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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fryeburg Recreation Department, Inc proposing New Recreation Center

This story was in the Conway Daily Sun last week about the new recreation center in Fryeburg, Maine. The proposed building is 16,800 square feet on two levels. The first floor would have restrooms, office space, a basketball court, gym,  conference room, a teen center and a kitchen. A senior center would occupy  the second floor. The estimated price tag is $1.6 million.

The Fryeburg Recreation Department, Inc is a little different than most towns, in that it is a nonprofit 501(c)(3 founded in 1988 and includes the towns of Brownfield, Denmark, Lovell, Stoneham, Stow and Sweden. Money for the project will be raised by a capital campaign. I am only highlighting this project to show that a modest facility ( with possibility for future expansion) can be built at a reasonable cost. I have no idea whether this cost includes new equipment, sewer, water etc. , but in terms of cost per square foot it is under $100. 
According to the Fryeburg Recreation Department website :"With a new permanent home, FRD will have the ability to significantly expand its services by offering after school enrichment programs, full-day summer camps, sports clinics, and computer classes. The expansion of senior programs would be a welcome addition to this age group. Healthy lifestyle cooking programs would be added, exercise programs for all ages; and young parents would have a safe place to engage in toddler play groups. The Community Center will become the nucleus of the town’s events."


Anonymous said...

Let's not be too hasty, some predict with declining school enrollment and within 5 years thoughts will turn to combining the high school with Interlakes.

Anonymous said...

Never happen.

Joseph Cormier said...

FRC campaign:

"... a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization with a mission to provide opportunities for the residents of Fryeburg and the six surrounding towns of Brownfield, Denmark, Lovell, Stoneham, Stow and Sweden ..."

Interesting concept ...

"... A dedicated
committee of community volunteers works tirelessly each year to raise funds through various events to support FRD programs and services."

Just like MoBo ... right! Sure!

Just like keeping annual town meetings, instead of SB2; a few townies deciding, instead of the larger community. Taxes, not non-profits.

Fryeburg Recreation Capital Campaign Journey




Anonymous said...

All the listed activities in the article can be accommodated in existing spaces at the town hall, library, safety building and school spaces in Moultonborough. Nothing new is needed.

Town Hall Junkie said...

Looks like this was a " Chamber of Commerce " presentation. A basketball court would take up more space then the entire first floor, unless it is a half court ....with all the lakefront $$ the adult " kids " will insist on a full court. Also, the cost per sq ft MUST be over $ 300 PSF for this scope of building. $ 100 PSF buys an empty steel shell.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful for Fryeburg, but Moultonborough doesn't need a new rec. center. Let's just drop it!

Had Enough said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, we do need a new rec ceneter. The old police station is not very nice. Having rooms all over the place does not a rec center make. A centrally located community center is needed and wanted. to many lies and misinformation continue to be spread. As for Sb2- been there and we said no. Let's drop it.

Anonymous said...

Rec center-been there. The consensus of those that participated in the UNH Study was no. Let's drop it.

Anonymous said...

In response to anon 8:17: Thanks for your honest but shortsighted "we said no" comment. The taxpayers will revolt if this boondoggle gets subsidized. Not the few taxpayers represented at the mid-winter town meeting but the ones taxed the most without representation. Moultonborough is a microcosm for our country where what's next is predictable when more want to take from the public trough than put in. Declining jobs, schools, futures for kids but grease the local insiders until the well dries up. Here's a few suggestions to the folks who brought us gravel-covered bike paths and sidewalk proposals for a handful of twinkee buying student/pedestrians who stop at Murphy's, passing on the free jitney to the community center: pave our roads and pass SB2, before we reach a tipping point. PS. Maybe we can slap a Dollar Store sign on that ugly metal building to defray costs?

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer revolt? Doubtful. So much negativity on this blog. 3 or 4 hundred thousand per year in note payments is about 10-15 cents on the tax rate. Sad comments anon at 3:59 am.Future is bleak in your words. I prefer optimism and positivity.

Anonymous said...

Just taxation without representation, that's all. Adding unnecessary additional buildings despite shrinking school demographics has little to due with optimism and more to due with public servant statements like 'it's my turn to get a building'. Thanks for your concern but it's not the non-voting taxpayers whose future is bleak, rather, I fear, those who are transparently taking advantage of them.