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Friday, August 7, 2015

Holderness Town Administrator Named to be New Moultonboro Town Administrator

Moultonborough Town Administrator Selected Moultonborough, NH, August 7, 2015:
" The Board of Selectmen are pleased to announce that Walter P. Johnson of Holderness, has been named the new Town Administrator. He will start his new duties with the Town Tuesday, September 8. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Granite State College and possesses 17 years’ experience as Town Administrator in Lisbon and currently in Holderness, NH. Johnson additionally was a Selectman for 7 years. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Town. The Board anticipates having a Meet and Greet session prior to the September 10th Board of Selectmen meeting so the public will have an opportunity to meet and welcome the new Town Administrator. Moultonborough contracted with Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) for Interim Town Administrator assistance along with recruitment for the position. Carol Granfield has been serving in an interim capacity since April and working with MRI conducting a nationwide search. A thorough process was utilized thatin addition to Selectmen input, included a public survey and forum seeking feedback on requirements for the Ideal Candidate. A total of 38 resumes were received from 13 states. Semi-finalists provided responses to essay questions, telephone interviews and subsequent Citizen and Employee interview panels. Three finalists proceeded to interviews with the Board of Selectmen, that resulted in a unanimous vote to hire Walter Johnson at an annual salary of $95,000. A thorough background investigation was conducted by MRI on Johnson which resulted in an outstanding report in all phases of the investigation."


Joseph Cormier said...

The BoS might need to provide MOBo transportation allowance for our new TA. If we had SB2, we could help the TA, by voting support. The TA is a Town employee, not an elected official, and will need support (for sanity purposes).

Here's a possible mode of transport:


Anonymous said...

We can now finally move forward as a community. Carter was very capable, but we need a TA that follows the will of the people. Good job selectmen.

Optomist said...

While I welcome a new TA, hopefully one who will be honest and transparent, I don't see how we will know until time passes. Everyone has a "probationary" period and I hope the Town residents are included in the evaluation of the new TA's performance, as the BoS in past years was oblivious to Carter's failures.

Anonymous said...

While I welcome a new TA, hopefully one who will be honest and transparent, I don't see how we will know until time passes. Everyone has a "probationary" period and I hope the Town residents are included in the evaluation of the new TA's performance, as the BoS in past years was oblivious to Carter's failures.

One of the Slient Majority said...

"We need a TA that follows the will of the people." The question is "what people?" The minority that attend town meeting and by their votes control the agenda and spending in the town or the silent majority whose voices aren't heard because they're unable to attend town meeting? SB2 maybe more suited for the times we live in. At least my vote and voice will be counted and heard with an Absentee Ballot.

Eric Taussig said...

I do hope that the new TA will at least be neutral on SB2, which I understand may be on the ballot in 2016. Carter was not neutral and acted on behalf of the BoS as their proxy, a role that is not in the TA's job description, nor proper. Carter also acted as the proxy to manage the attempted the impeachment and removal of the Planning Board members at the behest of the BoS.

I certainly hope that the new TA reads and understands his job description and the role he is to have as an "administrator", not a "town manager", policy maker, nor a proxy for political decisions made by the BoS. There is a big difference between carrying out the legislative mandates approved by the voters at the Town Meeting, and administering the Town's various departments and acting as Town Manager, which has never been approved by Moultonborough voters.

Anonymous said...

Where's the petition for SB2, I want sign it. The TA should not be the person who has a say in SB2.

Sure we've voted before on this and not been told the truth. There are new board of selectmen and rumor has it there will be another one next year. The town moderator has said this is his last year and there will be a new town moderator soon.

A lot of the old town regime that wanted to keep its power is gone. Those of us snowbirds need to get absentee ballots and vote this in and have a say in the town.

Anonymous said...

Anon a 739: a valid argument could be made that the town belongs more to those of us that live here full time, that wokr here and send kids to school here and yes vote here on town meeting day. Perhaps you should consider that as a part time resident, you have given up the right to vote by not being here in March. Whose fault is that?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:36. valid argument in your mind only. every citizen in the country has a right to vote somewhere. those that are only here summers most likely have claimed another states as there residency. people in the service and those working out of state or country get to vote by absentee ballot. times have changed over the last two hundred plus years since the annual town meeting was implemented. the meeting is currently just a means of the few to control the spending of other peoples money. please note that the town workers get the day off but those in the private sector have to lose a day's pay to attend if they can even get the day off.

Joseph Cormier said...

"... a valid argument could be made that the town belongs more to those of us ..."

Case-on-point for need for change. 200-300 people don't pay all of the taxes, only enjoy them! Approximately 7,000 properties, 3,700-4,000 residents/registered ... and 200-300 deciders!

Send me a note at jcormier2@myfairpoint.net and I'll send you a copy of the petition. Send it, signed, to the address on the petition. The petitions will not be used for any other reason.

