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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

UNH Subcommittee May 28th 2015


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Posted by Moultonboro Blogger at 5:00 AM "
"No comments yet ... there's hope ... got to fill the space!

If Paul can put in all that time and energy to humor us, then, the least we can do is participate. You know ... participate ... not deliberate! Kind-a-like opine, not advise!

Master Plan Continues:

UNH Subcommittee Meetings:
You're commenting on it, if you post here!

Maybe they'll collide, or commingle. There'll probably be another UNH study to tell us we need a warrant article to decide which vision is clearer. I think UNH recommendation #5 was for a 2018 build-time. I guess that means a 2015 warrant article, huh! Where's the new TA.

BoS agenda for 6/4/15
Item VII 4. UNH Feasibility Study Committee Minutes of May 15, 2015 while we're commenting here, on the May 28th session.


We spend $5,000 to UNH ... to get 5 recommendations .. that we need a subcommittee to advise ... the BoS to warrant (maybe)... to have the town meeting fight about ... all of the above!

It appears there's leverage towards needing gym time. Don't worry about numbers ... they aren't part of the consideration.

Maybe a gym, not a rec. center, can be put on the Adele Taylor property ... we don't really know why we bought it anyway ... so why not.


We can put a sidewalk in front of it (not down to the school). "Teach" the kids how to hike-in from the woods in the back. They can use the GPS on their smartphones, and we can give them extra school credit for finding the Library, if they don't want to get sweaty at the gym. Murphy's store is OK too.

A gym doesn't have to be a Taj Mahal. If a gym, with showers and change rooms can be justified, then why the discussion on offices,
cafeterias, and any thing else but a gym? Maybe shower at home. Saves some of the septic system grief that will probably come up.

We need to get the Heritage Commission involved. An air dome could be fulfillment, for more basketball time/space, and a hell of a lot cheaper. It can be inflated in the shape of a barn!


What's wrong with more hot air? The town meetings can be held there, as well. Apropos, don't you think!

Captain Renault said...

I'm shocked! shocked! to hear Selectman Punturieri say he thinks there's a need for another modest gym. Let's be honest, there's no such thing as a modest gym.

I voted for Mr. Punturieri because I thought he was against a gym/community center.

Seriously, can Selectman Punturieri please explain his 180? Has he been drinking the water at town hall? or is power clouding his judgement?

Shocked? Yes and very disappointed.


Anonymous said...

What another Warrant Article at Town Meeting? You want input on this? Here's a thought, put it on the ballot and give every registered Moltonboro voter the opportunity to cast a yea or nay vote. Let's put this issue to bed one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, well-intended but apparently near-sighted leaders having difficulty seeing the end game when a small group of insiders, absent common sense, continue to go to the well for perpetual funding of boondoggles. Shrinking school census + private ball games + ineffective program management naturally screams for additional facilities! Have the vision to see that this is precisely how good local vendors lose their customers...endless spending causes something to give.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am disappointed. Even "modest" means millions of dollars. It is possible the gym will not be needed in the future if the number of children continues to decline and then the town will have another building to pay for and maintain. The business sector tries to keep fixed costs to a minimum these days and leases whenever feasible. A similar concept is the new contractor Town Planner. Should the need go away, all cost will also. The School Superintendent spoke to this, although not in these words, when she said the school buildings will not have to be expanded for many years. Underutilization is simply a waste of money (read taxes).

Where is the NEED? said...

The Selectmen and School Board are meeting next Tuesday June 9th @7 in the town hall might be a good time to ask them where they stand on NEEDING another "modest gym." From whom are they getting the numbers and information to substainiate the NEED. Just because all the time slots are colored in doesn't justify a NEED. When the student enrollment and general population was much higher we managed without a 4th gym,( yes I'm calling the multi-purpose room a gym) What makes the powers to be think it's NEEDED now?

Anonymous said...

Where's the NEED, I'm with you 100%. There has been no need demonstrated by the Rec. Director. No numbers, no nothing! It is EXHAUSTING to try to live in a town where there is so much whining about NEEDS that are WISHES, not NEEDS! Our population does not warrant a new facility...period! Wake up, everyone!

What's the Rush? said...

Why must the selectmen bring this issue up year after year after year? The town has beat the gym/community/senior center to death and the community is tired of the constant drum beat and this conversation. How many studies have we had?

The UNH committee is all but ignoring recommendations 1,2,3,& 4 and ready to jump right to recommendation 5, a Warrant Article for a new gym/community /senior center. The committee for instance, has not yet explored full day summer camp using both schools. Please give this process time if it's viewed as rushed the committee's recommendation will have no credibility.

1 year is not enough time to sift through all the information and explore other options presented in the UNH report. Please, verify the information and number of users. Are the programs being proposed feasible and sustainable? Is the information being supplied by the Recreation Department accurate?