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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pay as You Throw

This recent article was in New Hampshire Town and City , a publication of the NH Municipal Association about "pay as you throw." This is somewhat timely as a committee in Moultonboro is looking at single stream recycling, which will hopefully increase recyclables.
The article talks of nearly $200 billion in avoidable cost for recyclable waste in the United States annually. The idea is to get people to recycle more and charging for what you dispose of is way to incentivize that behavior. 
According to the article, the most effective way to reduce solid waste is a bag-based Pay as You Throw, which is used by the majority of pay-as-you-throw communities in New Hampshire. You pay a dollar or two per special bag which would replace the traditional cost of collection and disposal. In that way you only pay for what you actually use.
The bottom line according to the article  is that it is a proven way to reduce trash volumes ( on average about 44%) and reduce taxes. Of particular interest is that this is something each individual taxpayer can do to reduce cost. 
We have not had this conversation here in Moultonboro as we first look at the viability of single stream recycling, but perhaps it is an idea whose time may yet come to our transfer station. 


Anonymous said...

Yep, time to really screw up something that actually works well. Imagine, the transfer station really works well, so why not have the BOS tamper with it. You certainly don't have more important things to do. For the summer seasonal folks it will be interesting to see the full time residents throw a complete nutty when they hear of this absurd thought. Just the thought of a new weekly out of pocket cost to them will cause severe gas pains. $5-10 a week vs. essentially free....should be a fun discussion! How about closing the transfer station in its entirety (got to save that tax money) if you go to pay as you throw and have the town pick up trash door to door to avoid unemployment costs? We could have one pickup a week of recycling stuff...special trucks, etc....and then one pickup a week of trash...another truck. We could start our own fleet of trash trucks. The thought of actually saying it will reduce taxes....wow, I'm impressed ! Just the sight of trash all over the streets and snowbanks in the winter should excite the selectmen ! Bring on the bears !! Give this idea a rest and file it under "dumb ideas" !

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Pay as You Throw"

At first blush, I thought this was advertising for some of the town sponsored meetings! Maybe a campaign slogan for those running for office.

"Bag-based Pay as You Throw" should be an agenda item for the Boards in town, and especially for some of the elected.

Some bags were found on-line that might do the job for MoBo.


Rick Heath said...

It would seem that Moultonborough, having spent a lot of money early in the history of cleaning up dump sites in this state, has done a very good job of recycling. Let's not start another project of recycling "because we can".

Different topic but news worthy: It was a telling result when the Carroll County Commissioners held a meeting, at which the dept. heads were invited to show their faces, to introduce the newly hired (new position) county administrator/nursing home admin.. less than a handful (4) of the dept. heads bothered to show up. There was a late invitation involved but I am sure that a phone call from most any of the less than caring folks at the county level of government could have rescheduled whatever was their excuse to NOT MEET THEIR NEW BOSS. The commissioners are surely no prize, we know by their own past experience; we get that. Obviously their lack of leadership has rubbed off on the majority of the dept. heads. Kudos to the 4 heads that showed and shame on those who didn't; including the nursing home head, the county attorney AND the COUNTY SHERIFF.
This taxpayer wishes all the best to the new administrator Ken Robichaud, in spite of the less than impressive behavior by his subordinates and the commissioners. Welcome to Carroll County.
Maybe we should make more of these positions open for new people who have some respect. If they have no respect for this event they can't have a lot of respect for the lowly TAXPAYER.

Terence C. Jatko said...

If we adopt "pay as you throw", does that mean I'll get a reduction on my property taxes? Can we do away with "dump stickers"? Will the volume of waste actually decrease? Sadly, we all know the answer to the previous questions: no. This is simply another "revenue enhancement" scam.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous idea. Single stream should be the way to go. So the odd are we will screw that up too.

Anonymous said...

I don't object to single stream that if that means less time at the dump, since the Town doesn't pick up garbage. But why the heck do I have to pay $1 a bag now when I used to get that for the cost of a dump permit. Also, how minuscule will my tax reduction be?

Sounds like a new Ponzi Scheme.

Anonymous said...

saves time and money and still you people object. TURN OFF FOX NEWS!!

