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Alexander Hamilton

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's All Related

I am somewhat surprised at the reaction from some this week that some of the recent posts are not "local" news. No need to quote Tip O'Neill, but it all trickles ( sometimes its a deluge) down to the local level.
Do these issue have an impact on NH and even little Moultonboro? Of course they do. 
Some local groups and organizations also routinely request a posting about a special event or other function. Always glad to do it. Somethings I just find interesting and personal and will write about it such as the nonsense about " death panels" and " death chats." 
A selectmen violating the sanctity of the non-public session is for sure a local issue. It is a learning experience for all elected officials especially if you read the parting comment from the departing selectman that he really was not aware of the law. How is that even possible? I am still surprised to see and hear elected officials that are completely unprepared for meetings and ignorant of the RSA's. 

Despite the naysayers, the town is in really good shape. We are fortunate to have so many good volunteers and committed and responsive employees.

In the end, I choose to write about things I choose to write about. Period.


Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"In the end, I choose to write about things I choose to write about. Period."

Right on!

Even if there's disagreement, your blog provides a forum that is probably the only thing in MoBo, not under MoBo-mafia control! Some may not think you're Eliot Ness, crime fighter of the evil MoBo thugs ... on the BoS, even!

Not sure to laugh or gasp, when I heard a member of the BoS say something to the effect that anyone that reads the blog is an idiot or should be shot or some other pearl of wisdom. A real rocket scientist!

Makes you search for some comfort ... or recall vote.


Mt. Rattler said...

I concur, the topics of today, wether it's local, State or on the Federal level, affects us here in Moultonboro just the same, we are all part of the web. The dynamics that affect one community can be used as a lesson for us here in town. And besides, we are only guests here on the owners blog. So if he wants to write about the pretty wild flowers along our roadways, than so be it.

Moultonborough Property Owner said...

You're absolutely correct all politics are local. As the Blogger's stated in previous posts, it's his blog and he can write about whatever his heart desires.

Moultonboro Speaks has been a valuable source of local information for Moultonborough residents, snowbirds and out of town property owners. Moultonborough news is not covered in local newspapers, on radio or TV. If it weren't for the Bloggers keen observations and his willingness to share his thoughts we'd be living in a vacuum.

Blogger, please keep the emphasis on local issues because that's were the need is.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

Sometimes local level, including individuals, can be impacted by federal level.

MoBo's got enough relics ... especially some mentalities ... that could qualify for the following: