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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Carroll County Hires New Finance Director

Chuck Stuart of Meredith began the role on Monday September 21st. He was a school business administrator in Mass. and NH for 34 years and earned an MBA from Framingham State College. 
The full story can be found here in the Carroll County Independent


Joseph Cormier said...

Another link, ''' if the first doesn't open:


"Also in his plans are talks with the commissioners and delegates to learn what they want to see in financial reports that are discussed in meetings, and which critically provide the basis for decisions impacting the well being of the county. He aims to provide the information in an easy to read format while also developing the policies and procedures necessary to put all this in to place."

"When asked if he believed there was a need to conduct a forensic audit, given that he too was looking into records to find what caused the budget deficit, he replied that the two processes would cover a lot of the same territory, "but in order to be effective it would require a great deal of my time to delve back into what a forensic audit would reveal. I am more concerned with creating policies and procedures to move forward ..."

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers deserve to know how this mess happened in the first place. Please do not sweep this one under the rug.