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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tonight's BoS Meeting to Be Videostreamed Live

We are in the process of a free trial with a company called Town Hall Streams and for about a month we can stream meetings from Town Hall with much improved sound quality. The camera will be static ( pointed at the front of the room) but it's a start.
To watch tonight starting at 7pm go to this link:
 The meetings are stored online and can be viewed on demand as well.


Anonymous said...

Agree, good start.

Comments: Excellent streaming quality; microphones/sound from Board table very good; microphone/sound from audience not as good and hard to hear; would like to see off-camera speakers or at least identification of speakers.

QT Around Town said...

This was great to watch! The sound needs a bit of work but the picture was clear. Nice to watch from home when I can't make it there.

Nancy Wright said...

Good move, agree with the above comment, it was easy to hear the Board members but difficult to hear speakers in the audience. Not necessary to see those in the audience just hear them better. It would be nice if they also identified themselves. Liked watching in real time. Love it. Thanks.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Great video!

Audio at the table was very good. Once, microphones or voice pick-up devices for the audience are in place, an automated mechanism for recording of meetings would be in place. It would be the next evolution to the fine work Hollis and Nancy have done for the Town.

Thanks to the BoS, and especially to Paul, for following-through on this project that the BoS had discussed in the past.