"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.
Alexander Hamilton

Monday, September 28, 2015

"The masters of the dark art of division"

Petra Dvorak wrote column for the Washington Post which was reprinted in The Citizen, entitled "Pope teaches Congress how to disagree." In her article, she highlights some key quotes from the Pope's address to Congress last week , about which she writes "...where polarization and ugly rhetoric have become a twisted badge of honor." 
Worth the read for sure, and the overall tone of the article reflects what many are feeling about our dysfunctional government. I would like to believe that the majority in Washington took the Pope's message to heart as John Boehner clearly did. 


Tom Foolery said...

This nation was built on political contention and discord. As a British Colony we went to war with our political adversaries to win the freedoms we enjoy today. We could have worked out a pleasant compromise I suppose, that would have been much cleaner for those folks who would abhor war. How would THAT have worked out? Hamilton and Burr hated each other. Lighthorse Harry Lee was a thorn in the side of anyone in power. Madison, one of our greatest and yet least acknowledged presidents and the author of the Constitution, was hated and distrusted among his peers. He even crafted the Bill of Rights, as a disguised compromise to keep the constitutional process going forward. Later in history the southern Democrats hated the north for what they thought was worth going to war over, the right of one man to own another. How would compromise have resolved that disagreement?. Anyone have any ideas on that?
Now we are supposed to kowtow to those who claim to be the peace keepers. NEWS FLASH: Harry Reid had nearly 400 bills laying on his desk that were "dead on arrival'. Even some of his more moderate Dems were getting fed up with his unwillingness to observe senate customs. And he was at that time head of the party in power in the Senate. Yet his venom went further. When asked about his political comment FROM THE SENATE FLOOR accusing Romney of not paying taxes for 10 years (a flat out lie) his answer was "Well he didn't get elected, did he? (grin)"
Should the party of power expect the party in the minority to just roll over and play dead? Not at all. I don't recall this great cry for compromise back when the Obama White House had majorities in both houses of Congress. Where was Ms. Dvorak then?
With all due respect to those in the Vatican Leadership, where were they when for decades they were hearing of the rapes and sodomizing of their young and innocent parishioners by their own priests? While they played lip service to those victims they were busy moving the many perps around the church to avoid the controversy and prosecution.
In a time when this White House skips over the constitutional process to make laws fully knowing he would never be impeached (pull out the race card here), there needs to be some reigning in of the lawlessness of the Left. How that gets done will, I am sure, make the Dems throw as much mud at the Republicans as they did in the mid 1860's.

Knock on Wood said...

Could you stick to Moultonboro news and politics and leave the Pope and Beohner for the National media to cover.
On another subject, I read this week's TA report and would like to know why we are paying town workers to split and stack firewood for the wood furnace at the Highway garage. What are those BTU's costing taxpayers? Might make more sense for the Highway Dept. to sell the logs to the public once they're cut. Let Highway emloyees do work more appropriate with their pay grade.

Anonymous said...

Tom, your comment is not exactly an unbiased opinion. Such strong words ... "lawlessness of the Left". It would have been much more informative if you included the acts that you were referencing in your diatribe. I didn't know the White House could make laws all by itself. Perhaps the President hasn't been impeached because he has done nothing to be impeached for. The House can vote for impeachment anytime it wants, The Republicans have held the majority for a while and have not done so. Doesn't that tell you something especially after forcing Boehner out?

Tom Foolery said...

ANON at 2:40 PM ....Quoting The Washington Post: The Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY Thursday that President Obama exceeded his constitutional authority in making high-level government appointments when in 2012 he declared the Senate in recess....". SCOTUS further said in support of the separation of the branches of government that the "Senate is in recess when it SAYS it is in recess". SCOTUS has handed Mr O 20 other decisions that countermanded his obvious "power grab". His failure to protect our borders is another area he has failed his constitutional responsibility. His abject failure of foreign policy has put the country in more danger than at anytime since before 9/11. He allowed an ambassador of the US and those trying to defend him to be murdered with no retribution what so ever. NONE!! He went on to a fund raiser in Las Vegas.
And oh by the way, if I seem to have a political slant, this blog was not created for those of you who would not have a bias for your side. Your comment of my not being unbiased would indicate that you ARE unbiased?? Opinions are and should be encouraged. Nor is it illegal, immoral, or prohibited. As repugnant as my opinion may seem to you, your attempt of slandering my right to that opinion is more abhorrent to me.

Joseph Cormier said...

MS. Petra Dvorak


How you view this next article of hers, is probably tell-tale of your political leanings.


The Examiner (not the Post) ...


" The House can vote for impeachment anytime it wants ..."

Yes, but the Senate conducts the trial!


Anonymous said...

@Tom Foolery. You mentioned the founding of our country in your first post. Do you think the founding fathers were the conservatives or liberals of the day? My vote is they were the liberals and the Tories were the conservatives. The fathers were certainly lawless as they were traitors to the crown. Secondly, the Democrats of the Civil War era were conservative while the Lincoln Republicans were the more liberal. Let's advance to the 20th century. I think we all agree that FDR was very liberal. He did all that was legally possible (Lend-Lease, Destroyers for Bases, etc.) to support the British before our entry in WW2. The conservative Republicans wanted isolationism. The British might have well succumbed to the Germans without our aid and then the Germans would have been able to fight a one-front war against the Russians. It would have been next to impossible for the U.S. to invade Europe from this continent. The history of the world could be very different. Times have changed and the parties have evolved with them.

Let's move on to Obama. Did he "allow" the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi as GWB allowed the murder of approximately 3,000 Americans on 9/11 or did it happen on his watch? How many hearings and committees has the Republican House initiated into Benghazi with zero findings of wrongdoing? Americans were killed in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries during the Bush years without him retaliating. I recall that many conservatives predicted a huge death toll to terrorism once Obama took office. Did it happen? No. The Bush foreign policy certainly led to an era of peace and stability. I voted for GWB twice for your info but I am not married to either party so judging success or failure is easy for me.

As for your charge that Obama has been handed defeat 20 times by the SCOTUS, here is a link you might read:


Decisions have gone against him but I don't think it is as numerous as you wrote and not all for overreach.

You are entitled to your thoughts just as I am. No, I don't think the blog was created to print just one side of a story although the response posts are at the whim of the Blogger. It is his blog after all. I agree that we all have our biases but I think I am less biased than you.

Lastly, I am intrigued by your choice of an identity. Have you looked up the definition of tomfoolery?

Joseph Cormier said...

Just FYI ... and an RSVP.


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Anonymous said...

That's a good one, Joe.

I'd take either of them over the current crop of politicians.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Masters of the dark, wacko tea party Rep. Paul Kosar boycotted the Pope's speech http://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/692241. Why do people vote for these idiots?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are about to self destruct. The far right wing will reject Mccarthy as too " moderate" and look for a far, far right ultra conservative which will polarize the party. Happy days for the left!