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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Baseball Post.

Remember the old Chevy commercial? " Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet"
This holiday weekend was all that. (No, I'm not talking about the Red Sox.) We celebrated our 239th year of independence on July 4th, which was also the 76th anniversary of Lou Gehrig appreciation day at Yankee Stadium when he made his famous luckiest man alive speech. I am a native New Yorker and lifelong Yankee fan and I did not know until this weekend that Lou had also received a trophy from his teammates with the following poem inscribed. It was presented by the 1927 World Series champion Yankees, perhaps the greatest team of all time. I was not able to find the actual author.

We've been to the wars together;
We took our foes as they came;
And always you were the leader,
And ever you played the game.

Idol of cheering millions,
Records are yours by sheaves;
Iron of frame they hailed you
Decked you with laurel leaves.

But higher than that we hold you,
We who have known you best;
Knowing the way you came through
Every human test.

Let this be a silent token
Of lasting Friendship's gleam,
And all that we've left unspoken;
Your Pals of the Yankees Team


Anonymous said...

Blogger. For a gym, for sidewalks, and now a Yankees fan. You are getting on thin ice.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Let me clarify: GYM: I am of the opinion that we need to settle this issue once and for all. Town meeting had approved in 2013 that we pursue development of a gym per the BRC report and then in 2014 approved a site study for the same for $17,500.The BoS were given marching orders by the legislative body. I read the studies, including the demographic reports and looked at the gym usage. We investigated what is available in the community and were fortunate to find that school in Center Harbor and if we are successful in negotiating a lease we will have relieved the capacity issue and can also evaluate success of other programs. I am not in favor of a large Meredith type community center and I truly believe we can find a middle ground and IF something is built, it must be within our means and not spike our tax rate.
Sidewalks: A committee worked very hard for nearly one year and high on their list of recommendations was sidewalks for the Village. I am hopeful that we can succesfully receive grant funds for most of the work from the state. I personally would rather not have sidewalks, but as I said at Town Meeting, I respect the work of the Village Vision committee and my decision to support the $85K for survey and easments etc. was consistent with the report.
Lastly, as to the Yankees, no matter where I have lived, I never changed my allegiance from my NY teams. I suspect Boston fans feel the same.

Anonymous said...

Blogger, I trust your opinion that the existing gyms are fully utilized but my concern is the utilization is the best. All of us naysayers have been asking for years what the enrollments and attendance of the various programs are and never receive the data. A direct question - where can I review the data? Is it available for scrutiny at the Rec Dept., the Town Clerks Office, or some other place? A program should not be tying up valuable gym time if it is poorly attended. As for the BRC .... I have spoken with a member of that commission and the intent was if demographic trends continued (increasing in the data they were provided), a new facility might be required. Also, UNH was told to include a summer population of twenty thousand. Are the summer only children swelling the Rec programs? I would like to see those numbers, as well. There is no transparency in our local government until all of this information is readily available (my opinion, of course).

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

The blogger's points are well taken and, if anyone should be thanked, it is him, for his efforts in playing the hand dealt him. Can the deck be stacked ... you can bet your ... bippy. I'm trying not to be crude. I grew-up on the streets of Lowel, MA. That and the close to two years I spent in Vietnam with the 189th Assault Helicopter Co. failed to mold my behavior conditioning to MoBo's style.

The passing of warrant articles by the few at Town meeting are YOUR problem, not the BoS. Have some on the BoS, past and present, influenced or cajole some of the votes ... get real ... of course they have.

Who nominates those illustrious committees ... God! You think, maybe that all of the past committees were chosen impartially? I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Blue Ribbon what ... like ... in Past Blue Ribbon beer. That would be more useful at the annual town meetings.

There's no such thing as a final vote. All it takes is 25 registered voters to bring it up again. Hasn't anyone noticed that the more times a contentious issue is brought-up at Town Meeting, the closer it gets to passing. The snow birds are gone ... less votes. Get the MoBo clans/cliques to circle the wagons. Nibble away ... if you can't get millions up front, try again with studies till the town has spent enough money that it now needs to be built to justify the studies.

