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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, August 31, 2015

Just have to have my say...

Maybe it's just being overloaded with Presidential candidates all vying to be heard and move up in the polls, but there are some strange comments out there. Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border that is about 1,900 miles. Scott Walker wants to build a wall on the Canadian border more than 5,000 miles and Chris Christie wants to bar code immigrants with visas so we can track them like FedEx packages.
The political silly season is upon us.
Anyone have any idea how much it will cost to build and maintain these thousands of miles of walls? Or how much to monitor the human FedEx? Funny how the folks that rally against any new government programs, don't seem to notice that the new " Federal Wall Department" will be one of the largest we have ever created. Not to mention costliest. And a giant boondoggle.
One candidate, Jeb Bush, gets it: What Donald Trump is proposing is a wall that can’t be built. And if it was to be built it would be hundreds of billions of dollars. He wants everybody to be deported which will tear family life asunder, would cost an arm and a leg, hundred of billions of dollars again and it will probably be unconstitutional.It’s not realistic and its not conservative,” 


Janet Cramer said...

I don't think people consider maintenance or the thousands of acres of windmills (many of which are currently rusted and non-mobile) would not have sprung up so quickly over so many of our formerly beautiful western states. But I think you are correct to bring it up. Maintenance costs are never ending.

Anonymous said...

When you compare the cost of a wall with the cost of financially supporting all these illegals and their extended families here in the US for 10's of years plus taking jobs from legals, I say it is a cheap solution. Build the wall.............

Anonymous said...

walls are idiotic. it is not a one or the other option. the illegals are still here. walls will only keep them in. talk about a bridge to nowhere.

Joseph Cormier said...

Scientific approach to walls ... listen-up Rick!


We need another approach to the wreck center. Vertical or horizontal ... wall building ... or is it a building ... or is it building, like trust? A Community Center might be vertical, while a wreck center might be horizontal. A MoBo version might be inside/out!

Someone might be prone ... or just prone to do/say stupid things, or maybe just stupid!

Who said that? You'll get plenty of air time ... nothing like passing wind, eh!

The MoBo PC police might be on the look-out. Don't want to trump any BoS initiatives. They've got plenty of help in MoBo!

Where's Ivana and Ivanka when you need them!

Anonymous said...

Preventing just 8,500 immigrant invaders would pay for the fence with Mexico. Your grasp of this issue is wanting. Fences work, just ask Israel. This comes from Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector who estimates that preventing _each_ illegal alien--Am I allowed to say that?--would save tax payers $700,000.

Source: http://www.vdare.com/posts/antidote-to-jeb-bushs-lying-refusal-to-build-fence-ask-israel-or-read-daniel-horowitz

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Anon 1:43- Nonsense. I found some of the links in the article you referenced to be frankly a bit racist. The reference to Jeb Bush's wife for example. The logic is also flawed. While the wall at the San Diego corridor was effective in that spot, illegals still get in don't they? They just find another way. AS I said, a political boondoggle. And seriously, do you really think that Scott Walker who said on a whim that we should build a wall along the Canadian border is Presidential material?

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:43. Since you look at the Heritage Foundation site, you will be totally shocked to find out that in 1989 the Foundation promoted Universal Healthcare and mandatory health insurance for all. They were not as magnanimous as it would appear concerning the insurance as they believed people using the emergency rooms were stiffingthe hospitals and taxpayers.


So, it isn't Obamacare or even Romneycare, it is Heritage care that is now the law of the land.

Anonymous said...

