"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Comments and a few rants

I have written on this topic numerous times. I apologize for the spam checker that Google uses for the blog, but if I turn it off, the spam comments will number in the thousands per week. Some are very dangerous and may contain viruses. It is unfortunately the cyber world we live in. Off topic, but it is distressing to me that we spend an inordinate amount of time as a society on ideology ( "I'm always right and you are always wrong!")  and not enough time on actually fixing real problems. For example, cyber security costs us billions of dollars and not many seem to care or notice. It is an enormous drain on our economy and our national security. Just part of the cost of doing business? Shouldn't be. What do the dozens of candidates running for the Presidency have to say about that? Who knows, because no one asks them. Lets just focus on building a modern version of the Great Wall of China and that will solve all our problems.

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Anonymous said...

Amen blogger. The world has lost it's collective common sense.

Rick Heath said...

I agree with the blogger for the most part. However, is it not dangerous asking the govt' to get involved with "the Net" considering their mouths are already drooling for an excuse to take over, tax, spy on and otherwise regulate the whole cyber world. Do we really want another gov't bloated bureaucracy at the cost of hundreds of billion $$? All the while usurping the public of more $$ in the name of internet protective tax. All this while it would seem the gov't has their own cyber security issues AND can't set up a website for O-Care that works after hundreds of millions $$.
On another subject, (while we are ranting) there are two very interesting articles in the Conway Sun today (wed 26th) regarding the 9000 sq ft of class room space that sits EMPTY for 4 years while the monopolistic regime that is the school board refuses to consider renting that space to the Robert Frost Charter school for fear of the competition. "It's just not the right time" they say.

Horace Mann said...

Someone wants a 3rd publicly funded school in Moultonborough when enrollment is going down?
No, the real solution is to move the elementary school out back and to sell the elementary school to bring businesses to Moultonborough and create much needed private sector jobs.
Tuition the high school students to Meredith or Wolfeboro.
All is a win win for the town of Moultonborough. And save tax money to boot.

Anonymous said...

Billions spent on cyber security, but trillions spend on home land security. Don't overlook the elephant while trying to get rid of the mice. Security issues provides jobs and keeps money flowing in the economy, but like empty calorie food, doesn't provide much in the way of nutrients to our way of life.