If you want to get a bigger participation of how "the town" feels about spending town money on contentious issues, change the way voting is done, on the same. We've got one of lowest tax rates. A few have figured out there's a whole bunch of money in MoBo, that they can steer to their wants, not needs. Should you blame them if they can get away with it? A little help from the BoS doesn't hurt either.

The ... WHERE AM I ... crowd helps at town meeting, although not having a clue, what's being debated. Just serve them a couple of sandwiches and they'll think it's a picnic.


Tired of sitting in the back seat said...

It's time to reconsider SB2 and give EVERY REGISTERED VOTER the OPPURTUNITY to cast a vote when it comes to spending our tax dollars. Tough to do if you're not here for Town Meeting or can't sit through a marathon 5-6 hour Town Meeting. I'm tired of seeing the small minority that attend Town Meeting run this town.

How many at Town Meeting voted to pursue the gym? How many at Town Meeting voted for a sidewalk study AFTER it was VOTED DOWN at the prior Town Meeting? 200 maybe 300 voters out of 3700....PATHETIC!

Will SB2 be on the ballot this year because I've had a belly full? If there's a Petition, where is it? I'm ready to sign it.

It's time to change the dynamic in this town!

Look at the numbers said...

Sb2 has been to the polls where everyone can vote in person or absentee and it lost by big margins. 2009: 975 NO to 704 YES. If peolple wanted it , they would have voted for it.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Will SB2 be on the ballot this year because I've had a belly full? If there's a Petition, where is it? I'm ready to sign it."

Send an email to jcormier2@myfairpoint.net

I'll send you the petition that you can print, sign, and forward to me. The address is on the petition. It only takes 25 registered voters to put on the ballot. This time you won't be lied to.

"Petition to Vote All Warrant Articles by Secret Ballot Using the Voting Machine, instead of Public Hand/Card Motioning

Can’t make it to marathon annual Town meetings? Want to be able to exercise your right to vote?
Want to vote on all warrant articles, including spending and budgeting proposals?
Don’t want pressure that you have to vote “right now?” Want to vote by absentee ballot, if you can’t be at the Town Meeting?
Want to think for a couple more weeks, about some information you just heard, before being required to vote, right now?
Want to dispel the fallacy that you have to go to a meeting to be informed to vote? Do you snow birds want to be able to vote, by absentee ballot, on all warrant articles? Want a say on how your town is to be governed?
Snow birds: Please register to vote, and avail yourself of your right to an absentee ballot from the Town clerk.
All concerned, please sign this petition and let’s start the process of power to the people."

The statutorily required verbiage for RSA 40:13 follows.

Ready for debate and the truth!

Anonymous said...

Joe, please read anon at 6:58 more closely and you you will see that a very basic question is being asked. Where can we go to see the actual atttendance records that justify a new gym? This has nothing to do with SB-2 but simply an attempt to learn what the actual usage is of present facilities. Can you tell us where we can find this information? Why is there such a mystery about such basic data? I have checked the CIPC minutes, the RAB minutes, the BRC study and the rec. dept. reports and can't find anywhere the number of people playing basketball during the winter.

You seem to be very knowledgeable about town affairs so hopefully you can help us with this basic question.

Anonymous said...

Nunber of people playing basketball during the winter? Where? Do you mean world wide, just the NBA, college? Ah maybe you mean at the schools which have very busy b'ball teams. Not hard to find that data. Sorry, no conspiricy here. Try this for a change, go to the schools, go to the rec departments and just ask. Wow, what a concept.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

#1 "Where can we go to see the actual atttendance records that justify a new gym?"

They do not exist!

Take a guess why they don't, or why you'll never see.

