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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Selectmen Worksession Thursday 4PM

Meeting begins at 4pm. Scheduled agenda items include:

1) Health Trust Certificate of Authorizing Resolution
2) Single Stream Recycling Review Committee presentation
3) Tax Rate Setting and Overlay
4) CIPC Report
5) LEOP Update
6) Personnel Policy Review
7) Selectmen’s 2015 Goals
8) Employee Appreciation Event

Video streaming link, live or on demand is here.

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Joseph Cormier said...

The latest CIPC spreadsheet needs to be updated on the town website.
It shows July 6, 2015. The spreadsheet I got at the meeting was dated Aug. 24, 2015 ... and the numbers are different; e.g. 2016 total for July (website) is $1,818,341 and for Aug. (submitted to BoS) is $1,718,341. This should be the number talked to, by the BoS tonight, that will viewed via streaming.

It would also seem that the long spreadsheet could be additionally formatted in summary detail; i.e., post the sub totals/total, only, by dept., by year for delta, and look for anomalies. The second and third year out are dept. pipedreams, anyway. The excel program (if excel) does the math, and a calculator is not needed, if a calculator is being used. (?)

Thank you CIPC for great work!