"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


454 days until the next Presidential Election on November 8th 2016. So many candidates and so much time to think about a choice. 17 Republicans  and 5 Democrats.... and still counting. Hillary, Bernie, Jeb, ( maybe Joe?) George, Rand, Scott, Marco....on and on it goes. Who is actually capable of leading this country?  Does any candidate have a " resume" that truly indicates that they are qualified?  Hey, are any (many) of them in the race to just build name recognition and make money on the speaking circuit?
Then there is ideology versus experience and leadership ability, i.e, Donald Trump with his thumb on the nuclear trigger.  I don't know about the Donald, but still (and strangely), I find him appealing. Enough to get my vote?
This is local as we all know that NH has long had the reputation as first in the nation in primaries and a unique way of vetting candidates and weeding out the wannabees from the real thing.Unfortunately though, along with the candidates coming to our state, there is the steady stream of attack ads from PACs that have no way of being challenged except by countering with another attack ad. Somehow, we have to sift through all that and make an informed choice.
With so many candidates on both ends (and most places in the middle)  of the political spectrum, the clear choice may not be so obvious in the end. The world has some serious problems to solve and there are no simple easy solutions. We need true leadership in Washington, not only from the party in power, but from the minority as well. We can't continue  the status quo of doing nothing in between elections but trying to tear down the previous winners. No one is always right and no one is always wrong. The dangers we face today are very real and cannot be discounted. Is there any candidate that can bring this country together and not push us further apart? 454 days to find out.


Joseph Cormier said...

A real contender!


PS: never called anyone a freeloader ... ignorant, maybe!

Grumpy said...

With a few exceptions, the Republican field is the deepest I have seen in my 70 years (55 of which I have followed politics from my native NH). The Democrats have the worse field they have put forward in a long time. One has to admire Bernie for his rise in the polls. In spite of acquiescing to the bullying of the "Black Lives Matter" movement pushing him off the stage he has show strong in his socialist beliefs and is getting his message out. Other than Bernie and Hillary the rest are struggling to get above 2%. Chafee announced his candidacy with his intent to convert the US to the metric system as his main platform and the other two are too moderate for the extreme left party.
The Repubs have for variety a black, a woman and an Indian whose parents are 1st gen from India. They also have a "really rich" (his own words) carbuncle on the ass of progress. A buffoon with a lot of money can be a dangerous thing. Other wise they have some DC insiders and outsiders, some governors and some senators; most with good resumes.
The left is pointing at some senators on the right saying not enough "gravitas". Funny the very party who twice elected a man with not yet one full term as senator and being a community organizer as his only resume listings... gravitas? Not.
Way too early to take favorites or predict but my guess is that we'll be tired of all the ads, debates and phone polls; and who looks good now on both sides will not be the nominee for their party.
To the comment about leadership in DC and cooperating between the two parties.. There needs to be a modicum of respect for the other party from both sides. Comparing the Repubs with the thugs in Iran because they disagree with a bad deal nuke is not the way to start that discussion.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy, deepest field in 70 years? LOL! There are possibly two governors with the necessary experience and the larger one is a hothead. There is a former CEO that was fired and rated as one of the CEOs in tech history as well as a surgeon that doesn't have clue. We also have some advocates of a Flat or Fair tax system which will not generate even the low taxes currently collected resulting in the deficits of the past 35 years. I mustn't forget the religious zealots that want to turn our secular government into an extension of Christianity. I may have overlooked a few (the esteemed Senators)and I apologize.

On the other side, no one really wants another Clinton.

You didn't need to disclose your age. it was easy to figure you are fairly old and well, therefore grumpy.

I'm with Grumpy said...

Grumpy, Anonymous 10:28 is an obvious Alinskite. Personal attacks are all they have, facts be damned. Alinskites are driven by power and the need to overturn the Constitution and the institutions that have made America great.

Alinskites are known to lie, steal and cheat in order to gain power and keep it. Hillary, Obama & George Soros are a few that worship at the Alinsky alter. Over the years the Alinskites have infiltrated the Democrat party and worked themselves into leadership rolls.

If Socialist/Marxist philosophies are your cup of tea than today's Democrat party it's for you. Although it's been noted by many that Socialism has been tried many times in many countries but it's never worked. Britain's Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher said it best, "the trouble with Socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money."


Anonymous said...

Dear I'm. The reason Obama was elected was in response to the dynamic duo of W and Cheney. Hillary would have ben nominated except for the fact that everyone was tired of the Clintons. You might have been nominated and elected if you weren't an older, white Republican and a Democrat instead. Enlighten me about the deepest field in 70 years' economic plans because I haven't heard any that I can recall. Jeb is proud of the 1.2 million jobs that he created due to the housing bubble. Nine hundred thousand of those jobs have disappeared. He promises 4% annual economic growth.

How do you classify two unfunded wars put on the credit card coupled with major tax cuts? Isn't that spending other peoples money?

If you care to look at the National Debt by year on the Treasury site you will find that W doubled. It doesn't look like Obama will achieve that dubious goal. Did you complain when W was doing it?

Joseph Cormier said...

"... 17 Republicans and 5 Democrats.... and still counting. Hillary, Bernie, Jeb, ( maybe Joe?) George, Rand, Scott, Marco....on and on it goes. "Who is actually capable of leading this country?"

(maybe Joe?)

I'm flattered Paul ... people are going to start talking!

Fiorina looks like a possibility, right now. Ben Carson is refreshing. Yup non-politicians! Might be what the country needs. Long shots ... probably need a shot of something, by the time elections come around ... hell, why wait, think I'll have another! PS: don't want to hear from the PC police ... not you either, Russ.

Why aren't the Dems talking about Jim Webb ... too competent?

Where the hell did these others come from?



Who says we don't need SB2!

Grumpy said...

The simple fact that Bernie, a self sworn socialist, is doing the same thing to Ms. Clinton as Obama (hope and change, Obama phones for the welfare and cap-n-trade for everyone else) did 7-8 years ago proves that the Democratic party of JFK has long been flushed down the tubes for the promised free ride of socialism. Enjoy, folks. Reagan once quoted a leading socialist saying that America would never vote for socialism but through liberalism (today's progressives) they would eventually vote for all of socialism's tenets.
To correct the anon at 10:28 the Right has had some excellent candidates over the years; Reagan and for reasons you will never understand 41 and 43 and Romney. But for depth in the entire field to choose from this is a good election cycle.
The CEO you speak of is in the good company of folks who have run up against near sight fools who fired good people. Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Mike Bloomberg, Oprah and Truman Capote. Ford seemed to think Lee Iacocca would be better off somewhere else and the Cleveland Browns thought Bill Belichick was not worth their time. Hell, I've been fired a couple times. How 'bout you? And I guess before you accuse Dr Carson of not having a clue I would suggest you attempt to get close to his equal. The only thing the Left hates more than a conservative is a female conservative or, God forbid a black conservative. (black conservative women just drive you folks off the edge).
Just in case you have not read it lately you should read the FIRST LINE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT. It is freedom OF religion not freedom from religion.

Anonymous said...

"I'm with Grumpy" would look great on a tee-shirt