"Petition to Vote All Warrant Articles by Secret Ballot Using the Voting Machine, instead of Public Hand/Card Motioning

Can’t make it to marathon annual Town meetings? Want to be able to exercise your right to vote? Want to vote on all warrant articles, including spending and budgeting proposals? Don’t want pressure that you have to vote “right now?” Want to vote by absentee ballot, if you can’t be at the Town Meeting? Want to think for a couple more weeks, about some information you just heard, before being required to vote, right now? Want to dispel the fallacy that you have to go to a meeting to be informed to vote? Do you snow birds want to be able to vote, by absentee ballot, on all warrant articles? Want a say on how your town is to be governed?

Snow birds: Please register to vote, and avail yourself of your right to an absentee ballot from the Town clerk.
All concerned, please sign this petition and let’s start the process letting voters decide … not the select few."


Register to vote before leaving town.
Town clerk

Absentee ballot request

Joe Cormier/jcormier2@myfairpoint.net said...

URL for absentee voting:




Changing Times said...

The attitude of Anon 7:39 says it all. Give us your money and let the full-timers decide how it's spent. What's disturbing about this picture is that many of the full-timers refuse to dial back the spending. Those that work here and have kids in the school system won't acknowlegde the "new normal" which addresses Moultonborough's and NH's declining school enrollment. Moultonborough's overall demographics are changing and in decline.

The Superintendent has addressed the issue many times unfortunately it's not resonating with parents, full-timers and town employees. The idea of regionaling our High School with Meredith is a non starter with parents, grandparents and teachers. The Recreation Director continues to believe a new gym is needed. Perhaps what's most needed at this time is cooperation with the schools along with creative out of the box planning and scheduling.

Many in town are not willing to acknowledge things are not what they were even 5 years ago. The town is going through a transition. I'm hopeful the new Town Administrator will quickly get his arms around the issues and help guide the Selectmen and town through the transition.

Anonymous said...

we all pay taxes here Joe and I'm sick and tired of people like you calling us freeloaders. In my income bracket, any increase in taxes hurts, but I will pay more for things that are good for our town. My kids for example deserve a goo d education and my tax dollars support that. If the wealthy retirees can afford to go to Florida they can afford to come to town meeting, get better informed on the issues and then vote. If not, then just enjoy the sunshine. To changing times, you keep singing the same old song. If you do your homework you will find that Sb2 doesn't reduce spending. Comical that people hated the old TA for leading the selectmen now you want the new TA to do the same. Say what!!LOL

Anonymous said...

If the 3,000 plus Moultonborough voters that don't attend Town Meeting expect to have a vote and voice it's will be by changing from the Town Meeting form of government to SB2. SB2 has worked sucessfully for many New Hampshire towns. Wolfeboro's had SB2 for years. It works for other towns and it will work for Moultonborough too!

Support SB2 said...

SB2 sends shivers through the Status Quo. Many on the Select Board are quick to say the ultimate decisions are made by the Legislative Body at Town Meeting. What they neglect to say is the Legislative Body is the 300-400 voters (menbers of the Status Quo) that attend Town Meeting and enjoy the power of the purse. It's time for ALL voters to have a say in how their tax dollars are spent not the few that attend Town Meeting. SB2 allows ALL registered Moultonborough voters to have a vote either at the polls or by absentee ballot.

Anonymous said...

Changing times ..... it is too bad that the educational performance of our school system doesn't match the per student spending for if it did your children would have one of the best educations in the state. you obviously don't live on the waterfront based upon your posting. you pay only a fraction of the amount the average state resident pays in property taxes. no one says sb2 will cut spending although it is a possibility. it could also increase spending but with it anyone who wants to vote will be able to. in decades past, there was a poll tax, ultimately ruled unconstitutional, whose sole purpose was to prevent people from voting. how much do you think a round trip from florida for two costs? maybe you need to go back to school and study civics.

Beware the Tea Party said...

Of course it is about taxes. You Tea Party/ Free Staters just want to cut, cut, cut and think that SB2 will make that happen. I would rather 300 people at town meeting than 20 or 30 at the deliberative session making all the rules. My kids do get an excellent education by the way. Shameful how you always bash our excellent schools.

Beware of the Progressives said...

Who's bashing excellent schools? The new Super is doing a super job. It's the attitude of the parents who think they are entitled to other peoples money who need a thump on the head!

Anonymous said...

Dear Beware, if you are interested in NH school rankings:


MA is ranked 12th in performance while the school district is ranked 39th (of 157) but it is much higher in spending per student than 12th or 39th. The student-teacher ratio is under 10.

I am not as interested in cutting as I am interested in stopping the increased momentum to spend, spend, spend. Please note that Meredith, Laconia, and Gilford also have considerable waterfront that sells for far less than here. The taxes are much higher in those communities.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12:05 your comment is confusing. You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. What''s your point?

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Closing comments on this post. Way off course.