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Monday, July 27, 2015

Moultonboro CIPC Progressing

In what is becoming almost a routine process,  the Moultonboro CIPC  is heading for it’s annual public hearing for the next proposed 6 year capital improvement plan , 2016  through 2021.  I do not know the date of the public hearing, but it will probably be in the next month or so.  As per the CIPC  charge “A need has been identified to plan for the orderly implementation and financing of a Capital Improvement Program in a manner which meets the needs of the Town and minimizes fluctuations of the tax rate and the impact thereof upon its taxpayers.”
The 2016-2021 spreadsheet ( still in draft form) can be found here on the Town website.  There is still more work to be done specifically as the committee undertakes ranking ,rating and classification of the projects being proposed for 2016. Currently, the total proposed of $1,818,341 represents an increase of just about 9% over the 2015 approved amount.  Keep in mind that that is not the actual tax levy amount  as some of it will be offset by  monies kept in capital reserve funds as well as grants.
Whatever the CIPC recommends is of course not final, but will be topics of some discussion during the 2016 budget cycle, which is just a few months away.
The CIPC public hearings have been sparsely attended in the past and yet I read many comments from readers about this very topic, capital spending. 
We have a fair amount of work to do this year and next in particular, as there is a very significant potential spike in capital requests.
In my own opinion,  we are in very good shape financially as a Town.  At the end of 2014, our fund balance was 18.4%, nearly 6% higher than our target ceiling. The Town has no long term debt, $0, and a relatively small amount of lease payments ,  about $180,000. 

I truly believe that if we put our heads together and work collaboratively to seek solutions to some long standing issues and  invest  in our future as a community, we can do it in a manner that still protects our tax rate. Ultimately, the governing body will recommend and propose, but the legislative body will make the final call. 


Curious said...

Lease Payments.....$ 180,000. Is that per year? There are some expensive new machines and trucks that have been leased, and total far more then $ 180,000.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Lease payments as of the end of 2014.

Anonymous said...

Blogger says that the town does not have any long term debt. I guess either the school debt of several million has been paid off or the taxpayers are not on the hook for it. Didn't the UNH study mention the school debt which is part of the town/taxpayer responsibility to repay?

Headed South.. said...

Anon at 10:16 P M. Best keep that quiet. Sure as dog poop, the beautiful and anointed will want to continue that payment, but for $ 6,000,000 gym. No one complains about that cost for the school....Of course, it was for a necessary use, a school....Now, it will be " just spend it on a gym " No one complained. We sure do great things for the seniors in town, like let them keep working, to pay their taxes.

Just Around the Corner said...

Long Term Debt::::::: hhhmmmmmm let me see. Are we all done paying for the "refuge center" clean up? YES, We were done paying for it years ago but the near $200,000/yr payment-money stayed in the budget, never to be taken out. "Oh That?? That's already gone to Scotty" was what Joel M. gave for and answer when asked. That's what happens when we vote in these projects. They love a bond issue 'cause when its done (and the taxpayers are used to paying for it) they maintain the amount in the budget FOREVER. Big projects, bond issues and such are like an annuity for taxers and spenders... they just keep on building up the size of the budget long after they're done. Ever wonder hoe the school budget got so out of control??

Joe Cormier/jcormiwe2@myfairpoint.net said...

The BoS own the Town Budget.
The BoS don't own the School Budget, nor the Library Budget.


It's too bad there's not as much interest on the expense side, as there is on the revenue side; namely, the assessments provide the base for a good deal of the "income".

The CIPC, in my view, does a good job working on "nice-to-haves" v. "got-to-haves".

It is only advisory, however, and certain members of the BoS will decide what they think is right, notwithstanding the CIPC. That's the process. We elected the BoS. The Advisory Budget Committee is "advisory" only, as well.

A lot of you can vote of who is going to be on the BoS (absentee ballot included), but not near as many can vote on all of the issues (not on ballot), because MoBo is not an SB2 town. Keep it the way it is ... then bitch about it (crude ... and proud of it).

Moultonborough Capital Improvements Program for 2015-2020FINAL September 2, 2014


Ready for SB2 said...

If you pay taxes but don't attend Town Meeting you have NO say in how your tax dollars are spent.....period! Last year a small group voted to pass a Warrant Article at Town Meeting for an $85,000 sidewalk study. What will it be in 2016? A multi-million dollar gym?

Hope to see SB2 on the ballot in 2016. Time for taxpayers to be in the drivers seat.

Steady Ready said...

Ready, do you even know what passed at town meeting last year? The votes approved engineering and easements. The study was done two years ago. The snmall group as you called it was the majority of voters present at town meeting. Democracy is what it is called.
Consider that Moultonborough has probably the lowest tax rate for any town of its size in NH, far below our neighboring lake communities. Tax rates go up and down and property values also fluctuate, but in the end, our town is quite affordable in terms of property tax.
Your comments are what scares people AWAY from SB2. Just say no to anything that costs money is not good government.