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Friday, August 28, 2015

Board of Selectmen Worksession Highlights August 27th 2015

  • Police Chief Wetherbee spoke at some length about the drug epidemic, specifically the prevalence of heroin and prescription pain killers. He spoke of many aspects of the problem and the role of law enforcement. It was made clear that here in Moultonboro our drug problems are not as bad as in many other towns and cities, but we are not immune. In his time here, there have been at least three drug overdose deaths that he is aware of. He is in the process of getting approval for his officers to be able to carry and administer Narcan Intranasal for overdose response. He also spoke of PAARI ( Police Assisted Addiction and Drug Recovery Initiative.) Rather than treating addiction by arrest, attempts are made to offer treatment options and recovery. It was an interesting 40 minutes or so at the very beginning of the work session and well worth the time to watch and listen.
  • We discussed how to proceed with a possible warrant article for a gym/recreation facility with a focus on the financial aspects. We first need to define a scope and then work on the cost to build so that if we decide to take it to the voters, we can offer a true financial picture. As part of the package, we can't overlook the impact to the village and the Taylor property, The Selectmen and the Recreation Department Director Donna Kuethe, will meet in  work session next Thursday prior to the regular evening meeting to define a possible project scope. 
  • We had a brief discussion on a Fairpoint proposal provided by Bill Gassman to the BoS for broadband expansion. Five options were presented and the BoS will probably address these options and recommendations at our next business meeting. A thank you to Bill Gassman was offered by the BoS for continuing to work on this issue  to bring broadband to unserved and underserved areas of Moultonboro. 


Just asking said...

Pardon my ignorance but am I to understand we are considering putting this redundant gilded lily in the "historic down town" (Taylor property?) where we want a center of business and commerce in an old colonial/victorian looking down town? Is this potential dust collector going to belong to the SAU or the town? If we must have this contraption (and I don't think for a minute we need it) I would not want to see the tab go to the town while the use is mostly by the school with diminishing use of the present school facilities just to justify a new building. Same kids using it you say... yes but they are, at that point, being used as justifying pawns.
By the way what are we going to do with the property that is being used by the Lion's Club? Doesn't their lease come up soon? Are we going to keep subsidizing that entity? Any new lease should be written that the town gets the $$ for subleasing of the building since the Lions are getting free rent.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me where "downtown Moultonborough is?"

Anonymous said...

Please tell me it ain't so. The Select Board plan to meet next week to appoint another committee to "study" the need a new gymnasium? Haven't we been down this road before?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

It ain't so. Please pay attention to what was actually said. There have been two presentations on the UNH report. Both times it was made clear that we need to understand the true potential cost before we do anything further. No committee was appointed to study the need. Some members of the BoS will work with the new TA and the architect to determine the cost to build and run a potential new facility.

Terence C. Jatko said...

Be sure to check with the taxpayers of the town of Meredith about the long-term costs of another Alcatraz (in the words of late Boston Mayor Tom Menino) around their neck in the form of their building. The costs don't just disappear when the bond is retired.

Anonymous said...

The bloggers right, the need has already been established. Some on the Select Board have deducted there is a need because both gyms are scheduled to the max. The new committee will determine how grand and how much this white elephant will cost taxpayers. Speaking of elephants has the Select Board forgotten about the 2.6 million County short fall that is estimated to raise our taxes by 17%?

Joseph Cormier said...

"Could someone please tell me where "downtown Moultonborough is?"

You'll find it near a expanse of properties the town and school owns (not you "the deciders), that sucks the air out of any other area.

It is the epicenter of a megalomania that is part of a MoBo mafia, that thinks it knows what is best for the community ... whatever the hell that is. Some have good intentions and preach to listen to the people ... except when they know best.

The MoBo "downtown" is a pawn in the not-so-nouveau game of numbers and surveys ... kind-a-like Sudoku; move the the numbers around to fit them into certain squares that are part of the game.

You can find "Downtown" MoBo by looking for the players that will tell you, it's the last time ... like a drunk telling you it's the last drink. Then hire UNH to say ... Oh ya, that's what you want said ... and give a bunch of Recreation scholars $5,000 to say so ... that will legitimize the agenda. You're too dopey to make up your own mind.

