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Friday, September 18, 2015

Selectmen Highlights September 17th, 2015

  • CIPC- Chairman Jordan Prouty presented the CIPC report and six year plan. There was concern about the jump in proposed capital project spending in 2017 year to year of approximately 36%. It was decided to further review and discuss this report at a work session.
  • Land purchase-after two public hearings, a small ( 902 sq. ft.) parcel of land was purchased for $3,000 for the purpose of road construction and intersection improvement at Wentworth Shores and Tara Road and Wentworth Shores and Shaker Jerry Road.
  • Tax Deed Sale- Three of the four parcels had received bids. Two of them were by the Property Owners Association at Suissevale,Inc. (POASI) . I made the suggestion to inquire of POASI if they would consider in lieu of cash, deeding a strip of land near States Landing Beach that the Town had interest in acquiring last year as part of the long range States Landing project. The area would be used for parking boat trailers. Town Administrator Walter Johnson will make the inquiry. 
  • Budget Advice- Budget season is once again upon us. The TA will begin the process today with the annual request to department heads for next years budget numbers and justifications.The level services concept was discussed and we have in the past have been somewhat vague as to what that meant. I mentioned that services have not remained level in reality, but have actually continued to increase . The county supplemental budget will cause our tax rate to spike over $9.00 and we need to work very hard to get that back under $9.00. In addition, we have no control over the school a county budgets. 
  • Lee's Pond- We made a clerical error at the 9/3 BoS meeting in that the donated funds to be held in escrow for the possible Lee's Pond purchase were placed in the control of the BoS and not the Conservation Commission. That was corrected.
  • Welcome Brochures- The Community Services Team put together a welcome package of brochures and information that would be given to new  residents. The BoS thought this was a good idea and a good start and thanked Donna Kuethe and the team for their efforts. 


Joseph Cormier said...

I did attend the CIPC meeting and received a copy of the report.
It would appear that not only 2017 needs to be looked at.

Total for Depts.
2016 2017 2018 2019
$1,718,341 $2,352,178 $2,092,815 $2,258,840

2020 2021
$2,281,455 $1,512,375

Total for REC Dept. that accounts for large increases:
2016 2017 2018 2019
$161,500 $818,000 $540,000 $568,000

2020 2021
$568,000 $333,000

If the proposed "recreation center" is now the "community center" maybe the REC Dept. allocation should be split with the "BLDG" account.

Why let the REC dept., only, take the hits, in the upcoming budget squabbles.

Joseph Cormier said...

Slow Friday, and I've got a leg I'm nursing back to health. My right leg ... (for all you deviants).

It would be great if folks would use the Annual Reports to comment on Town Budgets etc. when the fun begins for the warrants.
e.g. ...2014 Annual Report


2014 Annual Report page 102-103 Treasurer's Report; Rec. Revolving Fund. Page 103 for Rec Revolving Fund (Don't want to revisit how the Fund creation was screwed-up).
There may be scrutiny on the Rec. Dept, the Revolving Fund handled by the Treasurer and the large increase in Rec. proposals, CIPC frustrations, etc.

town website for Treasurer

NH Municipal Assoc.

RSA 35-B:2

"... If such a recreation revolving fund is created, the money in the fund shall be allowed to accumulate from year to year, and shall not be considered part of the political subdivision's general surplus. The treasurer of the political subdivision shall have custody of all moneys in such fund, and shall pay out the same ..."


Budget season is coming into play ... get ready to play!

Have a nice weekend ... and thanks Russ, I missed you folks at the meeting too, but did view it via streaming. Zero buffering problems, here.

Anonymous said...

The total tax rate will be over $10.00 before we know it. Town spending is out of control. The county will only add fuel to the fire.