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Alexander Hamilton

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Culture of Ignorance

There has been a lot of shouting lately by many of the Presidential candidates about immigration and ISIS in an attempt to gain some traction in the polls and to differentiate themselves from the other candidates. The volume was way up this week especially during and after the Wednesday's debates.

On Thursday, when Donald Trump was conducting a campaign event in Rochester, NH, an audience member stated in the very first question to Mr. Trump:"We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims.You know our current president is one. You know he's not even an American." 
Anyone following the news in the past few days would know that Trump did nothing to correct the questioner. Regardless of your political point of view or feelings toward Obama, he is not a Muslim and he is an American. Some may not want to hear that, but that is the real truth. He may not be a competent President and you may vehemently disagree with his policies, but at least argue the case from a factual standpoint.
We are living in a new age of ignorance where the truth does not matter, where facts take a backseat to innuendo and unsubstantiated rumors are widely disseminated as real. And people believe it because they want to. It has created an ideological divide that has so polarized our political arena, it is rare that something meaningful can be accomplished.
This ignorance can and often does lead to hatred. This case in point is the implication that " Muslim" is bad. All Muslims. All Islam. All the time. Everywhere. That is just not true and if we approach this problem with that mindset of ignorance, we will never be successful in fighting and defeating the real enemy.
We are at war in multiple Muslim countries against a perverted form of Islam.
We are not at war though with the vast majority of the world's Muslims. We certainly should not be at war with Muslims that are here in our country legally and are peaceful law abiding citizens. It is wrong and ignorant to make the leap that they all harbor terrorist ambitions. Yes, we have had a few homegrown, misguided Jihadists that have perpetrated violence in the name of Islam. They are the exeption, however. I strongly suspect that they were swayed by ignorance as well, ignorance of what Islam is really all about.
White supremacists and anti-government radicals are responsible for twice as many deaths ( 48 to 24)  in the U.S. as jihadists since 9/11. About 30,000 Americans are killed by guns every year in the USA. Do we have a problem in this country? We sure do.
We have spent billions of dollars on homeland security, and for the most part, we have been safe from coordinated terror attacks. Certainly nothing of the magnitude of 9/11 has reached our shores since. We can't let our guard down anytime in the foreseeable future. We have to continue to prevent those that mean to do us harm from entering the country.
I do not in any way want to be misconstrued as not believing that ISIS and similar terrorists organizations pose very significant threats to our security. They do, and they would like nothing better than to destroy each and every one of us. They are brutal and draconian in their ways. We must not however act on emotion and false ignorant beliefs such as "every Muslim is a terrorist. " Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you, Blogger. The discord in this country has risen with the spread of the internet and cable "news" (24 hour opinion) as well as the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987.


Unfortunately, cable and radio personalities are able to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars by spreading this discord. The printed (internet) news avoids libel suits by following the scandalous sentence with a question mark. The U.S. healed after Watergate more quickly than we have since 9/11. We will never move forward both socially and economically as long as there is this discord.

Trump was a "birther" at one point. I am not sure he has changed. Do the conservatives really believe the Bush/Cheney administration would let Obama be elected if he was ineligible? That would have been the ultimate stab in the back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you blogger for taking this on. I also agree with you and would take this one step further. The person who asked Trump the question also asked about the training camps which have proven to be imaginary.

Terence C. Jatko said...

Since when is it someone's duty to change another's mind? My take on the questioner is that he was probably a lefty plant designed to provoke just such meaningless discussion by holier-than-thou liberals.

As to the discussion of Islam; estimates are that there are about a billion Muslims in the world. If only ten percent are radicalized (I think that is a low estimate) that translates to about one hundred million who are bent on destroying western civilization. Do you really think the ayatollah in charge of Iran is kidding when he screams "Death to America"? He does not reflect the thinking of all the Iranian people, but unfortunately for them he's in charge, and absolutely controls the entire country.
You underestimate the dangers of Islam at our (your AND my) peril. When radical Islamist detonate explosives, they don't stop to ask party affiliation beforehand.

Joseph Cormier said...

I wasn't going to jump in ... I try to keep my politics to myself. However, I've got a bum leg that I'm nursing back to health, and the first two post hurt even more, at least in the sanity sector.

Namely, I don't take medication. I remember the military ... take the pain. This leads me to this note. I'm probably half-in-the-bag with self-medication ... Old Grandad and water ... a few of them ... but I feel better and the swelling has gone down.