Walls matter. They're called borders. They may be of concrete and mortar, fence and razor wire, electronic surveillance or drone patrol backed up by troops; but the one ingredient that is presently missing is attitude. The present administration is not only ignoring the fact that borders are there to protect the nation and its citizens (his constitutional obligation) but he is sending signals to those who would chance coming across, that we will provide.
Just so you know the US Gov't has given up some 4000 acres along 80 miles of the AZ/Mex. border. It includes a large portion of the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge. Rt. 286 runs along that area north towards Tucson. As the crow flies it is about 50-60 miles SW of Tucson. It is worse than "no man's land" it is their land. We, this sovereign nation has given up on a rather large section of AZ. It is theirs. Our border patrol and ICE Agents have been told to retreat. Signs advise travelers not to proceed. So don't tell Arizonans we don't need walls (mechanical, physical or electronic).
The reason the Left is making such a big issue over anyone who says "close the borders" accusing them of racism, is to reinforce their message to the ILLEGALS who they need to vote for when they get here. Better than the old Chicago trick of people voting long after that were dead, buried and returning to ashes, these are live people. Some with anchor babies and some with relatives already here, they are coming by the tens of thousands. And every time there is some threat of the border closing brings a new flood of voters to get here before the closing.
Some of these folks I know and have dealt with and they are good hard working and talented people. There are some who would do harm to anyone getting in their way. There are still others who come across from Mex. but are of nationalities other than Mexican. They would and will do us harm. Drugs, weapons and criminal are among those who traverse our borders. Just as ANY large group of people would have some percentage of good, bad and ugly so do the folks crossing out borders illegaly.
What is needed is a policy of quietly putting in place the non-hard border efforts so there is little announcement. Then with a change in attitude firmly in place (not coming from this administration) the brave folks from Border Patrol and ICE backed by US troops (until the hardware is in place) take back our borders. Those who are here already with the requisite minor child and what other claims they may have would start a long, standard process of getting work a force visa, followed by years of good moral behavior and eventually citizenship. No person going through the process legally should, in the normal process, take more time to become a citizen than anyone coming here illegally.

Why should anyone be shocked? said...

Anonymous, 5:49, 1989 was 26 years ago but I digress. John Aravosis as one of the “top ten liberal bloggers” His Americablog is endorsed by Rolling Stone. The AMERICAblog family of sites now includes AMERICAblog Gay and AMERICAblog Elections.

It's understandable that John Aravosis would be quick to find fault with a Conservative organization like the Heritage Foundation. To each is own.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:34 PM.

You neglected to tell us to whom the US Government (did you really mean Barry) has given 4,000 acres. Do you realize our town is 47,744 acres in size? A square mile consists of 640 acres and the town is 74.6 square miles. So if your statement is true, a "rather large section of Arizona" is 8% the size of Moultonborough.

It would have been nice had you posted a link to a picture of the signs and maybe another of the orders for our ICE agents and the Border Patrol to retreat from this area.

You also mentioned a new flood of voters courtesy of the Left. Is there anything to substantiate your charge pertaining to perhaps the 2008 and 2012 elections? Numbers and a source are always better than an unsubstantiated statement. Personally, I am more concerned about the 2014 elections for I fear the red wave that took over Congress was elected illegally.

Anonymous said...

@Why. Shocked because the Heritage Foundation has flip-flopped concerning mandatory healthcare insurance over the past 26 years. It was for it before it was against it.


Are you a supporter of the ACA?

Anonymous said...

Call it a flip flop or just coming to their senses. The fact is the Heritage Foundation does not support healthcare mandates. America is a country that was founded on freedom. Mandating every American to purchase healhcare violates that freedom.

There's nothing wrong with putting ideas on the table for debate and discussion. It is after all the American way, or it use to be the anyway.


Fair & Balanced? said...

Strange comments you say but you neglected to mention any thing "strange" going on with Bernie or Hillary?

Anonymous said...

Fair and balanced- what, think is supposed to be Faux News? It doesn't get any stranger than thousands of miles of walls and deporting millions breaking up families. That is what is strange.

Joseph Cormier said...

To: America ... ooopppsss ... the United States of America (oxymoron).

North Americans might be apropos, but don't want to offend the Canadians, who are North American as well.


Don't make too any lawyers, too rich! Just Saying!

Fair and Balanced said...

I get my news from many sources. Even Mika (big Hillary fan) on Morning Joe is distancing herself from Hillary. At some point Hillary needs to come clean about her private server and missing emails.

Anonymous said...

They all need to come clean

Anonymous said...

Yes, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, no double standards. The law applies to all. If you screw up be prepared to face the music. Elected officials who have access to top secret information and violate the law deserve to suffer the consequences. NO elected official is above the law.