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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Carroll County NH Delegation 8:17:15

This video is courtesy of GovernmentOversite.com and  Rep. Ed Comeau. It may be getting to be old news, but unfortunately it is not yet ended. In addition to a planned public hearing (which I plan to attend and hope that as many of our Moultonboro taxpayers as possible can attend and speak about your concerns) there is still the NH DRA final report and the hints that the problem may be greater than the $2.6 million.
The Moultonboro subsidy is alive an well throughout NH. I have tried with the LRPC with the strong approval of the BoS to argue against our disproportionate share of member fees which is primarily based upon property value. We have had  no success with the other 29 member communities, who frankly do not want to give up our subsidy. Laconia is at the forefront. We have had limited success with the Lakes Region Mutual Aid, but we still pay a disproportionate share.
NH House Rep. Karel Crawford will be presenting an update on the County issues at this Thursday's BoS meeting and that may be a good time for citizens to come and ask her directly what she and fellow NH Rep. Glenn Cordelli can do at the state level to stop or reduce the Moultonboro subsidy.



Joseph Cormier said...

Here's what missing ... New Hampshire!

Recall election of state officials!

There are provisions for recalls elections of state officers in 19 states. The process begins with a petition drive and end with an election.[2]

States that allow recall elections of state officials:

New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island

Recall trial of state officials.

Anonymous said...

How much do the commissioners get paid? I say dock them or they should voluntarily give the money back. I predict more fireworks when the delegation hand picked choice makes some noise and goes against Babson and Sorrensen. Instead of an experienced commissioner like Albee they went with the party choice. Business as usual it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

Looking at a budget recap, looks like at least a total of $31000 for total group.....not sure if it is three or more. Could be that they get up to $10,000 each. Not sure about any benefits. More data needed........

Joseph Cormier said...

"... More data needed."

2nd Quarter of 2015 Expenditures
General fund; 4100 acct.#; 009


Think "burdened" v. "unburdened" for compensation.





Hold onto your wallet.

Tom Foolery said...

A few comments and observations after watching all 3hrs and 15 mins of this painful study of incompetence political dodgem. These are all likely nice folks, but that aside there is enough incompetence for all three sides to share (Commissioners,Delegation and DRA). The chair of the delegation seems like she has more of an priority in conferring with the two reps either side of her (does she know that whispering still goes over the mic?) than she does having prepared for the meeting. When Denny Miller quit he was mid-way in pointing out the illegality of the procedure that the delegation proposed with the supplemental budget. And why were they (delegation) not looking for the audits back when it would have been prudent to do that? These people make the laws we all have to live by, they just don't keep up with what they have wrought. AND the people from the DRA??? Why were they even there? "I am not able to answer that..." "I am sorry I can't answer that..." "we would have no opinion on that" What about R.e.v.e.n.u.e Administration does not include the false representation of budgets, bonds and failed fiduciary responsibilities? So now we have someone who was part of the delegation when all this was going on now as a commissioner. (I would have opted for the young lady from the newspaper... who would want to be on the other side of the news that she has reported?)
The one bright light in this mess is the fact that like a fox hole conversion (WWII speak) the commissioners hired what seems to be both a capable and determined county administrator. I hope he continues in his new position. If he is part of the solution he will have earned tenure in a forever job.
And then like the Ghost of Christmas Past the camera landed on the same door that Rep. Chandler ducked out to avoid a vote he wanted nothing to do with, and there was Asha Kenney. The individual who created more havoc at the county level than the proverbial skunk at a garden party.
It was long and at times tedious to watch but it had its moments of memorable entertainment. Being one of the 25% investors in this comedy of errors I can at least say my expanded tax bill will be easier to swallow. If they only served dinner and a glass of the grape I might even consider leaving a tip. ... Not