Do not look for downtown MoBo to have diversity of opinion. That's "uptown".

"Downtown" is that part of MoBo that every crackpot in town seems to think belongs to him/her. It is easy to find. Just look for the most deteriorated, and deteriorating part of MoBo; a testimony to the MoBo mafia genius that has been running this town. Exceptions (Library excluded) are the buildings the town built, and you paid for. More of your money is needed for the office space of town sycophants.

The "downtown" info center is located at the annual town meeting.

Not to worry. Our tax rates can't be raised without all of MoBo's rate being raised. Look for the only stop sign in downtown MoBo. It's called town meeting. When the light is green, just continue being complacent. . When the light goes red, better get to the meeting and vote. There's a Tuesday, before the Saturday, of town meeting. That's the yellow light. That light is your sign that you have arrived in downtown MoBo.

PS: I never mentioned SB2, once (or twice ,or three times, or ... like previous town votes).
Downtown MoBo doesn't have sewerage ... but it stinks so much sometimes, you'd think it should. Yup ... you're downtown when the odor-de-skunk permeates the air.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

The potential increase to our tax rate in Moultonboro for the supplemental county budget is not 17%, it is approx 2.3%.

Not Chump Change said...

What's the status of the Life Safety Building? Last I heard the figure to fix the sinking floor and repair the parking lot was about 1 million. A million here a million there begins to add up.

Josh Bartlett said...

FYI: At this point in time, subject to the outcome of the CIPC public hearing to be held on 15 September 15 at 7 PM the CIPC recommendations are as follows:

The Public Safety Building Slab (Floor) has been monitored and the CIPC, after some serious discussion and site visits, have decided recommend holding off on doing anything at this time.

The parking lot remediation, with a total estimate of about $350,000 has been split and it is recommended that it should be done in two increments of $175,000 in each of the next two years.

At no time was the amount considered "about one million". Although the two projects taken together are estimated to be $650,000; still a lot of money needed to correct mistakes made in the past. The departments involved have been very careful to try to minimize the impact on the taxpayer's money.

Please attend the CIPC public hearing and review the CIPC report to learn more of the story. The CIPC Members have worked very hard to be good stewards of the taxpayer's costs. If you have any suggestions and would like to volunteer your time, we would like to have your participation.

Tom Foolery said...

Terence, not to worry about long term costs. The history of Mboro is that when bonds retire they (BoS) just roll that portion of the budget that once was the annual payment right back into the budget (remember the landfill cleanup retired bond payment and Joel's comment that it had had "already been given to highway dept.") So just get used to the bigger budget and the pill is easier to swallow... I guess that's the cost of giving your vote to any bond issue.
Only in Mboro would we even be considering an expensive project ("because we can") like a gratuitous gym that will add to the forever cost of town gov't when (a) the general population and student enrollment are dropping like stones in Lake Winni. (b) We are facing county issues that will add to the town budget. The $2.6 million supplemental budget will not be a one time fix. That, will be blended into the the regular annual cost of doing business every year thereafter. (c) We can expect continuing expanding SAU budgets while we throw more $$ at the problem of shrinking enrollments.
My question to the Blogger; is that 2.3% an increase in our overall tax rate (as stated)? Or is that a 2.3% increase in the county portion of our tax rate? If it is the former, a $200,000 home would stand the taxpayer an additional $4600.

Anonymous said...

Like Mr. Jatko & Chump Change I'm also concerned with building more infrasture. It's troubling to hear school enrollment is declining yet there's not enough indoor recreation space. How has Moultonborough managed all these years when school enrollment was much higher? It doesn't make sense.

I appreciate the CIPC and Selectmen are comitted to taking care of what the town already owns. The Life Safety Building and parking lot is in need of repair and should be a priority. Restoring States Landing Beach should be a priorty. The Neck Pathway is a work in progress. The Highway Dept. has miles of roads to keep in good repair and on it goes. For a small town we have much to maintain. Further burdening the town with another gymnasium that will require additional day to day and on going maintenance is unsettling.

Joseph Cormier said...

I'm no math wonder, but here's my take on the impending $2.6 million County increase. I've zeroed-in on the tax and tax rate ... not the budget.

