"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Tell the truth, get crucified."

"The political process works when there is some degree of tolerance for other people's views you might not share," he said. "You've got to give people the chance to win along the way. It can't always be, 'I win-you lose' every time. We've got to start solving problems." Jeb Bush.

I'm not saying I'm a Jeb Bush supporter, but this comment in Sunday's Union Leader editorial caught my attention. I also can't say I fully agree with the entire editorial nor do I think his continuing comment ("... people need to work longer hours" ) should be criticized as being elitist or out of touch. He was clearly referring to increased productivity in general, not individuals. Disappointing and making Jeb's point were the instant political posturing of the left and the subsequent right leaning editorial with the hyperbole  "Tell the truth get  crucified." Good examples of why we can't seem to solve any problems at any level of government. 

I agree wholeheartedly with Jeb Bush on this issue, and while it may not play with some supporters, he was indeed telling the truth. There exists today an incredible amount of intolerance for opposing ideas just about everywhere on the political spectrum.
 Sometimes your "side" will win and sometimes it will lose. "It can't always be, 'I win-you lose' every time. We've got to start solving problems."


Anonymous said...

We are witnessing a perfect storm regarding the current levels of dysfunction ...where self-interest deafens one from hearing the intent of another's message, lower IQs prevent some from gleaning nuance and, of course, transparently biased media pounds the misinformation to dull-minded, susceptible voters...topped off by supposed leaders jumping at the chance to twist their opponents' words to their own advantage ....despite knowing the truth.....in other words, business as usual!

Anonymous said...

The United States has had huge gains in productivity over the past few decades. Do/did the workers benefit? No!!! The stockholders and top executives claim it all due to the risk of the stockholders and the "brilliant" work of the CEOs. The purchasing power of the 90% is stuck back in the mid 70s.

The Dow Jones didn't break the 1,000 mark until the 1970s and 2,000 in the 1980s. The wealthiest people in the US used to be people that founded manufacturing and retail companies. Now they are financial firm founders. Financial firms can handle most additional volume without hiring additional workers. I believe many of the largest banks are in the branch closing mode due to electronic banking. People used to advance their financial well being by working harder and longer. That was before the our wealthiest were able to sit wherever and rake in their billions.

Eric Taussig said...

The problem identified in this listing is a continual problem with regard to opinions from individuals from the Town through the State and Federal levels. The problem is that many individuals are totally intolerant of other individuals ideas and positions and unwilling to even examine the merits of those positions, much less allow them to be articulated. Without that exchange of ideas and positions, there never can be any sort of compromise or consensus.

That is really as dangerous as having a majority suppress a minority opinion, even if it is unpopular. The concept of the first amendment's freedom of speech and expression fails if the majority oppresses the minority by using their majority status to dominate. That is why the most important safeguard is to protect the rights of minority opinion holders, even if the opinion is unpopular.

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

"Tell the truth, get crucified."


I'm thinking of buying a couple of these tee shirts to wear, for when I hand out SB2 petitions, and ... TRUTHFUL, SB2 NH DRA documentation; not someone's tilt to their agenda.

Politics is bad enough as a risky topic ... but mix-in a touch of religion. Holy smokes ... a death wish!

Still a heck of a way to spend Good Friday!

I'm allowed to say. I, after all, did spend two years studying to be a Roman Catholic priest ... and now, I'm a Home Baptist! :))

I can remember one of the Selectmen commenting at a BoS meeting ... keep religion and government separate, or something to that effect.

I do not disagree (double negative).

Anonymous said...

to Anon @ 8:47

Employees are a drag on profits. Who needs them. The young have two choices if they want a job, health care industry and government. The only two areas of the U.S. economy that are growing and will continue to grow. Not a good situation.