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Monday, August 3, 2015

New Hampshire Public Finance Consortium

New Hampshire Public Finance Consortium :"The New Hampshire Public Finance Consortium (NHPFC) is a volunteer committee of the New Hampshire Government Finance Officers Association (NHGFOA) whose mission is to promote sustainable fiscal strength and security for its member governments as fundamental to community health, service delivery and infrastructure. Since its inception, the focus of the NHPFC has been on the development of a data model to provide public and municipal access to relevant, consistent and timely financial data about our local governments"
There is a lot of data on this site and you can sort it and graph it in a very user friendly way.
My disclaimer is that not every town constructs the budget the same way so some comparisons will be skewed up or down. Some towns for example, include some facility maintenance and grounds in the Parks and Recreation budget and some include it as part of DPW. So in some cases, it may not be an apples to apples comparison. The only way to truly sort it out is to look at each towns budget line items. 
It is hard to get a handle on some comparisons though. Per capita spending is useful perhaps in a city environment or where the population is stable year round. In the towns I used in the graphs below, it is not a valid comparison as they all have increases in the summer and drops in the winter. If we could adjust the numbers some how to account for these fluctuations. we would have a better handle on how we compare to other municipalities around the state. 
All data though is as provided to NH DRA by each municipality.


Anonymous said...

doesnt seem we are out of line with similar towns. better in most cases.

Grumpy said...

Really.. ?? "doesn't seem out of line with similar towns." ?? $14,000,000 to educate 500 kids is among the highest per student costs in the NATION. $28,000 per student per year is private school rates. That's nearly double the state average and nearly triple the national average. And by their own admission we will drop another 15-20% of our students in the next few years with no change in spending. You must be drinking the Kool-AId.
That rest of the over spending in Moultonborough are topics for another time.

Apples & Oranges said...

Moultonboro's recreation numbers lower than Meredith and Wolfeboro because unlike them we aren't supporting a community center, ski hill and snow making operation and large indoor skating rink. Let's keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

Apples..why keep it that way? Wolfeboro is a wonderful community. So is Meredith. They have citizens that can see the benefit of doing things for the greater good rather than just complaining about everything and doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:34. Meredith and Wolfeboro have most of their populations near the downtown area. Moultonborough does not. Once again, the village is not on the water and never will be. Why don't you move to either town if Moultonborough as it is doesn't suit you?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:48am- typical attitude. WHo sez we need to be on the water to have a vibrant town center? I bet you didnt grow up here and are a recent transplant. How dare you tell people who pay taxes here that should move if they don't agree with your opinions. Many people who have lived here a very long time support a revitalized town center. It is where our town hall is, the library is, banks, post office and the schools. The " just say no" crowd is not gonna win this one. Get over it or better yet, why don't you move?

Anonymous said...

Grumpy- I don't see school spending in any of the graphs.

Joseph Cormier said...

The issue I'd raise with this topic is it deals with a macro view of budgets, rather than town specifics. For example:

"Total Equalized Assessed Valuation Per Capita: Calculates the municipality's total equalized assessed valuation from the DRA Equalization Survey, divided by the municipality's population from the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) population file."

I got an email from a neighbor with some data in excel format regarding Equalized Assess valuations. His numbers show MoBo raises about the same in taxes as Meredith, even though Meredith has about 50% more population. Presumption is the money is spent; i.e., @ $7.5 million for MoBo and just less than $8 million for Meredith.

However, MoBo's Equalized Valuation is much greater than Meredith. No big surprise with MoBo's lakefront properties.

I won't bring up property market value ... don't want businesses to take notice of MoBo at the Center Harbor line. Glad to see an agenda item for tomorrow night's BoS meeting is the Dissolving of the Village Vision Committee.

I took these from Census bureau site:

Census Bureau estimates
2010 2011 2012 2013
Cent. Hrbr . 889 960 1,034 994
Alton 5,173 5,214 5,240 5,259
MoBo 4,189 4,131 4,078 4,049
Meredith 6,261 6,256 6,260 6,276
Tuftonboro 2,488 2,594 2,513 2,382
Wolfeboro 6,334 6,302 6,286 6,252

So, Meredith has many more folks, but MoBo is more property rich, and both raise about the same taxes. HHMMMM.....

We haven't even touched on BUDGETS! Who does the budgets! We can give the new TA a warm welcome!

SB2 would make folks be more concerned about spending, and budgets. They don't have to be too concerned ... just enough to be able to vote, if they can't make the annual marathon. Yes, Alice, MoBo's got plenty of money, so go spend it!


2014 Equalization manual

Anonymous said...

Interlakes has a school budget neary twice ours, Governor Wentworth twice that at about 42 million dollars. are you nuts in wanting to join them? we will simply be subsidizng other towns. Stupid idea.

Look at all the options said...

In light of decling school enrollment, It's a stupid idea to ignore the looming situation and put our heads in the sand.

From a 2010 Moultonboro Speaks blog. Figures are for 2008-2009
"According to Boardingschoolreview.com , the national average for private schools ( tuition only) is $22,870. If you take the total Moultonboro School District budget and divide it by the total number of students enrolled, the gross cost per student is $22,089 a mere $781 less than the national average for a private education."

Regionalizing our high school with Interlake's is worth exploring.


Anonymous said...

What you are suggesting is stupid and disasterous. Worried about a new rec center? Chump change compared to the jump in tax rate to join another district. Get your head out of your ass!

Anonymous said...

Hey, potty mouth, how about some facts to back up your rhetoric.