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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

For Sale

I don't know if the number of vacant properties for sale in our village is a good thing or not, but there they are. The building that recently housed the Zelek business, is up for sale as is the property just to the east of it next to the country store that has been long vacant. We've been here 13 years and it has always been vacant in that time frame.
Of course the Berry Pond Motel has been up for sale for awhile and there was rumored to be some interested party in the property, but fell through. Right next to it  is the former Gilligans/ Maurices/ Country Fare building built around 1820, sitting vacant and visibly deteriorating. Definitely needs a lot of work.
The old school house/police barracks ( encompasses the little pond)  next to the Methodist Church is also for sale as is the little house between the two properties. That is a fair amount of property right in the center of the Village on just about all sides of the Town offices and Library complex.
What is sold and what will become of the properties is any one's guess. We do have a road map of sorts with the Village Vision report which should provide some guidance for any development, but these properties are in the end, privately owned, and we need to balance the evolution of the village with the rights of property owners  Not always an easy balance, but I lean toward not doing anything that diminishes property value or unduly inhibits their ability to sell.
Case in point: we have had two different "dollar" type stores that had a serious interest in locating in our town, one in the village and one a few miles west and neither were welcomed with open arms and now seem to be dead issues. Viable businesses that would fill a niche and bring a few jobs.
My hope is that all these properties will find new owners soon, and go from vacant to productive, and provide value to the village and the town for many years to come. We will never be Meredith or Center Harbor, but what we may become is just an enhanced version of what we have always been:  a small rural town in New Hampshire. Nothing wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

Blogger, your comments just reinforce the opinion of us who think the sidewalks and accompanying maintenance are simply a waste of money. Empanel a committee tasked to come up with a vision and they will do so. Conduct a gym feasibility study and the response is it is feasible even though UNH said it would be extremely unusual for a town in NH the size of Moultonborough. I believe it has to do with the selection of members and volunteers for these boards and committees. Either they are selected for their known position or volunteer because they have an agenda. Moultonborough will never be a Meredith but it will always be a nice, quiet place to live on the lake. The place for future commercial development is on the Center Harbor line, not the village.

Horace Mann said...

Thank you for posting this.

Apparently this town is hostile to new businesses with restrictive and uncooperative zoning and planning boards.

We have such a hostile clique in this town that no business will want to relocate here. Very few if any new residential homes being constructed because of such restrictive zoning. Except the mcmansions on the lake.

And with the sidewalks coming Artie's will probably fold as the town will probably take away that business's remaining parking. Add another vacant building to main street.

Bring on the "Nodes" and really make this town a has been.

Living in the Real World said...

Seriously, Anonymous 7:09, you believe bussinesses aren't coming to Moultonboro because of a hostile clique and restrictive zoning? You don't suppose it has anything to do with the poor economy, government over regulations, the chaos in Washington, the country or the world for that matter?

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Seriously ... you believe bussinesses aren't coming to Moultonboro because of a hostile clique and restrictive zoning?"

"Cliques" ... in MoBo ... oh no, really! How about a mini-mafia, only not as bright.

Apologies to the Mafia.

"Cliques" ... hell ... it's MoBo heritage!

"Restrictive" zoning ... you haven't attended any Planning Board forums, have you. Listen to Bruce a bit more.

Don't confuse NH with MoBo.
The only "new stuff" in the village are taxpayer-paid buildings.

Maybe we need another "Vision" ... forget reality and discussion. Ask WHY? ... instead of some pipe dream. Townies still don't view MoBo "village" from the western part of MoBO , near the Center Harbor line, that could be marketed to/for business.

The only earmark for the "Village" is another taxpayer building ... the Rec. Center/Gym ... or maybe some clique can start calling it the Mobo Revitalization Center.



Anonymous said...

Hold on to your wallets with all of the property for sale in the village. I see more warrant items coming from the Moultonborough Realty Corporation.

Anonymous said...

jeez, five comments and all downers. what a bunch of whiners.

Foghorn Leghorn said...

Where in this post does it say anything about the town buying property? Where? 'Hold on to your wallets'? Where does is say anything about warrant articles? What this post alludes to is that we are looking like a ghost town. Wouldn't it be nice to see thriving businesses in these vacant buildings? Yes, but there were posts on this blog not that long ago, from people in this town, and I would hazard a guess that some of the posts above are some of those very same people, that poo poo certain businesses ie a Dollar Store as it just would not look good for Moultonboro. Anon at 6:58 is right. Whiners and downers. Not one good thing to say. Not one suggestion without ridicule. Always pessimistic and sarcastic. Very sad.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"jeez, five comments and all downers. what a bunch of whiners. "

At least you can count ... you can put your shoe back on, Russ.