No negatives, towards the blogger, whom I admire greatly. Doesn't mean I agree with his politics. I admire him even more for posting opposing views. Not only a gentleman, but a straight-shooter, as well. Doesn't mean his target is the right one, in politics. He'll hear you out, however.

Prevailing culture IS A PROBLEM; to those who know/experienced a different culture ... especially generational. Some of us may think most "young folks" are morons, taught by a biased, imbecilic educational system, especially at the university level. You know ... Duhhhh!

Judging by the comments of the first two posters ... I wonder if they'll be disappointed when Hillary is not the Dem candidate. I wonder if they even know who Jim Webb is! Trump won't be the nominee, either. Go Carly go! (go ahead, Compact and HP; I worked for one of the top forty companies at the time. Do you know how many exist today? I do!)

With the amount of time Obama has left in office, who cares if he believes in anything, but himself! Where's Rev. Wright when he's needed?

What truth ... whose version? I think the guy who asked Trump the stupid questions about Muslims was a Hillary supporter. Prove me wrong! Of ya ... you can't use that dastardly internet.

Just like the media ... the plan worked ... and you (not Paul) got sucked in to a non-sequitur. Apparently, not only in NH. Too bad it couldn't have been at a MoBo BoS meeting, streamed out to the world. You know ... that evil device/mechanism that allows you to make-up your own mind, notwithstanding, it is filled with lies and agendas. We know that doesn't happen in MoBo. More than likely someone with their head up, where the sun don't shine.

Research, don't just read, and then, contemplate your navel!

Terrorist camps ... e.g., MoBo Academy on Annual Town meeting day!







What makes anyone think any peddler of supposed information is a priestly/mullah figure, and expounding dogma?

Stick to the issues/facts and make up your own mind!

Got to go get a REFILL ... not of the BS being spooned out by media political hacks. I still respect you blogger!

Come-on Russ ... admit you're reading the blog. It's changed as well with time.

Anonymous said...

Terence, since you referenced a lefty as a plant, it must be safe to say you are righty. Don't you righties ever take responsibility for your words and actions? The internet is loaded with blogs and comments that mirror the following:



"Misperceptions about Obama's religious beliefs are more common than those about his birth, particularly among Republicans. Overall, 29% of Americans say they think the President is a Muslim, including 43% of Republicans."

If you think CNN is just more liberal media, look it up yourself. There are many polls out there reflecting the same stats.

He was hardly a plant.

Terence C. Jatko said...

To Anon @ 8:28. I take responsibility for what I say and do, and don't hide under the rock of anonymity. Unlike some others.

Rick Heath said...

Joe and Terence, thank you for helping me cool off from my morning readings of the Blog. Your sanity has helped me salvage what was going to be a frustrating morning of political thought.
First let's get a couple of things straight. Not ALL Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are muslim. I don't believe that any normal thinking person of ANY political bent believes otherwise. HOWEVER, the vast majority of terrorist activities in this nation and around the world since the 1972 slaughter of the Israeli Olympic Team have been perpetrated by Muslims; young, male Muslims. So when we have a president that will not recognize that the present JIHAD effort is the Muslim world of the middle ages at war with the Judeo-Christian civilized world of today, we have a problem. This is NOT the era of the Crusades. However, in his book "Audacity of Hope" his now famous quote of support for this very issue ("I will side with them ((Muslims)) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction") speaks volumes as to why he is assumed to be an impassioned supporter of Islam if not by birthright. I am not a "Birther", nor are most of those accused. The Left loves to jump on that band wagon (as well as the RACE CARD) anytime someone disagrees with POTUS. It amounts to the same rhetoric provided by the Left regarding the intelligence and business/political prowess of GWB who holds degrees from Yale and Harvard Business College.
The highly respected Dr Zuhdi Jasser, president of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, is a second generation American Muslim AND is one of the very very few Muslims speaking up against the Jihad and calling for Muslims around the world to fight against the radical Islamist movement. Has HE been invited to the White House?
The truth about the political divisions in this country has its origins from POTUS himself. He was to be the "uniter" and yet weeks after his first inauguration he jumped down several layers of authority to call the local police in Cambridge "Stupid" and "racist" by their actions at what looked like a break-in. He has nearly single handedly created a war on blue by his actions in many local issues followed by an invite to the White House of some "victim of racism". The latest is the 14 year old with a clock in a brief case. Holy Crap Batman, what about the lives of all the other students the school officials had in the realm of responsibility? Let me see... a 1st or 2nd grader bites a cookie into the shape of a gun and the school goes into lock down, the kid is suspended; another grade schooler kisses a girl on the cheek and he is labeled a sexual offender and yet a teen ager brings a briefcase with a homemade clock device to school, won't answer any questions and shuts down any conversation so he is detained. HE however, gets the ubiquitous POTUS invite. The difference? The first two perps were white.
Now for the hypocrisy moment of the day... Anon at 8:28 "Righties ever take responsibilities for your words...?" and he signs HIS words with ANON!!! 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

This post made my day, too. The internet is wonderful!

