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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Single Stream Recycling May Be Coming to Moultonboro

Selectman Jean Beadle made a presentation to the BoS at our work session on Thursday highlighting the  results of the study performed by the Single Stream Recycling Committee
The charge of the Single Stream Recycling Review Committee is to explore the benefits of single stream recycling, along with the drawbacks, identifying the costs associated with modifying the Town’s existing recycling system to single stream, the profit/loss in the sale of the recycled items, and the possible convenience to the patrons of the Waste Management Facility.
According to Wikipedia , "Single-stream (also known as “fully commingled” or "single-sort") recycling refers to a system in which all paper fibers, plastics, metals, and other containers are mixed in a collection truck, instead of being sorted by the depositor into separate commodities (newspaperpaperboardcorrugated fiberboardplasticglass, etc.) and handled separately throughout the collection process. In single-stream, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle this fully commingled mixture of recyclables, with materials being separated for reuse at a materials recovery facility"
Anyone that uses the Transfer Station will appreciate the bottlenecks and labor intensive process currently in place, much of it due to the physical layout of the facility, and having to cross the access road to deposit various types of disposables.  Single stream recycling should greatly improve throughput and customer convenience as well as safety.
Currently, we are budgeted for approximately $36k in recyclable revenue, but due to the depressed commodity prices, we expect only about $18-20K for 2015. 
Single stream recycling will increase the types of plastic that can be recycled from two currently to seven. 
The proposal will require a minimal investment of $75K for two new compactors and we will apply for grant funding from NH the Beautiful for up to 50% of the cost. Initially, if approved, one of the current compactors will be used for recyclables and the other for normal household waste. The current glass recycle shed will be removed and the shed possibly reused elsewhere. This is proposed to begin on January 1st. The two new compactors would be purchased later in 2016 and plan to have them operational for the summer season. I suggested that longer range planning should include looking at the reclaimed landfill to improve traffic flow and to look at our present Capital Reserve Funds for possible use in financing the new equipment. 
A vote on the proposal is expected at the next business meeting October 1st. 


Fred Van Magness said...

ANY proposal MUST require ALL private waste disposal companies to have their loads weighed and that they pay the current per pound fee for disposal of trash...not recyclables. In no way should we allow them to use this facility for free.....even though they may claim customers buy a sticker. There is absolutely no fair way to police whether ALL their customers actually buy a sticker. The town has already done this with the disposal of commercial brush, so this is just one further step forward. Let their customers save the sticker money and let the companies pay per pound for just the trash side of the facility (not recyclables)....the only fair way.The fee should be based on what the town is charged by the trash company on a per pound basis. While I am certainly not against supporting local businesses, supporting local business with potential taxpayer money for private trash disposal is an absolute no no. I have no idea what is in the current proposal, but if this is not part of it, then the proposal should be modified before voting.

Joseph Cormier said...

Was a little bit surprised to see an applicable vendor, as a member of the committee, even if a MoBo resident.


Glad to see all present members of the BoS are aware of, and signed off on, MoBo Policy #23, Competitive Bidding Policy on July 2, 2015.


Trash talking said...

The sorting gets tedious at times, but what it is going to cost us for single stream convenience? Shouldn't that be part of the discussion for a while before voting on the proposal?

Anonymous said...

The issue for me is staffing. How many workers can be eliminated with this change? Should be a simple process and we taxpayers should reap the savings.

Town Hall Junkie said...

When will the public stop and think about the big picture.? ? Most agree that the dump is the best run department in the town. It provides local jobs for local residents, who are willing to do a good job for us. Town hall says thanks, by talk of eliminating their jobs. One minute, town hall is blowing smoke about spending money to create local jobs, and then they turn around and want to eliminate viable jobs that are providing us good service.
Single stream costs more, and removes the income from local residents.......if town hall needs a cause, there is plenty oof $$ stuff that needs debunking. Leave well enough alone at the dump. Many thanks to the men who make our dump a well run pleasant experience.

Just Sayin' said...

I have to agree with THJ. They work hard in the heat of the summer and the fridge cold of winter and yet always a smile when you pull up to the facility. Other boards of selectmen have talked about this and yet every few years we hear the same old saw. (kinda like the extra gym/community ctr. deal) If the town is looking for work force employers to come to town they don't have to look any further than their own desk. Come on people wake up and smell the coffee.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

No jobs are proposed to be eliminated. No one will lose their job. There is one open position that will remain unfilled.The same people doing a great job today will still be there. Should we not try to be as efficient as possible? To improve service and be more cost effective? The BoS were clear that the purpose of looking into single stream was not to eliminate jobs. An outcome is that the operation will be more efficient, more user friendy and go a long way to shorten lines and improve safety. And single stream will not cost us more money. When fully implemented, it is anticpated to be budget neutral to postive and should increase revenue.

Anonymous said...

How about posting the Single Stream presentation on line so we can all read through it ?? It is not on the town web site nor part of the Single Steam site.