Anonymous said...

How much trash do you generate weekly, a bag or two? If so, pay-as-you-throw would cost $2 or $4 per week. Figure it on an annual basis and then do you really think you will see a reduction in the increase of your taxes by that amount? It's not even April first.

Anonymous said...

What I do not understand is that we have the trash helpers at the dump watching everything. Do you really suspect that there is that much leakage of recyclable material into the trash stream that a pay as you throw system will actually reduce overall costs ????? People for the most part are very attentive to the recycling efforts in town. And then we will have the town spec out the size, material, etc. of the paper bags. They can only be of a certain overall size. You cannot use just anything. We will need a study committee, a spec person, a supplier, a place to buy the bags, and then a fee for the seller to handle the work. I agree with many....dumb idea. The improvements in some communities came from a substantial increase in recycling....we will not see it here. Yep, DUMB idea....

Nightly Rider said...

I know of a lot of dirt back roads here in Moultonborough.
Early morning or late night ride.
Do you get the concept?
Do you?

Please DROP this new idea completely. Move on.

What's the point said...

What I don't get is that the triangle symbol with a "1" inside on a water bottle or soda bottle is OK to recycle and a clear plastic produce container or a clear plastic egg container with the same symbol is not. There are a lot of items that make no rhyme nor reason why they go in the garbage.
The town I migrate to in the cold months has trash pick-up. A couple years ago they changed from "all in one container" with no recycle to two containers: one for recycle and one for trash. They still do twice a week pick-up; one for each container. They are about even week after week. Same amount of recycle material as trash. It works well with town pick-up but I don't see it working in our situation without a lot of $$$ spent.
If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Broken Arrow said...

Oh, please.
Don't fix it if it is not broken.
There is nothing wrong with the dump right now.
Why go seeking a solution to a problem that does not exist.

Moultonborough is the only town that paid $$ millions to clean up the dump. And somehow forgot the original first dump.

Moultonborough is the only town in the state that replaced perfectly good street signs - green and white - with the "new" reflective - green and white - signs.

Will you people stop finding ways that make the average taxpayer spend money? Huh?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Did I miss something or did many not actually read the entire post? Pay as you throw is not on the table and has not been proposed by anyone. And it has nothing to do with single stream recyling which is a board of selectmen initiative. Tyring to find ways to increase efficiency and reduce cost is the job of the BoS.
The street signs a few years back were mandated by the State and not a whim by the BoS at that time. Complain to your State reps.
As to the dump cleanup, there are many many old town landfills that have been cleaned up in NH. Think for a moment where that old dump sits and what is downstream from it.

Kanasatka said...

Leave the dump alone.

Anyone know how we can start a citizen police commission? Heard we have lost another one of our best officer's and he took a pay cut to leave! Does anyone know why!

O. Pine Street said...

Best read up on the Federal Highway Administration rules.
The mandate for reflective signs was rescinded. Gone. Kaput.
BUT, the town of Moultonboro - with perfectly good signs, jumped the gun and threw away those perfectly good street signs and purchased new street signs.
WHY does Moultonboro keep spending unnecessary taxpayer monies?
There was nothing wrong with the old signs. The mandate was rescinded.
Keep spending taxpayer monies. As MS Crawford clearly stated: "Because we can".

Here it is. From the US Department of Transportation.

"The compliance date for implementation and continued use of a method for guide signs (including street name signs) has been eliminated. However, agencies are expected to add these signs to their method as resources allow."

Again, Moultonboro jumps the gun and spends, spends, spends . . . "Because we can".

When will the madness stop at town hall?

Anonymous said...

The Road Agents position is an elected one. Unhappy? Than find another candidate.

Anonymous said...

O.Pine, the rules were changed not lifted. The implementation target dates were eliminated. Safer signs are not a bad thing anyways. Madness at town hall? I think the five volunteers are doing a splendid job for this town. Not satisfied? There is a seat on the board up in March.

Anonymous said...

Amen anon at 8:44. Nicely put.

O. Pine Street said...

I guess the Anonymous above can't read or if they can read they have issues with comprehension.

Thank you.