This is a test. Whose presidential platform was this

The [man] to receive our party's nomination is equal to the challenges facing our country. After a period of bitter division in national politics, our nominee is a leader who brings people together.

We recommit ourselves to the values that strengthen our culture and sustain our nation: family, faith, personal responsibility, and a belief in the dignity of every human life.

We offer not only a new agenda, but also a new approach — a vision of a welcoming society in which all have a place. To all Americans, particularly immigrants and minorities, we send a clear message: this is the party of freedom and progress, and it is your home.

This platform makes clear that we are the party of ideas. We are the party that follows its bold words with bold deeds.

I report; you decide if it came true.


BTW, I believe his favorability rating was only 18 or 19% at one time. I voted for him twice thinking he was the better choice. The bold deeds certainly came true.

Joseph Cormier said...

"This is a test. Whose presidential platform was this"

It says at the top of the page:
"Republican Party Platform of 2000
July 31, 2000"

You might be confusing a "man" with a political party!
Do you really think just one person wrote the propaganda?

The following link is supposed to be from "the man". Supposedly, he had a propensity to write his own stuff, back then. Maybe his wife helped some. Rumor had it she was a strong influence(we don't see/hear much of her any more ... probably on a different plane again ... can't spend fast enough ... running out of time)


Video of Acceptance speech ... how has that worked out!

I was waiting for the Greek Palace and music, as an after fact.

I can't believe anyone believes any of the crap!

Great website; worth bookmarking!

Where's P.T. Barnum ... "there's a sucker born every minute"


Pucker-up! :)

Lassie said...

Sean Hannity.
There is an interview out there by Sean Hannity with President Obama.
The interview is on utube. Sadly, within hours, the video had been edited by bloggers.
So when one does a search of this video interview - the edited version comes up multiple times. This edited video has President Obama stating that he is a Muslim.
Absolute proof - I hear from folks in town.
And when these brainwashed individuals are shown the full interview - they don't believe it.
And when these brainwashed individuals are shown the full transcript of the interview - they still don't believe it.
Sadly, too many just read/view the "news" that reinforces their preconceived opinions.
I am amazed that some of these people don't actually seek the real facts. They don't want to.
There are many sites that verify false emails and false news items. Here is only two - but there are many others with real facts.
snopes.com and factcheck.org are just two.
Sadly, we have people here who post - and they just don't want the facts to obstruct their opinions. Some live in a world of conspiracy theories and hatred. Hatred is a strong word. But it is in fact right there.
We are a country of acceptance and tolerance.
We are a country that respects people of all religions and people with no religion.
We are a country of laws.
Our founding fathers set up a system of government with three branches. Each to keep in check the others. Each is equal.
Those that espouse the diminishing of one branch need to re-read the US Constitution.
Our country is great because of our diversity.
All law abiding citizens should be treated equally under the law both nationally and locally right here in Moultonborough.

Josh Bartlett said...

I do think it is important to look at the statistics regarding "gun deaths" before we start trying to dismantle the constitution.
One statistic that is not often mentioned is that something over 60% of the deaths are suicides.

First, mental illness could be seen as the real problem, but there are those who would argue that limiting the access to firearms might reduce the suicide numbers. Japan, with very strictly controlled firearm ownership has more 50% suicides per capita than the U.S. - according to the World Health Organization: 18/100,000 vs. 12/100,000.

Second, the "Gun Death" rates in the U.S. often do not separate out the deaths of people who were shot while committing a crime. I understand that this number exceeds the deaths due to accidents or as the result of criminals killing people.

Third, the number of "Gun Deaths" seems to be a wide ranging number: Brady claims 35,000 average per year in the last 5 years. FBI statistics are hard to discern because of their exclusion of suicides and "excluding deaths due to legal intervention". There are other authorities cite about 12,000 gun deaths in 2014 including suicide and "legal intervention".

Clearly, this is an issue that needs to be discussed, but as we were told many years ago: "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics".

By the way, you are more likely to be killed by someone with a knife than with a rifle or shotgun. Guns do not cause violence any more than spoons cause obesity.