Town Valuation: $2,701,177,647
Current Tax rate = 8.86 = 100%


Town 2.85 = 32.1%
School 2.26 = 25.5%
State Ed 2.53 = 28.6%
County 1.22 = 13.8%
Totals: 8.86 = 100%
Current NH DRA tax for MoBo


Add $2,600,000 because of county= $23,737,893+$2,600,000 = $26,737,893
New DRA tax $26,737,893
Then, new DRA tax rate is (extrapolated):
8.86/$23,737,893 = X/$26,737,893
X= 9.83
Subtract Town, School, and State Ed ($20,462,064) from $26,737,893 = $5,875,829 which should be new county tax of $5,875,839.

County is $5,875,839 and = to what % of $26,337,893: = to 22.32%
Town is $7,619,864 and = to what % of $26,337,893: = to 28.93%
School is $6,053,163 and = to what % of $26,337,893: = to 22.98%
State Ed is $6,789,037 and = to what % of $26,337,893: =to 25.78%
Total = 100%

If old tax rate of 2.85, 2.26, 2.53, and 1.22 is to 8.86, then, new tax rate should be around 3.16, 2.51, 2.81, and 1.35, respectively, to 9.83 ; i.e. new rate of 9.83 to the old 8.86 an 11% increase.

$26,337,893 - $23,737,893 = $2,600,000 = 11% increase

9.83-8.86 = .97x100=97 = 11% increase

MoBo tax rate is per $1000 assessed value
$200,000 house at old rate = 200 x 8.86 = $1,772 annual tax in two payments, normally.
$200,000 house at new rate = 200 x 9.83 = $1,966 annual tax in two payments Difference: $1,966-$1,771 = $194 = 11% increase.

Again, not budget, but tax and rate.

Tax rate Approximation extrapolated:
Old Tax and (rate) and % of tax
Town $7,619,864 (2.85) 32.1%
School $6,053,163 (2.26) 25.5%
State Ed $6,789,037 (2.53) 28.6%
County $3,275,829 (1.22) 13.8%
Total $23,737,893 (8.86) 100%

New Tax and (rate) and %
Town $7,619,864 (3.16) 28.93%
School $6,053,163 (2.51) 22.98%
State Ed $6,789,037 (2.81) 25.77%
County $5,875,829 (1.35) 22.32%
Total $26,337,893 (9.83) 100%

Don't know if these numbers will line-up in formatting.

Anonymous said...

Joe, it appears that you added the entire $2.6m deficit to the town budget instead of just the approximate $650k that is the town share.

State Rep Glenn Cordelli said...

If the $2.6 million is the final number for the County supplemental, I believe it would mean a 24.34% increase in County taxes:
2014 - 14,334,920
2015 already passed - $15,223,774 or 6.2% increase
adding $2.6 million - $17,823,774 or 24.34& increase

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Making this way too complicated. The county apportionment per NH DRA for Moultonboro is 22.895%. $2.6 million x 22.895% = $595,270 for Moultonboro's share. To raise the additional $595,275 will be about 21.5 cents more on our total tax rate, an increase of about 2.4%.

Joseph Cormier said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Joe, it appears that you added the entire $2.6m deficit to the town budget instead of just the approximate $650k that is the town share.

August 30, 2015 at 2:59 PM"

You're correct. I used the wrong number! Thanks.

MoBo: % proportion: 22.895%, $3,281,74 of the $14,334,974 that was on the NH DRA website



$2,600,000 x .22895 = $595,270 is what should have been added to MoBo

Namely, $3,281,974 + $595,270 = $3,877,244 should be MoBo.

Tax rate Approximation extrapolated:
Old Tax and (rate) and % of tax
Town $7,619,864 (2.85) 32.1%
School $6,053,163 (2.26) 25.5%
State Ed $6,789,037 (2.53) 28.6%
County $3,275,829 (1.22) 13.8%
Total $23,737,893 (8.86) 100%

New Tax and (rate) and %
Town $7,619,864 (2.92) 31.31%
School $6,053,163 (2.32) 24.87%
State Ed $6,789,037 (2.59) 27.90%
County $3,877,374 (1.25) 15.93%
Total $24,333,293 (9.08) 100%

9.08-8.86 = .22 = 2.5% increase in tax rate
$24,333,163- $23,737,893 = 595270 = 2.5% increase

$200,000,house 8.86 tax rate = 200x8.86 = $1,772
$200,000 house 9.08 tax rate = 200x 9.08 = $1,816
Difference in tax is + $44 = $2.5% increase

Thanks again August 30, 2015 at 2:59 PM

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1116 today, what is "unsettling"? I am very much in favor of a community center in the heart of the village. Declining enrollment should not be an excuse. Adults also will benefit. The whole community will benefit. The blogger does have it right. Some of you have just given up on doing anything positive.