The first attempt at documenting some usage, not BS about schedules, will be with the I.C. school gym lease. That will only tell you for that site, and not the town-owned properties. Look for BoS participation ... and don't forget their effort.

#2 " Try this for a change, go to the schools, go to the rec departments and just ask. Wow, what a concept. "

You try it, and post your results. Make sure they're verifiable. Can't wait for your effort.

I read and comprehended July 7, 2015 at 6:58 AM comments. I don't need anybody's trust to read data and make my own conclusions. I repeat, the numbers aren't there. If they were, they would raise even more puzzlement on a need for a rec center. Gym time, and a possible modicum of town expense to accommodate, might be viable.

SB2 would, at least get more voices to be heard about the debate ... debacle.
In addition, start demanding the distinction from school athletics v. recreation. We owe the kids an education not recreation; See PART II, Article 83 of the NH Constitution. We owe adults nothing, but they probably deserve something back for the taxes they pay.

Part II Article 83


Anonymous said...

School/Recreation must keep attendance records. The Recreation Department has software to track attendance. Ask for the print outs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, but the discussion needs to focus on the inability or refusal of the rec dept to provide meaningful attendance data. Renting a gym in Center Harbor means nothing if we can't have attendance records. If we can't have them now how does anyone think we will get them at the rented gym?

Paul received many votes because of his promise to get this information which could be used to dttermine our true needs as opposed to the wants of a few. It is disappointing that Paul has let so many of his supporters down.

Anonymous said...

I find anons comment at 10:44 to be rather remarkable. You call out the blogger-selectmen, ANONYMOUSLY and then he still publishes your comment all the while he us bieng called a liar. He is doing the job a selectman is supposed to do, to be fair and represent all. I didn't vote for him by the way, but will next time.

Anonymous said...

He is quite a guy. As far as representing everyone concerning the gym, two Master Plan updates have said no by a pretty much 2 to 1 margin. The town officials have chosen to ignore that and say the Town Meeting has spoken. Paul mentioned the work of the Village Vision Committee - carefully selected members I am sure. They ranked in the middle of one survey. We have had so many in the past few years I can't remember which one. It seems to me that people living in the village area tend to favor them. I am in favor of putting more effort into the busiest place in Moultonborough, the area by the Center Harbor town line. There are hundreds of people there every day and we could leverage off the Center Harbor waterfront. I think people expecting a vibrant village are in a state of denial. People come to this area for the lake and the village has none. A restaurant with a nice patio overlooking Berry Pond might stand a chance.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"School/Recreation must keep attendance records. The Recreation Department has software to track attendance. Ask for the print outs.
July 7, 2015 at 10:03 PM "

Attendance records of what? School attendance ... irrelevant. Attendance at recreational games ... you're kidding right! If they had them, why haven't they produced them to the CIPC or other relevant boards, that requested data? The real question is the Rec. Dept. reports to the BoS. Why hasn't the BoS produced the data. Is management of employees a foreign thought?

The only attendance counted, is at town meeting ... to make sure enough folks have left to slide-in a "reconsideration" vote. SB2 corrects that. Some have to go because of being past bed-time ... like the kids!

I asked at one of the BoS meetings (see videos) how many kids are we talking about, that are being shortchanged gym time. Are we talking about a dozen kids that want to be on a hundred teams, and the town is expected to provide another gym. Who/what dictates rec. teams, from school sponsored athletics. Athletics can be argued under "education", but not recreation.

Is it rec. time, or school activities. Oh ya ... they are different. I wanted to ask if the kids are different. I didn't want to be crude, and start speaking in the Anglo-Saxon vernacular, or start challenging anyone's heritage. Might need another kind of gym time.

Oh...ya ... Saturdays and Sundays don't count for gym time.

All I got was the "scheduling" of teams, after school are maxed out. It could be the same dozen kids wanting to play on a hundred different teams (a little exaggeration).

Why is gym time scheduled out? Why aren't students scheduled-in?