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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Selectmen Highlights

  • The Castle in the Clouds Preservation Society Executive Director Charles Clark was present to briefly discuss their work and some plans for the future. The Castle receives about 60,000 visitors per year. They are looking at ways to expand public access to the property. Free passes for free admission for two adults and two children are available daily at the Moultonboro Library.
  • The Conservation Commission advised the BoS that the potential purchase for the Lees Pond Preserve is on hold as they continue to negotiate with the property owner. It was unclear as to whether a deal will be made or not, but they are hopeful terms can be worked out.
  • We have officially pulled out from the Tri-Town Milfoil committee and the assets are being split three ways. With the sale of a DASH boat and funds remaining, we will receive approximately $20k. 
  • Video streaming is here to stay. The permanently mounted camera and system will be installed soon. The current contract with EZ Stream will be cancelled without penalty and the funds budgeted for EZ Stream will be sufficient to cover the cost ($250 per month) for Town Hall Streams.
  • 37 TA candidates from 13 states have been whittled down to 12 finalists who were asked to submit answers to essay questions. Two of the finalists have since accepted jobs elsewhere, so we have 10 total finalists. The fears of not being able to attract qualified candidates have proven to be false as I suspected. 


Joe Cormier@myfairpoint.net said...

"... 37 TA candidates from 13 states have been whittled down to 12 (now 10)finalists who were asked to submit answers to essay questions.:

Maybe they can help explain SB2 to MoBo ... HEEELLLLOOOO!


Instead of a Police Commission, maybe something useful, like an SB2 debunk commission!



PS: Having trouble with error code 0x8004010F with my email, so will not be able to respond to email for 4-5 days.

PSS: No Apple devices (have Androids at the house);also, no fireworks where I'm at.

Not again! said...

PLEASE don't tell me that you people are putting SB2 on the ballot AGAIN!! How many times do we have to say NO!!

Grumpy said...

Keep bringing up another property to buy or another unneeded gym or community ctr in sheep's clothing year after year... and you ask why SB2? You have to be kidding.

On the subject of the Blogger's comments (TA candidates) Please someone who has access to the names DO A GOOGLE SEARCH on them. That simple effort would have saved us many years of buyer's remorse and a lot of unearned income to the last guy.

Terence C. Jatko said...

To Not again! "How many times do we have to say NO!!" Apparently not as many times as we have to defeat the idiotic concept of a new "recreation center, senior center, gym" or whatever new building the dreamers in the recreation department want to lumber the taxpayers with.

What happened to the milfoil program? Will we continue it? This is one of the very few town programs that is cost effective and seems to accomplish something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

To NOT AGAIN.....how about till it gets passed!