The New Normal said...

There's ample places that provide outlets for adults to exercise or play sports. No need to saddle taxpayers with another gym.
Declining school enrollment is not an excuse it's the reality throughout the State. It's called the New Normal, and we had better start dealing with it.

Jack Burrell said...

"Both times it was made clear that we need to understand the true potential cost before we do anything further. No committee was appointed to study the need."

Is this garbled townspeak?
The NEED is not there but full throttle ahead to find the cost of something that has not even proven to be needed?
The cart is before the donkeys here.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are getting the nod because people are tired of the same old politician bungling.

Let's build a new Recreation Complex with 12 rooms and call it a gymnasium. Huh?

When, my good neighbors, will this madness stop? Tell me when, please.

Rick Heath said...

Wow, all that math. My high school math teacher, Mr Leone, would be smiling in the back of the room while we all try to work this out. Thank you Blogger for the easiest route to the bottom line. Adding 21.5 cents (per thousand dollars of assessed value) to a property that is assessed for $200k would make that property's tax bill increase by $43 per year. (.215 X 200). (and thank you Mr. Leone for your patience oh so many years ago)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:19. Are we getting a Community Center or a gym? The UNH team stated it would be highly unusual for a town the size of Moultonborough to build a gym. Has the Meredith Community Center worked out well or is it a burden to the taxpayers. No Moultonborough Recreation Department participation numbers are available since attendance is not taken. All we know is there is a scheduling problem. Maybe some of the programs with low participation should be dropped. The gym schedules have not ever been published on the town website to the best of my knowledge. I live in a highly summer populated area and do not know of any children or adults for that matter staying during the summer that enroll in any of the Rec programs. They come to enjoy the lake. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the use of an additional population of 20,000 to justify the gym was the recommendation of our prior TA who was a proponent of building anything and everything. The town is upgrading roads, rehabilitating recreation fields and States Landing that were ignored for years, purchased the Lions Club and the Taylor properties for potential recreational use and buying all new equipment for the Police and Fire Departments. The town expenditure per student is also one of the highest in the state. Aren't these all positives or just not the positive you want?

Miss Information said...

Anon at 7:19- your statement tht the UNH team said it would be highly unusual for a town the size of moultonborough to build a gym is inaccurate. Read the whole report so that it can be taken in context.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Heath, I think Joe was using Common Core Math. Nice work Joe! Seriously though, thank you Joe for digging and digging. We need more like you. Honest, direct, passionate.

Anonymous said...

Declining enrollment is an excuse as well as a reality. It doesn't mean that you ignore the younger population or we will never attract young families to Moultonborough. A community center is a focal point that will improve our town. Be positive in attitude about our town and lose the "woe is me" all the time.

Joseph Cormier said...

Since this topic was about the Bos work session I thought I'd thank the BoS for the streaming and record of the meeting, and comment on the meeting.

Then again, I've got 50 Mbps that I pay for. I live on Long Island and have to use what was/is available for internet (not broadband). I've used dial-up, DSL, and TW cable, which I presently use. I even thought of using Direct TV Satellite, years ago. I had installed it myself, and used it for TV, before satellite internet availability. I would have liked the town to take a look at fixed wireless, like places in southern NH and Vermont, especially when I was on the Town broadband workgroup. The former TA and his posse, made sure that didn't come up. The "fixed wireless", used presently around here, is like comparing a one-legged horse to a Maserati, in a race at the Loudon Speedway. Get real! Don't confuse fixed wireless with mobile wireless, either. Apples and oranges. God forbid the Tech money is used with UNH to develop hybrids of current technology, for the whole town, now and the future.


