate the camera; reason being, I don't want to commit to something that is too time consuming for me.
I do attend some meetings, but view a lot more on the blog and town website. This streaming service provides for both, letting the town folks manage their time viewing town activity. Some of these meetings can be classified as free entertainment!

Might also free up some time with town employees, to work other assignments, rather than the present video system.

The present camera position and settings are only for this 30 day trial. Hopefully, the camera will wind-up on the back wall, next to the clock. Then, the clock can, also, be straightened, while they're up there mounting the camera.

Moultonboro Resident said...

Like the live streaming. Zoning and Planning Board should definitely be live streamed. The town should live stream all public meetings.