The town has 22-25 Mbps Wi-Fi available at town hall, the library has around 30 Mbps Wi-Fi that anyone can use, on their own devices. Is that considered "available"? Wonder if the town will pay for a newer lounge chair for me, to surf the web. What's another entitlement. Don't worry about future demands for broadband in other parts of MoBo that will be developed in the future. I'm sure some warrant article will be written to expand those entitlements. MoBo is real good at writing warrants...

One of the recommendations that had been agreed to, was to bring all of the ISP vendors in for presentations, especially to the BoS. I had even spoken to a DSL ISP and, in confidence, they told me they had contacted MoBo with a dollar figure for "all of MoBo", but MoBo never returned the call. In fairness, the BoS members are now different ... in more ways than one.

If you don't understand where BROABAND is today, never mind next week, you should probably leave the tech fund alone. Reconsider putting into the General Fund, or help pay for the Community Center (stop with the Wreck center). Maybe you'll get it approved, and make THE TOWN, not recreation, the focus.

As far as the 2% franchise fee ... how many other contract are 0 v. 5%,or is MoBo so omniscient? There's another reason for this, other than it is a tax. I, willingly, pay the fee and would vote to bring it to 5%. Instead of the $30,000 or so Town the town now gets, it would get around $75,000 per year. The franchise fee on my bill is $ .82; that's 82 cents ... not to be confused with "sense" that this town seems to consider a premium. The $75,000 could be used to hire another BoS assistant to research and get some facts, besides relying on some other MOBO-ites.

There is a world outside of MoBo! You should also stop relying on so-called MoBo experts, that might have self-serving interest, in the guise "of the public good"

A Cable Contract renewal, but more is discussed about "unserved/underserved" internet ... that most, obviously, didn't have a clue about, especially, "broadband". Be more than willing to discuss ... but up front in front of the camera, not some backdoor memo. Maybe a definition of "entitlement" is what is needed on a town warrant.

My wife has a smart phone, but I don't. I'm waiting for the BoS to expand entitlements for MoBo, and get a free phone ... like the Obama phones. I'll bet I get "availability" on the phone and can get on "the net". I've just got to figure out how to get the town to pay for it. Maybe I can disguise as a "kid".

Gee ... is there a petition, yet, to have the "kid's" phone bills(while browsing the internet) paid for by the town?

Anonymous said...

Joe, priceless......you hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately the entitlement mentality is alive and well in Moultonboro. Too bad because it all too often drives the agenda. The kids have ipads, gratis taxpayers, so iphones is not all that far fetched......oppps!....shouldn't give the "me" crowd any more ideas!

Grumpy said...

The same folks that want the "Wreck" (thanks Joe, I like that moniker) ctr.., side walks, walking paths and Lake Winni to occupy a place next to the downtown main street are the same ones, when anyone dares raise their concern for sanity in spending, accuse us of not being "positive about anything". I would say standing, en masse, behind the two PB members who were about to be railroaded out of office was doing something positive. And the resulting resignation from the errant TA was getting something positive done. How about giving those of us who can't attend town/school annual meetings a right to vote absentee? Wouldn't having SB2 be a positive thing?
I'm still trying to figure out what we are going to do with all the town/school infrastructure when we are down to 300 students and 3000 residents. Nothing positive or negative about that, just pragmatic.

Count your blessing said...

Anonymous 9:46 what will attract young families is jobs not a community center. As for ignoring the young people the facts are young people age 19 and under make up 16% of Moultonboro's population. As a community we spend a heck of lot of money on that 16%.

As for my attitude, that will improve when you quite whining about that dang whatever it is your so anxious to build on the Taylor property!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:30pm- you throw out numbere an opinions as if they are fact. Check the 2010 census- 20.4% 19 and under, 49% under 50 and just 22.5% is over 65. Quit your whining.

Count your blessings said...

Anon @ 6:40 you might want to check your numbers that may have been true in 2010 however this is 2015 and the numbers have changed. The 16% came from Report for the Moultonborough School District. It was prepared by Dr. Mark Joyce and Keith Burke, Demographic Analysis/Enrollment Projections. The report can be found on the school website. Dr. Joyce spoke at the June 9, 2015 School Board meeting. The video is on the town website, facinating information.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:40 I hope you aren't the poster that tells everyone to be positive for your post certainly isn't positive - "Quit your whining".